Chandrakantham- Serial Asianet

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Chandrakantham is the new horror serial on Malayalam Television. Asianet channel has announced the launching of new serial and the promos are out. The new horror serial is directed by Dr Janardhanan, directed of many hit serials including the Kalayna Sougandikam serial previously telecaste on Asianet. The details of Chanrakantham serial cast, crew, actors, launch date, telecast time, repeat telecast details will be soon updated here.

All malayalam channels are now telecating horror serials now.Recent ones include Sahayathrika on Surya TV and Ottachilambu on Mazhavil Manorama. Nagakanayaka on Surya Tv and Kavacham on Asianet are other dubbed fantacy serials with horror element currently being aired on Malyalam Television.

These additions will fuel up competition for better ratings by television channels. Currently Asianet is on number one position with Mazhavil manorama in second and third positions. Recently Mazhavil Manorama serial Manjurukum Kalam entered the list of top 5 serials which is usually occupied by Asianet serials. 

Malayalam TV Serial Ratings in 2016 for week 41 : Manjurukum Kalam Serial among Top 5 in October 2016

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Malayalam TV Channel ratings for the week 41 in 2016 is published by BARC (Broadcast Arudence Reseaerch Council) India.  Latest Ratings for malayalam television channels are published for Week 41: Saturday,8th October 2016 to Friday, 14th October 2016.

Asianet is still on Number 1 position. Mazhavil Manorama continues on Second position while Surya TV dropped into 3rd position. Flowers TV and Kiran TV are in the fourth and Fifth Position respectively. A close look at the ratings of the programs revealed that the improvement in the rating of Manjurukum Kalam is helping is Mazhavil Manorama Channel to maintain its second position. Asianet Serial Parasparam is on number 1 position followed by Chandanamazha and Karuthamuthu.

This is the first time that a TV serial on Mazhavil Manorama is among the top 5 serial by BARC ratings. The serial is reaching its climax soon and the turn of events from negative positive in the life the heroine Janaki make audience glued to the screen. The lead role of Janaki is now played by newbie Monisha.
Manjurukum Kaalam Serial
Manjurukum Kalam Serial on Mazhavil Manorama

Top 5 Channles on Week 41: Saturday,8th October 2016 to Friday, 14th October 2016 

Rank    Channel Name            Weekly Impressions
1 Asianet                         320351
2 Mazhavil Manorama 125461
3 Surya TV                         123585
4 Flowers TV                   97252
5 Kiran TV                           87395

Top 5 programs on Week 41: Saturday,8th October 2016 to Friday, 14th October 2016

Rank    Channel Name         Program                 Impressions
1 Asianet                      Parasparam                    6336
2 Asianet                      Chandanamazha            4989
3 Asianet                      Karutha Muthu            4423
4 Asianet                      Bharya                    3522
5 Mazhavil Manorama   Manjurukum kaalam 3325

Top program ranking is based on average Rating across all airings (Original and Repeat) in the week.

Monisha -Malayalam Serial Actress|Janaki (Janikutty) in Manjurukalam Kalam Serial

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Monisha is the malayalam actress playing the leading role of Janaki (Jani kutty ) in top-rated serial Manjurukum Kalam on Mazhavil Manorama channel. She replaced Nikitha Rajesh , who played the teenage version of Janikutty in this serial. She is acting as Janikutty from episode 370 of the serial.

