Ammayariyathe Serial Cast|Actors and actresses of Asianet serial Ammayariyathe

Ammayariyathe (also mentioned as Amma ariyathe) is a Malayalam serial on Malayalam Channel Asianet. This series is premiered on Asinet on 22 June 2020 and the episodes are  available on Disney+Hotstar platform

This is a new serial from the team kumkumapoovu, the makers of superhit serial. The story of the serial is a mix of both Kumkumapoovu and Karuthamuthu. Ammayariyathe was introduced by Asha sharath , she played Professor Jayanthi role in Kumkumapoovu. Keerthy Gopinath, Asha Sharath (Guest), Parvathi, Sreethu, Nikhil Nair, Boban Alummoodan, Dileep Shankar, TS Raju plays lead role in this serial  Written by Pradeep Panicker and Directed by Praveen Kadakkavoor. he show is produced by actor Anoop Thomas and Faisal K.

Story Line:  'Ammayariyathe' narrated the story of Neeraja and Aleena, the story of a mother and daughter separated by unfortunate circumstancesThe story portrays the life of a daughter (Aleena Peter) who goes in search of her mother Neeraja Mahadevan. 

Hero and Heroine of Ammayariyathe 
 Keerthi Gopinath and Sreethu Krishnan as Neeraja and Aleena. Actress Keerthi Gopinath is know for malayalam television audience for a long time. She is coming back to malayalam mini-screen after a hiatus.   Tamil actress Sreethu Krishnan is known for her show 'Ayudha Ezhuthu'. This is her debut as heroine in a malayalam serial

Ammayariyathe serial cast
Ammayariyathe serial on Asinet 

Ammayariyathe Serial Cast and Crew
Written byPradeep Panicker
Directed byPraveen Kadakkavoor
Producer-Anoop Thomas,Faisal K
Cinematography-Krishna Kodanad
Editor-Selvaraj Kurumbakkara
Music - M. Jayachandran (Music Director)
B.K.Harinarayanan (Lyrics)
Singer -K.S. Chitra (amma padiya ragam -opening theme)
Sujatha Mohan (Manasil oru tharattu)

Actors, actresses and characters of Ammayariyathe serial

Sreethu Krishnan -as Alina (Aleena) Peter
Reena- as Mayor Sulekha
Keerthi Gopinath- as Neeraja Mahadevan
Anand Bharathi- as Vinayachandran
Boban Alummoodan -as Mahadevan
Parvathy- as Aparna Mahdevan
Salmanul Faris- as Akash Vinay
Dileep Shankar- as Peter
Priya Varma / Divya M Nair -as Mrs.Vinayachandran
T.S.Raju- as Mamachan
Nikhil Nair- as Midhun
Arya Sreeram -as Teena
Cherthala Lalitha- as Mamachan's wife
Thrissur Elsy- as Ammachi
Other cast : Thirmala Ramachandran,Jayakrishnan Narayan etc
Asha Sarath -as Herself (episode 1-3)
Meera Vasudevan- as Sumithra in Promo
Gowri Prakash -as Anumol in Promo

Winners Of Idea Star Singer On Asianet | A music reality show

Idea Star Singer is a very popular Malayalam music reality-television competition, broadcast on Asianet and is sponsored by Idea Cellular Limited. 

The program aims to discover the best singer in Kerala in the age group of 15–35 years and the winner is determined both by the viewers and expert judging panel based on the contestants skill in singing and entertainment. 

So far six seasons are completed and the details are given below. Season 7 of Idea Star Singer which is going to be telecasted in 2013-2014 is already announced by Asianet. Who will be the winner ? Let us wait and watch.

Idea Star Singer Season 1 – Idea Star Singer  2006

Winners of Idea Star Singer 2006:
Arun Raj – Best Male Singer
Kavita Jayaram – Best Female Singer

Anchors: Rimi Tomy, Afsal, Vidhu Prathap, Biju Narayanan

Judging Panel : Music director M. Jayachandran accompanied by musicians like K. S. Chithra, M. G. Radhakrishnan, Tippu, Deepak Dev, Jassie Gift, Chithra Iyer,Sugeetha Menon and many other pioneers from the music industry.

Prize :The winners received Rs. 1 lakh in prize money, a contract for playback assignments in Jayachandran's upcoming film projects, a deal with Satyam Audios and deals for performing at concerts abroad

Idea Star Singer Season 2 – Idea Star Singer  2007

Winners of Idea Star Singer 2007
First Prize  Najim Arshad
First runner-up - Durga Viswanath Second runner-up -Thushar Murali Krishna
Third runner-up  Arun Gopan 
Anchors: Ranjini Haridas & Meera Nandan

Judging Panel : M. G. Sreekumar,Sharath,Usha Uthup
A fourth judging spot featured different celebrity guests all of whom are people of importance in the malayalam film industry

Prize:The winner  Najim Arshad  from Thiruvananthapuram received a brand new flat which was sponsored by The Confident Group. The first runner-up was Durga Viswanath and she got a Ford Fiesta car sponsored by The Alukkas Jewellery Group

Idea Star Singer Season 3 – Idea Star Singer  2008

Winners of Idea Star Singer 2008: First Prize-Best Male Singer -Vivekanandan First Prize-Best Female Singer Sonia First runner-up/ Third Prize Rahul R Laxman Fourth prize - Gayathri. Consolation prizes to Jins Gopinath and Prasobh.

Anchors: Ranjini Haridas, Ramya Raveendran, Devi

Judging Panel : Sharreth, M. G. Sreekumar,Ouseppachan,P. Unnikrishnan,G. Venugopal A fourth judging spot featured different celebrity guests all of whom are people of importance in the malayalam film industry

Prize:The first prize winners were offered an apartment either in Thiruvananthapuram or Dubai City, each valued at Rupees 1 crore sponsored by the Confident Group. The first runner-up Rahul R Laxman was presented with 101 pavan of gold sponsored by Josco Jewellers. The fourth prize of Rs. 2 Lakh went to Gayathri. Consolation prizes (1 lakh) were given to Jins Gopinath and Prasobh.

