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Mouna ragam Serial on Asianet-Cast | Actors and actresses of Malayalam serial Mounaragam

Neelakkuyil is a new malayalam serial on Asianet which started telecasting on December 16th, 2019 at 9:00. This new serial has been telecasted every Monday to Saturday at 9:00 PM.

Neelakuyil is a TVserial from the team of bharay serial with Manu Sudhakaran as the director. Pradeep Panicker is the writer of the mounragam serial. He is known for many superhit TV serials including Karuthamuthu , Parasparam , Kumkumapoovu on Asianet

Mounaragam-Asianet serial Story Line 
This is the remake Telugu TV series Mounaragam on star Maa. This telugu serial is directed by RK Malineni based on a script by Screen Play: Uday Bagavathula and Jarugula Rama Rao and dialogues by Mullapudi Sesh Kumar

Kalyani, a mute girl is abandoned by her father, who wanted a boy child. Her father gives some poison to her mother during her pregnancy. This makes the girl in the womb to loose her speech. As a result the girl is being born dumb. Her helpless mother owing to pressure from husband and in-laws attempts infanticide but could not succeed. How did the mother save the girl child against all the odds and the fate of the girl forms the crux of the story. As she longs for his affection, Kiran, a guardian angel enters her life. What turn will their life take, from here?

There is a Tamil series currently going on Vijay television with the  title - Mounaragam  there is no connection with this serial, but is the remake of Vanambadi .
Mouna ragam Serial cast
Mouna ragam Serial on Asianet

Mouna ragam Serial - Hero and Heroine and star cast

This show is the debut serial for the actors playing hero and heroine. Naleef is playing the role of Kiran while Aishwarya gives life to Kalyani, deaf and dumb girl. Balaji Sharma , Sethu Lakshmi, ,Darshana Das, Padmini are in the supporting star cast

Mouna ragam Serial -Cast and Crew

Director-Pradeep Panicker

Original script -Screen Play: Uday Bagavathula and Jarugula Rama Rao and dialogues by Mullapudi Sesh Kumar

Mounaragam Actors and actresses -Characters of the serial 
Aishwarya -as Kalyani
Naleef Gea-as Kiran
Balaji Sharma -as Prakasan
Sethulekshmi -as muthassi, Prakashans mother
Padmini Jagadeesh -as Deepa
Darshana Das -as Sarayu
Achusree Bhadran -as Kadambari
Anjo Nair -as Roopa

Mounaragam -Asianet serial actress
Mouna ragam Serial heroine -Aishwarya as Kalyani
Mouna ragam Serial hero-Kiran
Mouna ragam Serial hero-Naleef as Kiran

Watch all the latest episodes of Mounaraagam on Asianet. The full episodes are available in hotstar following telecast.


Mohabath| Cast, actors and actresses of Asianet Malayalam serial

Mohabath ( aka Mohabbat)is a Malayalam Serial launched on Asianet  on 25th  November, 2016 at 5:00 PM. The serial is aired every Monday to Friday at 5:00 PM. Mohabath is the dubbed version of  hindi serial Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka! being aired on entertainement channel star plus. Mohabath directed by Atif Khan , based on a story by Mrinal Jha, features stars Vikram Singh Chauhan,  Arhaan Behll and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles.

Theme of the serial : Mohabath tells the love story of Aman Junaid Khan and Roshni Ahmad are two individuals who are poles apart but whose lives are connected in the most extraordinary way; through fate and magic.  Aman, a man with magical powers who struggles to understand why he's different from others. He is a Nawab who is possessed by a Jinn, while Roshni is a Tawaif who has the heart of an angel. Parveen is critically ill due to the Jinn's magic and can be protected only if Aman marries an Ayaana; a woman who has the heart of an angel. Salma pretends to be sick, forcing Roshni to marry Aman for money. Aman misunderstands Roshni to be a gold digger. He starts disliking her and gives her a cheque in exchange for marrying him. Aman and Roshni get married. Roshni saves Parveen with her magic but Parveen refuses to accept Roshni. Meanwhile, Adaa feels betrayed by Aman for marrying Roshni. She approaches Jinn to take revenge on him. What happens next.

Hero and Heroine actual name: Actor Vikram Singh Chauhan  ( known as hero of  Mounam Sammadham-3 on Asianet Plus )  gives life to the hero Aman Junaid Khan in Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka. He is the son of Parveen and Junaid, married to Rohini having two sisters named Sara and Saima.  He debuted into Television industry through Qubool Hai serial on Zee TV.

 Actress  Aditi Sharma plays the role of the heroine. Her role in this series is as  wife of Aman, Roshni Khan , she is the adoptive daughter of Salma.

