Winners of Lunars Comedy Express on Asianet are Team Mamankam and Team Happy

Team Mamankam and Team Happy are the winners of Lunars Comedy Express Show on Asianet Television . The grand finale of Lunar comedy Express, the comedy reality show on Asianet, powered by ramraj cotton was held on 30 March 2014 at 730 PM. Team Mamankam and Team Happy will share the first prize equally among them.

Judges of Lunars Comedy Express, the popular comedy show on Asianet were   M.G. Sreekumar, Rachana Narayanankutty and Anoop Chandran . Shilpa Bala hosted the show. In this comdey show the teams created many humorous skits to entertain the audiences.

Lunar comedy Express Grand Finale winners and their Prizes are given below

Lunars Comedy Express winner -Team Mamankam and Team Happy -First prize -15 Lakh Rupees
Lunars Comedy  Second Runner Up-Team Big B -Third prize -4 Lakh Rupees
Lunars Comedy  Third Runner up -Team Boys  50000 Rupees

As two teams shared the first prize , there is no declared winner for second prize.

Team Happy members - Abhilash Kottarakkara, Baiju Meloor,Manu Chirayinkeezhu, Rajesh Amabalapuzha

Congrats to all winner of Lunars comedy Express on Asianet.


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