Idea Star Singer Season 3

Idea Star Singer Season 4 – Idea Star Singer  2009

Idea Star Singer 2009
Winners of Idea Star Singer 2009
First Prize-Joby John
 First runner-up/ Second  Prize -Sreenath
Third prize /Second Runner up- Preethi Warrier
Consolation prizes to Anju Joseph and Vidhya Sanker (fourth and fifth places,respectively)
Anchors: Ranjini Haridas

Judging Panel : Sharreth, M. G. Sreekumar,K.S.Chithra
A fourth judging spot featured different celebrity guests all of whom are people of importance in the malayalam film industry

Prize:The first prize winners was offered a villa worth  1 crore at  Thiruvananthapuram  sponsored by the Travancore group. There were reports that due to tax issues he could get the flat so far. Later it was clarified. He is one of the star signer who got maximum  number of sms in grand finale (5,22,272). First runner-up Sreenath received Rs.10 lakhs of Gold sponsored by Josco , Second runner up Preethi Warrier got Rs. 5 lakhs and fourth & firth runners-up Anju Joseph and Vidhya Shankar. received Rs.2 lakhs and 1 lakhs respectively

Idea Star Singer Season 5 – Idea Star Singer 2010
Idea Star Singer 2010

Winners of Idea Star Singer 2010
First Prize-Kalpana Raghavendra
 First runner-up/ Second  Prize -Mridula Warrier 
Third Place -Immanuel Hentry Fourth Place - Antony V John  
Fifth Place-Akhil Krishnan 

Anchors: Ranjini Haridas

Judging Panel : Sharreth, M. G. Sreekumar,K.S.Chithra, Anuradha Sreeram
A fourth judging spot featured different celebrity guests all of whom are people of importance in the malayalam film industry

Prize:First Prize winner , Kalpana , won a villa worth INR 1 crore. Mridula Warrier, the first runner-up, received gold worth INR 15 lakh. Immanuel Henry, the second runner-up gotgold INR 750,000. Antony John, the third runner-up,won INR 500,000. Akhil Krishnan, the fourth runner-up got INR 200,000. Antony also won a special prize of INR 500,000 from film actor Mohanlal.

Idea Star Singer Season 6 – Idea Star Singer Season 2011-2012

Winners of Idea Star Singer Season 6
Idea Star Singer  2011-2012

First Prize-Merin Gregory
First runner-up/ Second  Prize -Rajeev
Third Place -Megha
Fourth Place - Nandu
Fifth Place- Shamshad
Sixth Place- Sukesh Kuttan

Anchors: Ranjini Haridas

Judging Panel : M.Jayachandran, M. G. Sreekumar,K.S.Chithra, Anuradha Sreeram
Celebrity judge -celebrity guests from the film industry

Prize:First Prize winner , Merin , received a villa worth INR 1 crore from Confident group. Rajeev, the first runner-up, received gold worth INR 15 lakh from Josco Jewellers. Megha, the second runner-up gotgold INR 10 Lakh worth of gold from Bhima  Jewellers. Nandu, the third runner-up,won INR 500,000 from southern batteries. Shamshad, the fourth runner-up got INR 200,000 from kerala shopping festival. Sukesh Kuttan won a price worth of  INR 100,000 from megabit corporation

Idea Star Singer Season 7 – Idea Star Singer Season 2013-2014

Idea Star Singer 2013/2014Asianet is going to launch season 7 of the popular show idea star singer in 2014. It is in the category of 14-20 Age group. They are going to start the auditions and applications are invited.
winners of Star singer Season 7 


Paadatha Painkili serial cast- Asianet Malayalam serial actros and actresses

Padatha painkili (also mentioned as Paadatha Paingili or Padatha Painkili)  is a new Malayalam serial on Asianet Channel. This new series was was telecasted from 7th September 2020 onwards.  This show is aired every Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM

 It’s the official remake of Star jalsha channel’s Ke Apon Ke Por, which remade in many indian languages . In Tamil it is known as Raja Rani , in Telugu as Kathalo Rajakumari, in Marathi as Sukh Mhanje Naaki Kaay Asta 

Story line 
Padatha Painkili serial narrates the journey of a girl Kanmani who started out as a domestic help and went on to establish herself as someone who’s well suited to be the daughter-in-law of Anand Varma’s household. The show also highlights how parents try to build a family with a lot of love and care while the children grow up to be selfish and remain concerned only about their parents’ money and property

Hero and Heroine
Maneesha playing the role of kanmani in the serial. Suraj is the hero of this serial . He is known for his tiktok and youtube channels named Suraj sun. Prem Prakash, Dinesh Panicker, Ambika etc some Of them. Archana Suesheelan, Anjitha BR, Sabari, Fazal Razi are in the supporting star cast of the show. This is the last serial of actor Sabari Nath. He recently passed away due to heart attack.

Paadatha Painkili serial
Paadatha Painkili serial on Asianet

Paadatha Painkili  serial cast and Crew

Director- Sudheesh Sankar
Screenplay-Dinesh Pallath
Dialogues-Dinesh Pallath
Written by-Concept-Kishor Dalal
Story-Ayan Bera
Presented by-Merryland Studios
Theme music composer M. Jayachandran
Opening theme "Paadatha Painkiliye" by Sithara Krishnakumar & K. S. Harisankar
Ending theme "Minnum Chinnum Pularikale" by Soumya Sathanandan & Sreelakshmi Narayanan
 Lyrics- Santhosh Perali & Anupama
Music -Soumya Sanathanan & Babu Krishna 
Based on Ke Apon Ke Por

Paadatha Painkili  actors/ actresses and characters

Maneesha Mahesh- as Kanmani
Sooraj Sun -as Deva
Preetha Pradeep- as Swapna (Eposide 1 – 6)  replaced by Archana Suseelan as Swapna (Eposide 6 – present)
Anjitha BR- as Ananya
Ankhitha Vinod- as Madhurima

Prem Prakash- as Ananda Varma (Eposide 1 – 6) replaced by Dinesh Panicker as Ananda Varma (Eposide 6 – present)
Ambika Mohan- as Susheela Devi
Sabarinath -as Aravind
Fazal Razi- as Vijay
Anumol -as Avanthika
Sachin SG- as Bharath
Soumya Sreekumar- as Tanuja
Akhilesh -as Aliyan
Rahul R -as Ravi
Ashtami R Krishna- as Sheethal
Baby Krishna Thejaswini as Thumbimol

other cast -Anand Krishnan,Jose Peroorkada,Gopika Shankar

Padatha paingili cast
Actors and actresses in Paadatha painkili 

Padatha painkili is well received by audience. In it’s opening episodes, Paadatha painkili earned 15.9 (barc urban 15+).

