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About Vinodadarshan.com 

 Vinodadarshan is a site to provide information on current shows and television serials. The contents are based on television programs. Also we have included the details on many shows and contests.

We have started this site in June 2011 just as a way to share news on our favourite contestants of Idea star singer show. Later we have added topics related to the winners of various music and other reality shows information on new malayalam TV programs, reality show audition details, celebrity marriages, news on celebrities and television stars. If you have any questions on the content or feedback, please provide it below the respective content or you can contact us through the email provided below.

Please note
We are not related to any television or news channels. The content in this site is for information only. We are not streaming any TV programs here. The official sources of channels, schedules, star cast etc are provided only for information purposes.

Copyright Policy

We don't have any problem with fair use of contents. However, we have recently noticed that some people are copying some of the content without any regret and adding it to their website without even acknowledging our work which we consider as 'bad karma'. Some people are thief's online copying everything  on this site from title to all content on posts including text and images and republish on their site.

It hurts as we spent many hours working on contents and someone steal it very easily. So we changed our copyright policy. So far we didn't complain even though we feel bad.  Now onwards we will take strong actions.

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All contents of vinodadarshan.com are subject to copy right protection. Contents  are not allowed to republish without the permission of web owner. You are free to contact us for any questions and issues.

It is our policy to give credit to others in any posts if  required.

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If you have any questions/concerns contact us by posting a comment on respective content or send an email to vinodadarshan@gmail.com


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