Kochu TV Birthday Wishes-How to send kids photograph and other details

Kochu TV Birthday Wishes is part of the 'Happy Birthday' program in Kochu TV channel. Here we are providing details on how your kids name, photograph, wishes can be send to the channel to telecast the birthday wishes through the segment. This show is dedicated to children, wherein their loved ones wish them on their birthday through the channel.

Happy Birthday program in Kochu TV channel is very popular and is considered as a gift the he parents and kids. The program is going strong as every parent wish to include their kid name in the same. Follow the following steps to send the wishes and to make birthday and unforgettable one with the help of Kochu TV

Kochu TV is a full-time (24-h) kids channel from Sun Network based in Cochin / Chennai, Kerala, India. They telecast programs for audience in the age group of 4 to 14 years with regional and international dubbed shows. Their shows include Jackie Chan Adventures, Spider-Man, Stuart Little, He-Man,Dorayude lokam pre-school contents etc. Kochu TV is the only channel in Malayalam that telecast 24-h programs everyday.Birthday wishes on Kochu TV is aired every day at  8 A.M and 1 P.M on Kochu TV

How to send photograph and birthday wishes online/ using email ID /whatsup etc? 

Kochu TV Birthday wishes -Online application form
First visit the site http://www.sunnetwork.in/birthday/kochu/birthday.aspx

You can submit all the details here. Fill columns that ask for Person Name,Date Of Telecast (dd/mm/yyyy), Mobile Number, City, Country, Sender's Name, Email ID and Birthday Photograph.

Kochu TV Birthday wishes -Requirements and conditions:
 (1)Date : Entering 'DATE' should be 10 days before the date of telecast.,(2)Month :Wishes accepted for the current & upcoming month,(3) Image :Only image file with extension (.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.bmp) is allowed.

Kochu TV Birthday wishes - How to submit details using Whatsup

Kochu TV Whatsapp Number – 9840955150

Kochu TV Whatsapp Number can be used for sending the birthday wishes. It is now becoming a popular and easy method. Whatsapp mobile application is available in google play store for android devices. Similarly this application can be installed in any mobile/apple device to send the birthday wishes through Kochu TV

Follow the same procedure as mentioned above - send the kids name, date of birth and his/her photo to this number.

Kochu TV Birthday wishes - Send details by email.

Application for sending birthday wishes can be send though Kochu TV to their email ID.kochutv@sunnetwork.in is the official email id, make sure to send the details before 10 days and follow the requirement and conditions as mentioned above. Photo size preferred is Post card size 6 x 4 inch.

Kochu TV Birthday wishes contact address, email and whatsapp number
 Email ID for birthday wishes at kochu tv – kochutv@sunnetwork.in

Kochu TV
Post Box No. 5172
Thrikkakara PO

Kochu TV Whatsapp Number – 9840955150 


  1. Photo of kadheeja amrine send on 29/11/2018 was not shown why..

    1. please contact them through whatsup or email address to know about it

  2. Please show myson's picture on 8th dec,l have send his photo 10 days before the date of telecast.but i could'nt get any confirmation,please accept it and reply me,we believe kochu tv channel

  3. 6.04.2019 my daughter birthday wishes not send please stars day 28.04.19 please dedicate avandhikavivaldas 6th birthday

    1. Please contact Kochu TV not here. The contact information is given above

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