Padatha painkili serial cast
Padatha painkili cast and crew 

Padatha Painkilli is an Indian Malayalam television soap opera which airs on Malayalam Entertainment Channel Asianet  is available on the digital platform Disney+Hotstar.


Kudumbavilakku Serial Cast-Asianet Serial Kudumbavilakku Actors and actress, story line

Baakiyalakshmiu is  a malayalam serial on Asianet.  The show was premiered on Asianet channel and streaming on Hotstar since 27 January 2020 from Monday to Saturday at 7:30PM IST. South Indian actress Meera Vasudevan portrays the lead role in the series. This is a remake of  Sreemoyee on star Jalsa. Other versions of this serial are Inthi Nimma Asha (Kannada), Aai Kuthe Kay Karte (Marathi), Intinti Gruhalakshmi (Telugu), Anupamaa(Hindi) and Baakiyalakshmi (Tamil)

Kudumbavilakku serial cast

A woman does not get a moment of rest while doing all the household chores on top of being a dutiful wife, daughter-in-law and mother. Yet, she is never acknowledged or appreciated for her work. It is a story of every woman out there who is being ignored by her family and neglected from giving her care and love.

Hero and heroine
For Malayali audience, actress Meera Vasudevan is not a new face as the actress had gained their heart through her role in Mohanlal-starrer film, Thanmathra. The south Indian actress is making her comeback on Malayalam small-screen through her new serial, Kudumbavilakku. Meera plays the role of a housewife, Sumithra who takes care of a big family including her in-laws. Kudumbavilakku marks the second Malayalam small-screen project of Meera as her debut serial Kanalpoovu had won her Kerala State Television Award for best actress in 2008.  Sreejith Vijay , actor in many malayalam serials and famous for his movie Rathi nirvedam is playing the role of the hero Anirudh Menon in the beginning episodes.

Cast and Crew

Executive producer- Sanjeev
Producer- Chitra Shenoy
Banner - Good Company Productions
Directed by Sunil Kariattukara (Episodes 1–2), Riju Nair (Episode 3–23),Manju Dharman(Episode 24–present)
Cinematography- A.V.Arun Ravan (Episode 1–89),Vipin Puthiyankam (Episode 90–Present)
Editor- Jishnu S Kuryathi
Starring Meera Vasudevan,  Sreejith Vijay
Created by KK Gangadharan (Episode 1–88),Anil Baas (Episode 89–Present)
Based on Sreemoyee Bangali serial
Malayalm script written by Sangeetha Mohan
Story by Leena Gangopadhyay
Creative director-Gurudas Shenoy
Starring Meera Vasudevan, Sreejith Vijay
Music - Shyam Dharman, Rajeev Attukal,  
Theme music composer-Shyam Dharman ,Opening theme "Udayathin Munbe nee" (Sung by Shweta Mohan)
Lyrics -Ramesh Narayan 

Actors /Actresses and characters of Kudumbavilakku serial
Meera Vasudevan as -Sumithra, Sidharth's wife; Anirudh, Pratheesh and Sheethal's mother
Sreejith Vijay /Devi Menon as Saraswathi Menon as Dr.Anirudh Menon ,Sumithra and Sidharth's eldest son; Prateesh's and Sheethal's brother; Ananya's husband, replaced by   Anand Narayanan 
Akshaya R Nair /Athira Madhav as Dr.Ananya, Anirudh Menon Wife
Noobin Johny as- Prateesh Menon, Sumithra and Sidharth's son; Anirudh and Sheethal's brother; Sanjana's lover
Parvathi Vijai / Amritha Nair as Sheethal Menon, Sumithra and Sidharth's daughter; Anirudh and Pratheesh's sister
F.J Tharakan as -Shivadas Menon
Manju Vijeesh as- Mallika

Krishnakumar Menon- as Sidharth Menon a.k.a Siddu
Shwetha Venkat / Ameya Nair / Saranya Anand as Vedika Sampath
Devi Menon -as Saraswathi Menon

Sindhu Varma/ Manju Satheesh- as Sharanya Menon
Manu Nair / Sumesh Surendran- as Shreekumar
Bindhu Pankaj -as Nileena Bhaskar
Sunitha -as Savithri
Hari -as Pradeep aka Dipu
Akhil -as Jishnu
Parvathy Raveendran- as Chitra
Krishna- as Prema
Reshma Nandu- as Sanjana
Alif Muhammed- as Maneesh
Sheelasree -as Maneesh's mother
KPAC Saji -as Sanjana's Father
Master Sreerang Shine- as Neerav
Saju Kodiyan- as Rev.Fr.Francis Mupliyanthadathil
Sarath Sreehari -as Pianist
Guest Appearance
Innocent as Chief guest on Mother's Day Competition at Sheetal's school (Episode 5,6)


Ashwin Subalal-Actor in Malayalam Serials | Flowers TV serial Nandanam actor

Ashwin Subalal is a Malayalam actor working mostly in Malayalam Television serials. He is now known for his role as Krishna in  Nandanam serial 

Aswin is an artist interested in acting, painting etc. His tiktok videos are also popular. He got a break to Malayalam Television industry in lead role as Krishnan (also known as unni kannan or Kishan) in Nandanam serial on Malayalam Entertainment channel Flowers TV

Ashwin Subalal Actor Malayalam serials
Ashwin Subalal

Nandanam is a serial produced by Rakhunath and directed by Dileep  Thavanoor. This serial is an extension of the malayalam movie Nandanam by Renjith starring Prithviraj and Navya Nair in lead roles.  The plot of the serial revolves round the childhood days of Balamani, the central character of Nandanam movie. This serial is based on the true devotion of Lord Krishna and temple of Guruvayoor.  Balamani is a devotee of Guruvayoorappan. Her strong believe in Lord Krishna and saves from struggles.

Personal Life 

Ashwin hails from Kozhikode in Kerala. He has completed his studies from College of Applied science (IHRD) in Calicut


Flowers Top Singer Season 2 Contestants

Flowers Top Singer Season 2 | Flowers Top Singer 2 contestants.