Manjurukum Kalam is the debut serial of Monisha on Malayalam Television. She plays the role of the heroine Janaki in her 20's, mainly during college days and is likely to portray the mature role as well.Manjurukum Kalam is the most popular serial on Mazhavil Manorama and is one of the top rated serial on Malayalam mini screen in October 2016

Manjurukum Kalam the family drama written by Joycee (Story, Script and Dialogues) based on a novel published in the same name in leading Malayalam weekly, Manorama and directed by Binu Vellathooval.  The teleseries is produced by Prabha Unnithan, Asha Vivek Unnithan and Aneesh Unnithan for malayalam channel Mazhavil Manorama

Monisha as Janaki (Janikutty) in Manjurukum Kalam Serial
Monisha Malayalam Serial Actress Manjurukum Kalam
Actress Monisha 
Janaki, daughter of Manakkal Govindankutty lost her mother Aswathy on child birth. After the death of Aswathy and his mother, Govindankutty  hands over her daughter to Vijayaraghavan, a distant relative and his wife Ratnamma. Janikkutty’s new found love and happiness vanishes when her step mother Ratnamma becomes blessed with her own baby. She was forced to live like a servant in her adopted family and was not allowed to continue her studies after 12th grade. However, Govindan kutty take her to his new family, including his second wife Vijayamma and his three kids.

Again fate was against Janaki, she was forced to leave that family after the death of her father Govindan kutty. Jani gets attacked was admitted to a hospital where she found her mothers old friend. Her grandfather Balakrisha Panikker then takes her to Jaani’s maternal home. She was welcomed by her relatives as expected.   Monisha plays the role of Janikutty at this stage. Janikutty however completes her studies and try for her dream to enter civil service with the help of her uncle. The story of the tele serial is about how Janikutty survive the hardships in her life and become a strong and successful person.

Many child artists played the role of Janikutty in this serial. Baby Kezia played the role of Janikutty's life as 3 years old. It was followed by Niranjana as 5 -year old. Greeshma portray the life of Jani in the next stage of the character as a 10-year old school girl.

Nikitha Rajesh portrayed the teenage phase while Monish is into the mature side of V.R Janaki. Monisha's natural and effective portrayal of Jaani won the heart of malayali family audience of Mazhavil Manorama. She plays the role of the heroine who won against all odds with great effectiveness and success

Actress Monisha as Janikutty in Manjurukukm Kalam Serial
Actress Monisha as Janaki in Manjurukukm Kalam Serial on Mazhavil Manorama

We wish Monisha, the upcoming actress all the best

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Rayjan Rajan- Actor in Malayalam Serials | Sathyajith in Athmasakhi Serial

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Rayjan Rajan is an Indian model and an upcoming actor. He is currently working in Mazhavil Manorama Malayalam Television Serial Athmasakhi. His character as Sathyajith IPS, city commissioner  in that serial made him a familiar face among Malayalam audience.

Rayjan started his career as a model and has also appeared in short films (eg: Makkachi, Black hole). He started his journey as television actor through Surya TV serial Makal. He debuted as the hero of the serial through Mazhavil Manorama serial Athamsakhi

Rayjan as Malayalam Television Serial Actor  - As Sathya in Athamsakhi Serial

Rayjan currently  plays the role of Sathyajith, an  IPS officer and  the lead protagonist of the prime time serial  Athmasakhi  on Mazhavil Manorama.  The role of Sathya, a good looking guy who lives for his father who adopted him and his family and also as a strict police officer, has given Rayjan immense opportunity to perform. The character Sathya is now popular among Malayalam audience and so is Rayjan Rajan. The tele-serial directed by Mohan Kupleri is based on the story and script written by noted TV actress Sangeetha Mohan. Avanthika Mohan , Manu Nair, Beena Antony, Rayjan, Sree Raksha, Pratheeksha, Jishin Mohan, Sanjeev, Sangeetha Mohan

Personal Life :  Rayjan is born to Mr and Mrs Rajan from Thrissur, Kerala. He has completed his graduation in B.Sc Electronics and worked in a company for a while. However, to pursue his passion in acting and to build his career he relocated to Ernakulam, Kerala. He has a sister named Milan.
actor Rayjan Rajan -Athmasakhi Serial
Rayjan Rajan as Sathyajith in Athmasakhi Serial on Mazhavil Manorama

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Onnum Onnum Moonnu Season 2 on Mazhavil Manorama from October 23rd, 2016

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Onnum Onnum Moonnu Season 2 will be launched on Malayalam Channel Mazhavil Manorama on October 23rd at 9:30. Onnum Onnum Moonnu Season 2 is the second season of the hit chat and game show with Singer and Actress Rimi Tomy as the host.

