Bigg Boss Malayalam- Vote from any country using GOOGLE SEARCH-How to vote?

Bigg boss malayalam vote from outside India | How to vote bigg boss malayalam from usa| Biggboss Malyalam Vote from uae | How to vote in Biggboss Malayalam from any other country| How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu contestants |How to vote for Bigg Boss Tamil contestants |How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu contestants from USA| Bigg Boss Tamil vote| BiggBoss Hindi vote :- Here we focus on Bigg Boss Malayalam 1  on Asianet channel:. Similar settings can be used for Bigg boss in any language or season to vote form any other country than India using google search

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There are three methods to vote for your favourite contestant in Asiane Bigg Boss Malayalam
Google Search Voting, Missed Call Voting and SMS voting.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote from outside India using GOOGLE SEARCH-How to guide
BiggBoss Malayalam Vote

  • Please note that 
  • 1) There is no official site or authorized sites for bigg boss voting or to vote in Biggboss Malayalam
  • 2) Dont vote in any unofficial site thinking that it will be counted
  • 3) Dont waste time voting for unofficial polling
  • 4) Select your favorite or deserving contestant using google search so that you can be part of the decision.

It is easy to vote using google search using desktop, tablet or mobiles. For the Episode 77 eviction the search will look like this . How to do it?
Bigg Boss Malyalam Voting official
Official Bigg Boss Malyalam Voting for window for contestants selected for Episode 77.


Go to google.com
In the search box type 'Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote'
Then the results will appear like this (see image above)

To cast their votes, viewers should use the first search result. A single user has the privilege to cast 50 votes and can distribute the votes for each of the nominees, or for a single nominee alone
Use your  gmail account to login. Then click on the name of the contestant. Select the number of votes. you can select up to 50. Once its done . Then click vote. You get a messege that the vote is saved and will be counted at the end . Then click OK.

Now you casted your vote.

Bigg Boss Malayalam vote from outside India -HOW TO VOTE using google search?

But if you are out side India, it wont work. Because when you type ' Bigg boss Malayalam vote' . All the unofficial sites will appear in the google search results, but not the official ones.   Many websites fool the viewers claiming that its their official system to vote. Its not.

To get the above image - the real one that matters, you have to set the region of search to India.

Earlier google.co.in used to do the job. Now google changes its preferences..

Google won’t allow user to select any country domain for Google Search by default -  How To Do It

People have used country-specific domains to receive Google search results optimized for that particular region, until now. It is Google.co.in for India and Google.co.uk for the United Kingdom.

Now, Google  localize search results by default. So, if you’re in the US, you’ll get the country service for the US same wih UAE or any other country.

When you move to some other country, Google will automatically change the country service and again back to the US when you return. Same with India. Google itself automatically redirects you to the country domain corresponding to your location.

This change indicate that  typing the country-specific domain in your browser won’t lead the user to the version of Google Search for that country, like it did before. It’ll still be based on your actual, current location.

If you are in US , UK or UAE or outside any country in India . You have to select country for google search

How to change Google Search country service?

1.Go to Google Search on your phone or desktop or table. ( Go to google.com--> google search)

2. Scroll down to find Settings at the bottom of the page. Below search box.(see below the red arrow)

3. Click on the searcSettings, then it will lead to a  page, look for the heading that says Region Setting for Search Results.

Google search regional settings to Indai
4. Choose the region or the country you like from the drop-down menu instead of current location and tap Save.

Region settings in google search results
Region settings in google search results.
5. If you are living outside India :- For voting in any BIGG BOSS show, SELECT India as the location , then save. Now the window look like the one above with 'India' on the left . For Google Search on your phone, you can spot the location on the bottom in a grey background.

6: How to vote ?
NOW type "Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote". Then you will be able to see the official voting link as shown above (IMAGE 2 )the contestants selected for eviction on that weekend

The update and these setting can be implemented for Google Search on the desktop and mobile, Google Search iOS app, and Google Maps.

ARE YOU READY NOW TO VOTE BIGGBOSS from any other country? TRY and let us know your feedback 


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