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Manjurukum Kaalam is a new malayalam television serial launched on telecasted on Mazhavil Manorama TV on 16 February 2015. The soap opera  is written by Joycy and directed by Binu Vellathooval. This is the next  tele serial by Joycy after telecasted on Mazhavil Manoram after completion of  Amala serial written by him.

Manjurukum Kaalam Serial on Mazhavil Manorama - Baby Kesia as Janikutty

Theme/Story of the serial Manjurukum Kalam 

The serial 'Manjurukum Kaalam' is based on a  novel  published for three years in leading Malayalam weekly -Malayala manorma.  This unique story is wriiten by famous script writter Joycee. This is the story of an adopted girl -Jani Kutty.

Manjurukum Kalam Serial Ratings in October 2016
Janikutty, daughter of Manakkal Govindankutty lost her mother Aswathy on child birth. After the death of Govindankutty's mother , he handed over her daugher Malootty to Vijayaraghavan, a distant relative and his wife Rathnamma.  Janikkutty’s new found love and happiness in their step parents vanishes when her step mother Ratnamma gets blessed with her own baby, then she gets drenched in suffering and hardships. This serial tells the life of Janaki kutty for 25 years and how she become a strong women despite of her hardships in her life.

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Hero and Heroine of  Manjurukum Kalam Serial-actual names : 
Monisha is giving life to the heroine Janikutty while Anish Rehman plays the role of the hero, Abhijith

Manjurukum Kalam -Climax Episode/ Last Episode

Cast and Crew of Manjurukum KalamSerial on Mazhavil Manorama

Producer : Prabha Unnithan, Asha Vivek Unnithan, Aneesh Unnithan
Director : Binu Vellathooval
Story, Script and Dialogues : Joycee

Music lyrics and Singer : Prameela
Music and Background music: Sanand George

Make Up: Santhosh Venpakal
Costumes: Rajeev Kamukilkode
Art Direction : Manoj Thottappalli
Background Sound: Real Effects
Sound recording & Mixing : Fihar

Title Graphics : Jilin Paul
Assistant Directors : Sarin Babu, Manu, Joycee
Studio: Sree Movies
Editing :Aneesh Unnithan, Arundev
Camera :Krishna Kodanadu

Actors, Actresses and the characters of Manjurukum Kalam
Anish Rehman as Abhijit
Monisha as Janikutty
Lekshmi Prasad as Sariga
Ramesh Nair as Ravi, Sariga's husband

Kezia as Janikutty (Janaki) , Niranjana as Janikutty, Greeshma as Janikutty
(three stages of the character)
Saharsh Augustin as Manikuttan (Child actor)
Avanthika (Child Actress) as Neethu, elder daughter of Chandran and Preetha
Arathi Sojan as  Ramya(grown up) Chandran's second child

Manu Nair as Vijayarakhavan
Lavanya Nair as Rathnamma replaced by Manju Satheesh
Alice Christy as Soorya mol( grown up)
Kishore as Manakkal Govindan kutty -father of Janikutty
Aswathy-wife of Govindankutty
Rosaline as mother of Vijayan
Rudra Pradap as Chandran 
Sreekala as mother of Ratnamma, Sarasamma
Sumi Santhosh as Preetha, sister in law of Ratnamma
Pratheeksha as Sunitha, sister of Rathnamma

Manoj Pillai as Murali (krishna Panikkar)
Karthika Kannan as Lekshmi
M.R.Gopakumar as Balakrishna Panikkar
Yadu Krishnan as Madhusoodana Panikkar

Sreedevi Anil as Vijayamma, Govindan kutty's  wife
Joly as Chandramathi -Vijayamma's Sister
Balan Parakkal as Surendran-Chandramathi's husband
Sujith Kozhikodu as Sukeshan(Chadramathi's son)
Satheesh Vettikavala as Suguna's husband
Parvathy as Suguna (Chandramathi's daughter)
Sreekala as Sarasamma
Vaishanvi Vijesh -Arunima(teenage) -Vijayamma's second daughter
Anjusha as Arunima(grown up) -Vijayamma's second daughter
Ardra Das as Ambili (grownup)-Govindankutty and Vijayamma's elder daughter
Pappan Ananthapuri as Purushothaman (Govindankutty's friend)
Safar as Sudharan chettan, Govindan kutty's neighbour
Biju Thottumkal as Minister Janaki's PA

Child Actors in  Manjurukum Kalam Serial
Kezia as Janikutty (Janaki)
Niranjana as Janikutty
Greeshma as Janikutty
Vedhika as Janikutty
Nikitha as Janikutty (teenage)
Monisha as Janikutty

Saharsh Augustin as Manikuttan (Child actor)
Madhav as Appunni, Harun as Appunni (teenage)
Avanthika as Neethu
Aadil as Renjth (classmate of Janikutty)

Swathi as Sarika-Friend of Janikutty (teenage)& sister of Abhijith
Vineeth as Abhijith(Jithu)-brother of Sarika
Adhil Siddiq as Appunni , Madhav as Appunni(teenage)

Other actors: Jancy Joshy
Actress Monisha as Janikutty in Manjurukukm Kalam Serial
Actress Monisha as Janaki in Manjurukukm Kalam Serial on Mazhavil Manorama
Actor Anish Rehman as Abhijith -actor/hero Manjurukum Kalam Serial
Actor Anish Rehman as Abhijith in Manjurukum Kalam Serial

Janikutty in Manjurukum Kalam Child Actors/Actress in Manjurukum kalam
Actors Manu Nair, Lavanya Nair and Kezia in Manjurukum Kalam Serial

Baby  Kezia in Manjurukum Kalam Serial

Telecast Time of Manjurukum Kalam Serial on Mazhavil Manorama

The serial will be telecasted every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM
Niranjana, Kezia and Greeshma -Janikutty's of Manjurum Kalam Serial
Niranjana, Kezia and Greeshma -Janikutty's of Manjurum Kalam Serial
Janikutty's in  Manjurukum Kalam Serial

 Lavanya Nair and Kezia in Manjurukum Kalam Serial

Actors Kishore and Kezia as Govindan Kutty and Janikutty in Manjurukum Kalam Serial
Vedhika and Greeshma Janikutty's in Manjurukum Kalam serial
Vedhika and Greeshma Janikutty's in Manjurukum Kalam serial

Actress Nikitha as Janikutty in Manjurukum Kalam Serial
image credit  : Manjurukum Kalam serial team manorama

Niranjana and Lavanay in Manjurukum Kalam
Manjurukum Kalam poster
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