The season 2 of the popular music reality show on Flowers has been launched on 21 September 2020. The audition rounds for flowers were on air since September 14, 2020. The contestants with age from 6 to 14 years with music talents were shortlisted after many audition rounds. In the final audition was help in the presence of the judges Music director Deepak Dev, Singers M. G. Sreekumar and Madhu Balakrishnan. The final 19 contestants are from the selected list and rest are from the top priority list of flowers top singer 2. 

Flowers Top Singer Season 2 contestants
Flowers Top Singer Season 2 contestants during the launching ceremony.

Flowers Top Singer Season 2 Contestants 
1. Sreedev -8yrs -from Malappuram
2. Meghna Sumesh -6yr-Bangalore/Malappuram
3. Hanoona Aziz-Kannur
4. Beven Biju -Kottayam
5.Krishna Sree- Kozhikode
6. Sreenanda J -Thiruvanthapuram 
7.Nima Thajudeen -Thrissure
8. Vaiga S Nikesh-Kannur (online)
9. Devananda- Kozhikkode
10. Theertha Subhash-Palakkadu
11. Vaiga Lekshmi-Alappuzha
12. Devana C. K-Kannur
13. Amrutha varshini - Kozhikode
14. Sreenand Vinod-Kozhikode
15. Ann Benson-Thiruvananthapuram
16. Hrithik- Chennai/Kannur
17. Mia Essa Mehek -Ernakulam
18. Dia Rehman-Kollam
19.Sreehari Palakkadu
20. Krishna Jith -Kasargod
21. Asna-Kollam
22 Devana Sreya
23 Akshith K Ajith
24 Vanditha Vaidyamadham
Flowers Top Singer Season 2- Contestant photos

Anna Kareena Serial on Flowers TV Cast and Crew| Actors and Actresses

Malayalam entertainment channel Flowers TV is coming up with new romantic serial 'Anna Kareena' from September 21 2020 onwards. The new serial will be aired every Monday to Friday at 7 PM.  This serial is launched after the success of Chakkapazham and Uppum Mulakum comedy serial. Recent tele series Nandanam also gained much popularity.  

This telecinema is directed by KK Rajeev.  Anna Kareena serial cast includes Catherine Reji, Parvathy, Shilpa Martin, David John, Thomaskutty Abraham, Jaise Jose etc.  The much-anticipated show will mark the acting debut of social media star Parvathy, who is reportedly the granddaughter of late actor Sankaradi. KK Rajeev serial 'Thonyaksharangal' received much attention in recent Kerala State Television Awards 2019

Music : This romantic drama labelled as KK Rajeev Cinema has gained much attention before its premier due to its title song. The song titled as 'Sharon Nilavalinja' is composed by musician and Star Singer fame Ranjin Raj and written by popular lyricist Rafeeq Ahamed. It also due credits to the melodious rendition of singer Nithya Mammen.

Story: Anna Kareena narrates the story about the love life of Anna Paul and Sachidhanandhan. The duo from being different backgrounds face several challenges. Its the road to love and issues they face which makes love stronger.

Hero and Heroine : Catherine Reji is giving life to Anna Paul Appachan, the heroine and Thomas Kutty as the hero Sachidhanandan Kaleshan.Catherine is a popular model and was part of Miss Kerala 2018. This is her debut serial in lead role. 

Anna Kareena Serial on Flowers TV

Anna Kareena Serial -Cast and Crew 

Story, Script and Direction - KK Rajeev
Director- R. Unnikrishnan
Starring Catherine Reji, Parvathy, Shilpa Martin, David John, Thomaskutty Abraham, Jaise Jose etc
Producer(s)- Sandhya Rajendran and Divyadarshan
Camera -Joy Robinson
Associate director-Praveen Prakash
Art-Glaton Peter
Stills-Sajin Sree
Production controller-Vijay Mukhathala
Music - Renjan Raj

Actors , Actress actual name and characters

Thomas Kutty -as  Sachidhanandan Kaleshan
Catherin Reji -as  Anna Paul Appachan
Shilpa Martin -as Reba Cherian
David John - as Bobby John 
E A Rajendran -as Varghese Challissery
Jaise Jose -as Kaleshan
Parvathy Rajan Shankarady -as Manikutty
Merlin Reena -As Teresa Paul Appachan
Anna Kareena Serial Flowers Tv actors and actresses
Actor and Actresses of Anna Kareena Serial

 Full episodes of Anna Kareena are avaialable in Flowers TV youtube channel after its telecast


Kerala State Television awards 2019-Winners list

The winners of the 28th Kerala State Television Awards 2019 were announced by Minister for Cultural Affairs A K Balan  at PR Chamber on 19th September  2020.  The award were decided by Kerala Chalachitra Academy by a Jury in feature and non-feature category. For the year 2017, Director-cum-actor Madhupal was the chairman of the fiction segment. Directors Saji Surendran and M A Nishad, writer Santhosh Echikkanam and actress Anumol wee the other members of the jury. Critic and documentary director O K Johny was head of the jury panel for the non-fiction segment. Senior journalist N K Raveendran, documentary director Shiny Jacob Benjamin, director Pradeep Nair, and cinematographer Manesh Madhavan comprise the non-fiction jury.  Journalist and writer A Sahadevan was the head for the jury for the writing segment which also consists of writers S Saradakutty and T K Santhoshkumar. 

Side Effects directed by Sujith Sahadev was selected as the best telefilm (above 20 minutes duration) in the State Television Awards for the year 2019. Savannayile Mazhapakshikal directed by Noushad for KITE Victers was chosen as the best telefilm (below 20 minutes duration

Kavitha Nair was awarded as the best actress of the year for the realistic acting in the KK Rajeev directorial, 'Thonyaksharangal',  The best actor title was won by Madhu Vibhakar for the teleserial 'Kunjiraman'. Maya Suresh won the award for the second best actor (female) and Muraleedharakurup won the second best actor (male) award for the same teleserial. Comedian Nazeer Sankranthi was chosen as the best actor (comedy) for Thatteem Mutteem.  Lesvin Ullas won the best child actor award and Comedy Masters. Uppum Mulakum fame Shivani Menon has also received a special mention in the child actor category.