Mohabath-Asianet Serial cast
Mohabath-Asianet Serial hero and heroine

Producers -Gul Khan, Karishma Jain
Directed by Atif Khan
Created by- Gul Khan,Mrinal Jha
Developed by Gul Khan
Written by Mrinal Jha, Divya Sharma, Aparajita Sharma
Screenplay by Shubham Sharma, Bhavya Balantrapu, Aditi Powar
Story by Mrinal Jha

Starring Vikram Singh Chauhan, Aditi Sharma
Theme music composer-Sanjeev Shrivastav
Cinematography- Nidhi Valard
Editor-Shashank H.Singh

Mohabath| Cast actor actress Asianet serial
Mohabath-Asianet Serial -Vikram Singh Chauhan as Aman&
Aditi Sharma as Roshni

Actors and Actressess, characters

Vikram Singh Chauhan as Aman Junaid Khan– Parveen and Junaid's son; Sara and Saima's brother; Roshni's husband
Aditi Sharma as Roshni Aman Junaid Khan– Salma's adoptive daughter; Aman's wife
Arhaan Behll as Kabir- Jinn

Mohabath asianet serial | Cast actor actress Asianet serial
Adithi Sharma as Roshni
Smita Bansal as Parveen Khan– Junaid's wife
Sushant Singh as Junaid Khan– Anjum's son
Garima Vikrant Singh as Salma Ahmad
Jaswinder Gardner as Rubina Tabizi Khan
Vaibhavi Kapoor as Sara Khan
Gouri Agarwal as Saima Khan
Richa Bhattacharya as Anjum Khan
Seema Azmi as Baby Khan
Saloni Daini as Farah
Sanjana Singh as Adaa Rizvi
Rupesh Kataria as Sameer
Ayansh Mishra as Chotu


Unnimaya serial Cast & crew| Asianet serial Unnimaya actors and actresses

Unnimaya is a new serial lauching on Asianet from 26th August 2019 at 9.30 PM. The serial will be aired every Monday to Friday at 9.30. As per promos the show will have a horror thriller theme .

Unnimaya is directed by Saji Piravom aand written by Ananthu s Vijay (Story) and Jayaraj VIjayan (screen play). This new psychological thriller is produced by M Star Communications. Latest technologies are used for visual and special effects to entertain the audience.

UnnimayaSerial  Details
Launching Date : August 26, 2019
Time: 9:30 PM.
Telecast Days-Every Monday to Friday
Channel: Asianet
Language : Malayalam
Genre-psychological Horror thriller
Official videos online on hotstar application

Unnimaya serial serial Story Line 

Nikitha gets nightmares about her daughter. She decode her link with those disastrous dreams in an effort to save her life. Nikitha, a young mother, moves into a new house with her daughter, Vedamol to try and escape from their enemies. Will they manage to lead a secure life?

Unnimaya serial cast and crew
Unnimaya serial on Asianet channel

Unnimaya serial Serial  on Asianet -hero and heroine 

Vidya Mohan, actress and wife of actor Vinumohan is aplaying the role of Nikitha, the central character of Unnimaya serial. The role of vedamol is portrayed by child actress baby Alia Vazim.

Unnimaya serial Cast & crew
Banner -M Star Communications
Producers -Devadas Vikraman , Aneesh Mohan, Vipin Chanadran
Director- Sajo Piravom
Story and Editing- Ananthu S Vijay
Screen play and Dialogues-Jayaraj Vijayan
Art Director- Vinod Parappanangadi
Music- Ajith Sukumaran
Camera- Vishu G Nair

actress Vidya Mohan in Unnimaya
Vidya Mohan as Nikitha
Unnimaya serial Actors/actress and characters

Vidya vinu Mohan as Nikhitha
Baby Aliya Vazim  as -Vedamol
A.K Anadn as- Sanakan
Anadna Narayanan as- Prakash Babu
Muhammed Rafi as -DYSP Lijo John
Firoz as- George
Ambili Sunil as -Sugandhi
Devan Kakkad as -Moosad
Lohan Balan as -Raman
Surjit Purohit as- Niranjan
Jinsa Mathew as -Jesmi
Kiran RAj as- Musafir

Asianet serial Unnimaya actors and actresses
Baby Aliya as Vedamol


Marutheeram Thedi Serial Cast &Crew | Actors & Actresses of Malayalam Serial Maru Theeram Thedi on Mazhavil Manorama

Marutheeram Thedi  (Maru Theeram Thedi)   is a new malayalam television serial launched on telecasted on Mazhavil Manorama TV on 12th February 2018. This family drama soap opera is written by Joycy and directed by Binu Vellathooval. The family drama is based on a novel written by Joyce ( pen name C.V Nirmala) with the same title on published  in Malyalamanorma weekly. BhramanamManjurukum KaalamAmala, and Sthreepadam are other hit serials written by Joyce and telecasted on Mazhavil Manorma. This serial is directed by Githesh Karunakaran based on a script by Kishore Abraham .

Theme/ Story line of Marutheeram Thedi  Serial  on Mazhavil Manorama | Maru theeram thedi novel story

Marutheeram thedi narrates the journey of a woman from house wife to film actress. Nayomi is a family woman and a lovely mother. Her happy family life is interrupted when she receives an opportunity to become a heroine in films. The drastic change of the family woman to a glamorous lady who completely ignores her family including husband and daughter is portrayed in this serial. This malayala manorama novel story is updated in Malayalam Manorama weekly youtube channel also.

