Chakkapazham serial on Flowers TV | Cast and Crew| Actors and actresses

Malayalam entertainment channel Flowers TV is coming up with new comedy serial 'chakkappazham from August 10 , 2020 onwards. The new serial will be aired every Monday to Friday at 10 PM. This comedy serial revolving around a family has many popular actors and actresses as leading characters.  This include S. P. Sreekumar , Aswathy Sreekanth ,Arjun Somashekar, Sruthi Rejnikath in lead roles. The detailed list of cast and crew and characters will be added soon

Sreekumar and Aswathy in Chakkapazham Serial

Cast and Crew
Writter- Shameer Khan
Director- R. Unnikrishnan
Starring S. P. Sreekumar, Aswathy Sreekanth in lead roles
Producer(s)- Flowers TV Production
Editors- Giri Shankar, Dileep

Actors , Actress actual name and characters

S. P. Sreekumar -as Uthaman
Aswathy Sreekanth  -as Asha Uthaman
Shruthi Rajnikanth- as Pinky/ Painkili , Uthaman's sister
Arjun Somasekhar -as Shivan, Pinky's husband
Amal Rajeev- as Kunjunni, Uthaman's father
Sabitha George- as Uthaman's mother
Raffi -as Sumesh/Thurumb Sumesh, Uthaman's brother
Lakshmi- as Pallavi, Uthaman's first child
Aryan -as Shambu, Uthaman's second child
Sadhika Suresh Menon- as Aami, Uthaman's third child
Raihu -as Kannan, Pinky's son
Dinkiri Muthashi- as Uthaman's paternal grandmother

Chakkapazham actor and actress
Shruthy and Arjun in Chakkapazham Serial

Sadhika Suresh Menon- child actress
Sadhika Suresh Menon- as Aami

Actresses in Chakkapazham serial
Actresses in Chakkapazham serial 

actors and actresses of Chakkapazham serial
Sreekumar, Shruthy and Raffi in Chakkapazham serial on Flowers TV

Chakkapazham actor Amal
Amal Rajeev in Chakkapazham serial

Child actors of Chakkapazham serial 

Actors and actresses of Flowers TV serial Chakkapazham
Actors and actresses of Chakkapazham serial


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