Formal anouncement of the show is made on the official facebook and youtube channels by Mazhavil Manorama. The show will be aired every Sunday at 9:30 PM since its premier. Famous singer Uzha Uthuppu is shown as the guest of the first episode of season 2 of Onnum Onnum Moonu sponsored by Chemmannr Jewellers.
Onnum Onnum Moonnu Season 2  on Mazhavil Manorama
Onnum Onnum Moonnu Season 2  on Mazhavil Manorama

Onnum Onnum Mooonu is directed by Jenson Zachariah. The season 1 was telecasted since 7 April 2013 and become one of the most popular chat show on malayalam television. The first season had 157 episodes.The full episodes will be available on Mazhavil Manorama official youtube channel following its telecast.

Ponnambili Serial climax episode on 21 October 2016 on Mazhavil Manorama

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Climax episode of popular Malayalam TV Serial  Ponnambili on Mazhavil Manorama will be aired on 21 October 2016. The Final episode of Ponnambili Serial ends with a happy life ever after life for the hero and heroine of the serial.  That will be 231st Episode of Ponnambili Serial.

 The first episode of the serial was telecasted on 30th November 2015. The serial is produced the banner Prine focus and  directed by Gireesh KonniThe script and dialogues are written by Rajesh Puthenpurayil. Ponnambility serial based a novel 'Kumkumapottu'  written by veteran Novelist Sudhakar Mangalodayam. Ponnambili narrates the journey of Ponnambili and the members of Puzhakkarakavu veedu. Because of this deteriorating financial status of the family, Ponnambili decides to leave her studies and takes up a job. the story eventually becomes the love story of Ponnambili and Hari and the hurdles on their way.

Malavika Wales gave life to the heroine,  Ponnambili while the new comer Rahul Ravi acted as Haripadmanabhan. The details of the cast and crew are provided below
Ponnambili- actors and actresses

Ponnambili serial Climax Episode
Ponnambili Climax Episode
Climax Episode

The last episode of Ponnambili ends on a happy note

The time slot of ponnambili serial will be taken by a new serial in addition to rescheduling of the prime time. Mazhavil Manorama has announced the launching of a new malayalam serial  Ottachilambu on 24 October 2016.

The climax and the full episode of  Ponnambili can be watched on Mazhavil Manorama official youtube channel (click here), following the telecast.

Ottachilambu Serial on Mazhavil Manorama from 24th October 2016

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Ottachilambu, new malayalam serial will be launched on 24th October 2016 at 8:30 PM on Mazhavil Manorma.  The serial will be aired every Monday to Friday at the same time since its premier. Ottachilambu will take up the time slot of Ponnambili which is going to end this Friday, October 21, 2016. The serial deals with a mysterious subject and promos out shows a girl playing with a doll.

Ottachilambu is produced under the banner of PM productions by Prakash Menon. This soap opera is directed by  Binu Vellathooval and written by Rajesh Puthenpurayil. Many popular TV actors and actresses are part of this serial. We will soon update the detailed list of cast and crew, inadition to the details of producer, banner, director and writer of the serial.
Ottachilambu Serial on Mazhavil Manorama
Ottachilambu Serial on Mazhavil Manorama

Malayalam television is now offering many serials with horror-subject after the success of Nagakanyaka on Surya TV. The serials for horror-genre enthusiasts on Asianet include Kavacham , a dubbeed serial and upcoming serial Chandrakantham. Surya TV already launched a new serial Sayayathrika on Surya TV.

Mazhavil Manorama will also launch the season 2 of Onnum Onnum Moonnu hosted by Rimi Tomy on 23rd October at 9.30 PM. These attempts are for the second position in television ratings as the channel face intense competition from Surya and Flowers TV Channels.