Famous wildlife conservationist and snake expert, Vava Suresh was declared as the best TV host for his show, 'Snake Master'. Ramesh Pisharady hosted show Big Salute on Mazhavil Manorama  was chosen as the best TV show (entertainment). Maniramayam directed by C. Mithun for Mazhavil Manorama won the award for best comedy programme. 

Njanaanu Sthree in Amritha TV and Parayathe Vayya in Manorama TV shared the best TV show (current affairs) award. Ananthapuriyude Thirusheshippukal directed by Beena Kalam for KITE Victers won the award for best children’s programme. Iniyum Vaayichu Theerathe directed by Deepu Thamban for Kerala Vision won special mention for documentary (biography).

 ‘Mahaguru’ teleserial of Kaumudi TV won five awards. S Lavel (cinematographer), Lesvin Ullas Lesvin Ullas (child artist), Shibu Kumar (art direction), Shankar Lal and Rohini A Pillai (dubbing artist) bagged awards

In Thunder Lightning and Rain directed by Rajesh James for Kerala Vision was chosen as the best documentary (general category). Oru Thuruthinte Katha directed by Nishanth M.V. for Asianet News and Cherudhanyangalude Gramam directed by G.S. Unnikrishnan Nair for Kairali TV shared the best documentary (science and environment) award. Venalil Peytha Chattumazha directed by R.S. Pradeep and Ritwik Baiju Chandran’s Jeevanulla Swapnangal shared the best documentary (biography) award.

Sankar Lal won the award for the best dubbing artiste (male) for Mahaguru in Kaumudi TV, while Rohini A. Pillai won the best dubbing artiste (female) for the same teleserial. Lesvin Ullas won the best child actor award, Lavel S. won the best cinematographer award and Shibukumar the best art direction award for the same teleserial. Prakash Alex won the best music director award and Thomas Kurian the award for the best sound for Side Effects.

Jibin Jose won the award for the best news cameraperson for In Thunder Lightning and Rain in Kerala Vision. Arya P. of Mathrubhumi News and Anuja of 24 News shared the award for best news presenter.  K. Arun and K.R. Gopikrishnan shared the award for the best anchor/interviewer (current affairs) for Janakeeya Kodathi and 360 in 24 News. Saji Devi S. won the best commentator award for Njan Gouri in DD Malayalam. K.P. Rasheed of Asianet News won the best investigative journalist for the report Karimanal Republic.

Kerala State Television awards 2019
Winners of Kerala State Television awards

Kerala State Television Awards 2019 Winners List

Best Telefilm (short )-Savannayile Mazhapakshikal directed by Noushad
Best Telefilm -Side Effects directed by Sujith Sahadev
Best Director, editor, writer - Sujith Sahadev - Side effect

Best television show – Big Salute (Mazazhavil Manorama)(entertainment)
Best Comedy program -Marimayam

Best Actor-Madhu Vibhakar (Kunjiraman - Amma Vision) 
Best Actress- Kavitha Nair Nandan (Thonniyaksharangal - Amrita TV)
Second best actor: Muraleedharakurup (Thonniyaksharangal - Amrita TV) 
Second best actress: Maya Suresh (Thonniyaksharangal - Amrita TV)...
Best Comedian – Nazeer Sankranthi  for Thatteem Mutteem
Best Dubbing artist female – Rohini A Pillai (Mahaguru)

Documentary (general) - In Thunder Lightning and Rain (Kerala Vision) 
Documentary (science, environment) - Oru Thuruthinte Athmakatha (Asianet News); Cherudhanyangalude Gramam (Kairali News)
Documentary (biography): Venalil Peytha Chattumazha, Jeevanulla Swapnangal
Documentary (children, women): Attappadiyile Ammamar (Media One)
Director (documentary): Sajeed Naduthodi (Andhathayekurichu Diarykurippukkal - Swayamprabha)
Best short film for children-Points-Shalom TV  ( written and directed by Subin Josh)

Best Camera man – S Lavel (Mahaguru)
Best Music Director – Prakash Alex (Side effect)
Best art director- Shibu Kumar (Mahaguru)
Best sound recordist- Thomas Kurian

Children's programme: Ananthapuriyude Thirusheshippukkal (KITE Victers) 
Education programme: Panjimuttayi (Njangal Inganaanu Bhai)

News presenter: P Arya (Mathrubhumi News); Anooja (24 News)
News cameraman: Jibin Jose (In Thunder Lightning and Rain - Kerala Vision)
Anchor (non-news programme) - Vava Suresh (Snake Master - Kaumudi TV)
Anchor (educational programme): V S Rajesh (Kaumudi TV) and Biju Muthathi (Kairali News)
Anchor (current affairs): Dr K Arun Kumar (Janakeeya Kodathi - 24 News) & K R Gopikrishnan  (360 - 24 news)
Investigative journalist: K P Rasheed (Karimanal Republic - Asianet News)...
Commentator: S Saji Devi (Njan Gouri - Doordarshan)

Special jury mention 
Actress: Aishwarya Anil Kumar (Kunjiraman - Amma Vision)
Comedy artist: Reshmi Anil (Comedy Masters - Amrita TV)
Child artist: Shivani (Uppum Mulakkum - Flowers TV)
Documentary (biography) - Inniyum Vayichu Theerathe (Kerala Vision)

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Santhwanam Serial Cast | Asianet Serial Santhwanam Actors and actresses

Santhwanam is a new serial on Malayalam entertainment channel Asianet. Its a new serial from the makers of super hit serial Vanambadi. This new serial will be aired from 21st September 2020. The telecast time is from Monday to Saturday at 7 to 7.30 PM

Dont confuse it with the old malayalm movie with the same title.  Santhwanam is a 1991 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Sibi Malayil, starring Nedumudi Venu, Meena and Bharathi. The film is famous for the song "Unni Vaavaa Vo, Ponnunni Vaavaa Vo..

Santhwanam Story Line- Remake of Panian Stores on Star Vijay
Santhwanam Serial on Asianet is the official malayalam remake of Star vijay channel’s pandian stores. The same serial is named as Vadinamma in Telugu, Varalakshmi Stores in Kannada and Sahakutumb Sahaparivar in Marathi

Santhwanam telling the story of  Sreedevi, how and her husband Satyanathan, who live as mother, father and daughter to their husband’s siblings and parents. This story mainly focuses on the unity of a joint family after the entry of new daughters-in-law. Swanthanam will be a family series where all the ingredients including the intensity of family ties, likes, quarrels and love will be harmonized. The series stars Chippy Ranjith, Rajeev parameswar, Lakshmi, Girish Nambiar, Sajin, Ambika, Gopika and Apsara in the lead roles.

