Nila Noushad is the Winner of Asianet Little Stars

Nila Noushad is declared as the winner of Asianet Little stars in a grand finale held on March 30, 2014. Little Stars is a Malayalam Reality Show for kids On Asianet Television for kids below 15 years with mult-talents.Finalists Of Little Stars were Navani Devanand, Nila Noushad, Theertha Roshan , Abhirami , Nayan Krishna. Judges of Asianet little Stars were Vijay Yesudas, Vineeth and Nadirshah. Actor Rajesh Hebbar hosted the show.

Nila Noushad Winner of Asianet Little Stars

 The list of Little Stars Grand Finale Winners are given below

  1. Asianet Little Stars Winner - First Prize-Nila Noushad
  2. Little Stars - First Runner Up-Second Prize - Abhirami
  3. Little Stars - Seond Runner Up-Second Prize - Navani Devanand
  4. Little Stars -Fourth Prize -Theertha Roshan
  5. Little Stars -Fifth Prize -Nayan Krishna

Congrats to all winners of Little Stars on Asianet

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Nila Noushad is the Winner of Asianet Little Stars
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