Santhwanam Serial - Hero and Heroine and star cast

Actress Chippi is playing the role of the heroine Sreedevi. She was last seen in Vanambadi and its tamil version Mounaragam. Rajiv Nair plays the role of Sathynathan
Santhwanam serial on Asianet
Santhwanam serial on Asianet

Santhwanam Serial -Cast and Crew

Original script -Screen Play: Priya Thambi
Music Composer(s)- M. Jayachandran ,Harinarayanan (lyrics),Saanand George
Production company-Rejaputra Visual Media
Banner -Avanthika creations
Editor- Pradeep Bhagvath

Santhwanam Actors and actresses -Characters of the serial 

Chippy Renjith- as Sreedevi Sathyanath Wife of Sathyanath. She is the sister of Sethu

Rajeev Nair- as Sathyanath, Husband of Sreedevi. He is the eldest son of Lakshmi and Ananthapadmanabhan. Elder brother of Adithyan, Abhilash and Sivadas.

Girija Preman -as Lakshmi, Mother of Sathyanath, Adithyan , Abhilash and Sivadas

Girish Nambiar -as Adithyan, Second son of Lakshmi and Ananthapadmanabhan
Sajin TP -as Shivadas,Third son of Lakshmi and Ananthapadmanabhan
Achu Sugandh -as Abhilash,Youngest son of Lakshmi and Ananthapadmanabhan

Santhosh Kurup as Shankar
Divya as Ambika
Gopika Anil as Anjali
Geetha Nair as Maheshwari
Bijesh as Sethu
Apsara as Jayanthi

Santhwanam serial cast
Chippi Renjith as Sreedevi

Santhwanam serial cast
Rajiv Nair as Sathyanathan

Santhwanam serial cast
Girija Preman as  mother, Lakshmi

Santhwanam serial cast
Add Sajin TP -as Shivadas

Santhwanam serial cast
AddGirish Nambiar -as Adithyan

Santhwanam serial cast
Achu Suga as Abhilash

Santhwanam Serial on Asianet starts on September 21, 2020

Malayalam entertainment channel Asianet is coming up with another serial Santhwanam. Its a new serial from the makers of super hit serial Vanambadi. This new serial will be aired from 21st September 2020. The telecast time is from Monday to Saturday at 7 to 7.30 PM

Santhwanam Serial on Asianet is the official malayalam remake of Sta vijay channel’s pandian stores. The same serial is named as Vadinamma in Telugu, Varalakshmi Stores in Kannada and Sahakutumb Sahaparivar in Marathi

Santhwanam telling the story of  Sreedevi  played by actress Chippi.  Rajeev Nair, Girija preman, Gireesh Nambiar, Santhosh Kurup, Ambika, Gopika Anil, Geetha Nair, Bijesh, Apsara are playing main roles in this serial. This is based on a story by  J. Pallassery and directed by Adithyan

Dont confuse it with the old malayalm movie with the same title.  Santhwanam is a 1991 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Sibi Malayil, starring Nedumudi Venu, Meena and Bharathi. The film is famous for the song "Unni Vaavaa Vo, Ponnunni Vaavaa Vo...".

Santhwanam serial on asianet

Santhwanam Asianet Serial Online Episodes Will Be Available On Disney+Hotstar


Malayalam Serial actor Sabarinath passed away

Famous Malayalam serial actor Sabarinath (43) passed away in Thiruvananthapuram. He died due to a heart attack. He becomes unconscious while playing badminton in the evening and rushed to the hospital but couldn’t save his life. He is famous for his roles in malayalam serials Sthreepadam and Nilavilakku

Actor Sabarinath 

He is a native of Aruvikkara, Thiruvananthapuram.He is one of the lead male actors in the Malayalam mini screen industry. He is mainly known for his performance in  serials Sthreepadam, Nilavilakku, Amala,Minnukettu, Swamy Ayyappan, Paadatha Painkili, etc. His role as Adithyan in Surya TV serial Nilavilakku, as negative character Devan in Mazhavil Manorama serial Amala paved him way to many serials in the television industry.

His funeral will take place tomorrow in Trivandrum. He survived by his wife Shanti, an ayurvedic doctor, and two kids. He was the co-owner of an ayurvedic resort in Trivandrum. He earlier worked in Technopark and after marriage entered the TV industry with the support of his family. He was also badminton player and has played at state and national levels. It was during the practice this unfortunate event happened. 


Flowers Top Singer2 -Episodes-Telecast from 14th September 2020

Flowers Top Singer 2 Audition Episodes 

The second season of flowers top singer 2 starts on 14th September 2020.  The episodes of audition will be aired everyday at 8:00 PM. The new promos shows the judges of Flowers Top Singer 2 auditions are Deepak Dev, M. G. Sreekumar and Madhu Balakrishnan.

The grand finale of Flowers Top Singer was aired on Thiruvonanm day and Seethalekshmi  won the first prize.  The repeat telecast is going on now.  The mega finale got high TRP ratings : Flowers Top Singer Mega Marathon Grand Finale – 7.30;Flowers Top Singer Mega Finale – 3.48; Star Magic Powered By Chackochan – 2.56 and Flowers Top Singer Mega Marathon-gf Moments – 1.76

The episodes of flowers top singer 2 will be available in Flowers you tube channel following the telecast
Flowers Top Singer season 2
Flowers Top Singer 2 Auditions Started


Star Singer Season 8-Registration and Audition details | Asianet music show

Malayalam Channel Asianet is all set to launch their new reality show -Star Singer Season 8. It is season 8 of the popular reality show Star Singer.  The registration  for new season of Star Singer has started. The audition details will be updated soon

Star Singer is a popular malayalam based music reality and talent search show telecasted by malayalam channel Asianet during 2006-2012. This malayalam music program was very popular in Kerala and malayalees across the world. So far six season were completed and the show was sponsored by Idea cellular limited.

The epic show was anchored mainly by Renjini Haridas. Other anchors include Rimi Tomy, Afsal, Devi, Meera Nandan, Remya Raveendran

The permanent judges of the show include Sharreth, M.G. Sreekumar, K.S Chithra, Tippu, M.Jayachandran, Usha Uthuppu, Ouseppachan, P. Unnikrishnan,G. Venugopal, Anuradha Sreeram. In addition to many celebrities also participated in the show in the role of celebrity Judge.

The seasons and winners of  Star Singer Show on Asianet are

  1. Idea star Singer 2006 / Season 1-Winners - Arunraj and Kavitha Jayaram
  2. Idea Star Singer 2007/ Season 2- Winner- Najim Arshad
  3. Idea Star Singer 2008/ Season 3- Winners- Vivekanand and Sonia
  4. Idea Sta Singer 2009/ Season 4-Winner- Joby John
  5. Idea Sta Singer 2010-11/ Season 5-Winner- Kalpana Rakhavendra
  6. Idea Sta Singer 2011-12/ Season 6-Winner- Merin Gregory
  7. Sunfeast Delishus Sta Singer 2014/ Season 7-Winner- Malavika Anilkumar

Asianet Star Singer Season 8 Registration
Asianet Star Singer Season 8

Audition Requirements of Asianet Star Singer season 8

Age Limit – Talentented contestants aged between 11 to 20 can apply to the show.
Living status - Those who live in India permanently can participate
Music  Video – You should send your music video with a Malayalam melody song and Hindi or Tamil fast song. The video format should be mp4

Last date of application– please submit your details before 6th September 2020

How to submit application for Asianet Star Singer Season 8 -visit online Registration site

Then do  online registration via starsingerasianet.startv.com 

Screenshot of the web page for online registration

* visit the official website of the singing television reality shows https://starsingerasianet.startv.com/
* fill your personal details and contact details.
* provide  your name, guardian name, gender, date of birth, age, address, email id, phone number. 
* mention your occupation and your parent’s occupation.
* participants will also have to select the language they spoke.
* Fill 'about myself' - a short biodata highlighting your talent and passion for music
* upload your video in mp4 format on malayalam melody and fast number in other language.
* click on the terms and conditions, parental consent and submit your registration form.

If you are shortlisted, Asianet Star Singer 8 team will contact you after the registration process and inform you about the date, time and venue for audition


Seethalakshmi is the title winner of Flowers Top Singer Season 1

Seethalakshmi is the title winner of Flowers TV top Singer season 1 grand finale. Thejus is the first runner up and won second place. Vaishnavi Panikkar bagged third place and is declared second runner up. Aditi Nair won fourth place. Ananya Nair and  Rithu Raj won the award for most popular singers in female and male category. Nehal  got the prize for consistent performer.

 Top 8 finalists including Seetha Lekhmi, Aditi Nair, Ananya Nair,  Rithu Raj,  Sneha Johnson,  Thejus K, Nehal V Renjith,  Vaishnavi Panikkar competed for the title of top singer.

Congratulations to all winners !
Seethalakshmi- Flowers top singer winner
Seethalakshmi-Winner of Flowers top singer

Mega grand Finale of Flowers Top Singer.

The winners of Flowers top singer were announced following a mega grand finale on August 31st, 2020 Thiruvonam Day.  The mega finale round consisted of three rounds. In the first round, all contestant came up with their favorite song.  The judging panel consists of Singers M. G Sreekumar , Madhu Bala Krishnan and music director M. Jayachandran. Ramesh Pisharady and actress Aparna Balamurali graced the first round of mega finale. From the performance and over all rounds, 12 contestants were selected to the second round of mega grand finale. 

The top 12 contestants participated in the second round (Finale 2). Based on the performance in second round of grand finale top 8 were selected to the final round. In this round actress Bhavana and Actor Mukesh joined the show.

Seetha lekshmi -winner Flowers Top Singer
Seethalekshmi -Title Winner of Flowers Top Singer

Winners of  Flowers Top Singer grand finale 2020 on Flowers TV channel

Title Winner of  Flowers Top Singer-First Prize - Seethalekshmi Prakash -won Rs .50 lakh worth flat
1st Runner-up  of Flowers Top Singer- Second Prize- Thejus K -won 15 lakhs rupees
2nd Runner-up  of Flowers Top Singer - Third Prize- Vaishnavi Panikkar -won 5 lakshs
3rd Runner-up  of Flowers Top Singer - Fourth Prize- Aditi Nair -won 3rd laksh

Popular Flowers Top Singer -Rithuraj and Ananya Nair -won 1 lakh each

Consistent performer-The miss consistent -Nehal V Renjith-won 1 lakh rupees
Gentle girl of Top Singer -Sneha Johnson-won 1 lakh rupees
Beauty queen- Avani -won 1 lakh rupees
Amazing natural talent -Adityan - 1 lakh rupees
Charming folk singer- Deviak - 1 lakh rupees
Bhava gayakan - Jaidan -1 lakh rupees
Rockstar of top singer- Kaushik-1 lakh rupees
Innocence of top singer- Shivani -1 lakh rupees
Amazing talent of top singer- Sreebhuvan- 1 lakh rupees
Bright star of top singer- Surya Narayanan -1 lakh rupees
Gentleman of top singer- Surya Mahadevan -1 lakh rupees
Best actor of top singer-Sreehari- 1 lakh rupees
Classical musician of top singer- Theertha-1 lakh rupees
Immani valya singer - Vaishnavi -1 lakh rupees

All contestants were awarded trophies, TV set and gifts

Top 8 Finalists of Flowers Top Singers

Seetha Lekhmi, Aditi Nair, Ananya Nair,  Rithu Raj,  Sneha Johnson,  Thejus K, Nehal V Renjith,  Vaishnavi Panikkar

Top 12 of Flowers Top Singers

Krishna Diya, Seetha Lekhmi, Aditi Nair, Ananya Nair, Sreehari, Rithu Raj, Sreebhuvan R, Sneha Johnson, Soorya Mahadevan,  Thejus K, Nehal V Renjith,  Vaishnavi Panikkar

Winners of Flowers Top Singer

Contestants of Flowers Top Singer 

Krishna Diya, Seetha Lekhmi, Aditi Nair, Ananya Nair, Avani, Sreehari, Rithu Raj, Jaidan Philip, Vaishnavi K V,  Alenia Sebastian, Adithyan P, Sreebhuvan R, Sneha Johnson, Soorya Mahadevan, Koushik SVinod, Thejus K, Nehal V Renjith, P K Surya Naryanan, Theertha Sathyan, Shivani B Sanjeev, Jennifer, Vaishnavi Panikkar

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Super 4 Season 2 launch event on Mazhavil Manorama on 29th August 2020 with Manju warrier

Malayalam Channel Mazhavil Manorama is all set to launch the second season of their music reality show 'Super 4". The mega launching event of the show will be aired on 29th August 2020, Saturday at 7:00 PM

The channel already started telecasting promos indicating that four judges are fighting for 16 contestants of this music reality show. Channel conducted online auditions for the show this time due to coronascare. The details of Super 4 Season 2, telecast time will be update here soon.  Actress Manju Warrier will be the main attraction of the launch ceremony according to channels social media pages

Super 4 indicate four teams lead by four judges.  In this musical extravaganza , the contestants can choose the team where the will belong through out their journey in the show. The show will be introducing a new judging quartet. Singers Sithara Krishnakumar, Vidhu Prathap.Jyotsna and Rimi Tomy will be seen as judges. This is the first time they are seen together in a music reality show, even though they have appeared in other shows . Vijay Asok and Vidhya Vijaykumar are the hosts of the music show. 
Super 4 Season 2 launch event on Mazhavil Manorama on 29th  August 2020 with Manju warrier
 Manju warrier during the  launch event of  Super 4 Season 2 on Mazhavil Manorama 

Singer Sujatha Mohan, Music Directors Deepak Dev, Shan Rehaman and Sharreth were the judging pannel of  Super4. Music diretor Alphose groomed the contestants for the show.  Vidya Vijay was the anchor of the show. In the grand finale Vijitha joined as a co-host of the show. 

The grand finale will feature special performances by the finalists Swetha, Vyshakhan, Dev Prakash and Sreehari. The winners will be announced by the judges . Sreehari Rajendra emerged as the Super 4 Winner and won the title trophy along with prize money of 10 Lakhs. Music director Vidyadharan master distributed trophy.  The three finalists received 5 lakhs cash prize as runner up of the show. The runner up Swetha, Vyshakhan, Dev Prakash got a prize money of Rs 5 Lakhs and all the finalist got certificates. Singer Venugopal was also present during the grand finale.

Super4  Season 2 Details
Channel -Mazhavil Manorama
Language- Malayalam
Launch Date- 29th August 2020 at 7:00 PM
Genre- Music Reality Show
Telecast Time : Update soon 

Super 4 Season 2 launch event on Mazhavil Manorama
Super 4 Season 2 on Mazhavil Manorama-Judges and Anchors


Onam Movies 2020 on Malayalam Channels-Premier movies and OTT releases| Telecast time and date

Onam  Premier and other Movies on Asianet, Surya TV, Mazhavil Manorama, flowers TV, Kairali Tv and other malayalam channels in 2020  are given below. Onam holidays will start on 30th asugust with Thriruvonam  2020 is on Ausgust 31st

Lot of new Malayalam Movie will be premiered during Onam holidays and its previous weeks in August.  The complete list of possible premiers on movies during Onam festival in Kerala can be guessed from  Satellite Rights of Malayalam Movies 20200 given in vinodadarshan.com

Onam Premier Movies 2020 on Asianet, Surya, Mazhavil Manorama, Flowers, Kairali and Amrita TV

OTT Release -31 August 2020 -Thiruvonam day
Maniyarayile Ashokan

Asinet movie releases and Premiers

-Kilometers and Kilometes
-Sufiyum Sujatayum
-KannumKannumKollaiyadithal (Tamil dubbed)
-Ponmakal Vanthal(dubbed)

Asianet movies during Onam days... 

7 am: Sherlock Toms 
10 am: Bangalore days 
1 pm: Vellimoonga 
4 pm:
7 pm: proof 
10 pm: Kilukkam 
7 am: Pokerisimon 
10 am: Kumbalangi Nights 
1 pm: Johnny Johnny yes papa
4 pm: Asuran 
7 pm:Pipin Chuvattile pranayam
10 pm: Sringaravelan 
7 am: game 
10 am: Watermelon Days 
1 pm: Android Kunjappan 
4 pm: Chunk s 
7 pm: Mystory 
10 pm: Nadodimannan

Flowers TV
Fowers-top-singer-grand-finale -Starts at 9:00 Am on Thiruvonam day

Mazhavil Manorama onam movies 2020

- Finals 
- Vaanam Kottattum - Premieres on August 29th, 2020
-Oh My Kadavule

-Odiyan  -Thiruvonam 3.30PM
-Angamaly diaries
-Velipadinte pusthakam

Mazhavil Manorama Onam Schedule

29 August – Saturday
06.00 A.M – Ruchi Vismayam
06.30 A.M – Thatteem Mutteem
07.00 A.M – Ithu Nalla Thamasa
07.30 A.M – Atham Pathu Ruchi
08.00 A.M – Cinema: Body Guard
11.30 A.M – Atham Pathu Ruchi
12.00 Noon – Cinema: Baahubali
03.30 P.M – Cinema: Masterpiece
07.00 P.M – Super 4 Season 2 Grand Pre Launch
10.00 P.M – Best Of Marimayam
10.30 P.M – Mahabali Live

30 August – Sunday
06.00 A.M – Super 4 Season 2 Grand Pre Launch
09.00 A.M – Cinema: Njan Prakasan
11.30 A.M – Atham Pathu Ruchi
12.00 Noon – Cinema: Aadi
03.30 P.M – Atham Pathu Ruchi
04.00 P.M – Cinema: Vaanam Kottatum
07.00 P.M – Udan Panam Special Mega Episode
10.00 P.M – Super 4 Season 2 Grand Pre Launch

Surya TV Onam Movies 2020
-Ayyappanum Koshiyum 
-Varane Avashyamund

Kilometers and Kilometes movie on asianet
Kilometers and Kilometes

The detailed list of Onam premier movies on Malayalam Channels Asianet, Surya , Flowers and Mazhavil Manormaa will be updated soon with schedules,telecast date and time. Mazhavil Manorama channel already anounced their onam special programs