Marutheeram Thedi  Serial  on Mazhavil Manorama -hero and heroine 
Popular actors Preetha Pradeep and Giridhar are giving life to the lead characters Nayomi  and Anil Babu, respectively. Preetha Pradeep is well known to malayali audience as negative character Mathi kala in Moonumani serial. She debuted in Malayalam Television through  Parasparam and has acted in mana films also. Giridhar  debuted as a Malayalam Television actor though Mazhavil Manorma serial Balamani directed by Gireesh Konni.  Following the success of this serial, Giridhar got opportunity in Asianet Serial Karuthamuthu and Kairali TV Serial Manasa Maina. In Karutha muthu , Giridhar gives life to the character, Sreekanth, a character with negative shades.

Marutheeram Thedi Serial  Details
Launching Date : May 13, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM.
Telecast Days-Every Monday to Friday
Channel: Mazhavil Manorama
Language : Malayalam
Genre-Family drama
Official online videos of Marutheeram thedi on - Mazhavil Manorarama website and YouTube channel.

Marutheeram Thedi actress
Marutheeram Thedi Serial on Mazhavil Manorama

Bhramanam Serial  Cast and Crew

Produced by – Sidhartha visual media chennai
Story by– C.V Nirmala (Joycy)
Screenplay by – Kishore Abraham
Directed by – Githesh Karunakaran
Starring – Giridhar, Preetha Pradeep

Maru theeram Thedi Serial Cast actor actress
Marutheeram Thedi Serial - actors and  actress

Actors, Actresses and the characters of Bhramanam  Serial 

Preetha Pradeep –as  Nayomi/Sithara
Giridhar  –as  Anil babu
Sethulakshmi –as  Krishnamma
Ramesh Valiyashala –as Udayabhanu
Veena Kollam – as Sowdamini
Ananthritha – as Bala
Kainakary Thankaraj –as  Ramachandran he is Anil’s Granfather
Anjusree –as  Malavika , she is the sister of Anil babu
Sumi –as  Sujitha , sister of Anil
Pramil Sidharth – as Gowtham Ghosh
Sudha Nair –as  Hemalatha Sankar
Aiswarya Rajeev –as  Abhirami
Murali Mohan –as  Krishna Swami Reddyar


Pournami thingal Serial cast | Actors and actresses of Asianet serial

Pournamithinkal ( or Pournamithingal ) is a new television serial on Malayalam Channel Asianet 29th  April 2019 . This new series is telecasted every Monday to Saturday. Pournamithinkal is directed by Ajay Narayan based on a malayalam script by Ganesh Olikkara. This serial replaced Bharya serial with its climax episode on 27th , April 2019.

Pournamithingal Serial  Details
Launching Date : April 29, 2019
Time: 8:00 PM.
Telecast Days-Every Monday to Saturday
Channel: Asianet
Language : Malayalam
Genre-Family drama

Pournamithingal Serial serial Story Line
New serial, Porunamithinkal will revolve around the life of the central character, a girl named Pournami. Raghundandan is a dooming cancer patient and a father of Pournami, his only child. Raghundandan  and Rajalakshmi were lovers years back. But the situations does not allowed them to tie the knot. They separated and married to who they never wished to live with. 25 years later, they met again. This time, all the things had changed. Both of them are now leading a family. Rajalakshmi is the wife of Prathap Shankar, a wealthy businessman. Both the ex-lovers meets and Raghundandan ask Rajalakshmi for taking care of his daughter after his death. Rajalakshmi decides to carry out his last wish. She brings Pournami to her home and decides to get her son Premjith to marry her. Later, things turns in trouble for both Rajalakshmi and Pournami.

Pournamithinkal -Asianet Serial
Pournamithinkal Serial 

Pournamithingal serial hero, heroine, actual names and  the main characters

This serial marks the Malayalam debut of Kannada actress Ranjani Raghavan who plays the lead role, Pournami. The veteran actor Sai Kumar plays the role of Raghunathan and Chithra Shenoy as Rajalekshmi.

Pournamithingal  serial -Cast and Crew
Produced by Kannan Thamarakkulam
Direction -Ajay Narayan
Writter (Screen play &dialogue)- Ganesh Olikkara
Executive producer-Sanjeev
Music Composer- Music, BGM : Saanandh George
Lyrics : Suku maruthathoor, Laahiri, Prameela

Singer : Saanandh, Prameela, Gaayathri, Tessaa Chaavara
Cinematography- Anurag Guna
Editor- Tony
Pournamithingal Cast
Actors/Actresess  and the characters
Ranjani Raghavan as Pournami
Saikumar as Raghunandan
Chitra Shenoy as Rajalakshmi
Vishnu V Nair as Premjith
Mahesh as Prathap Shankar
Kanya Bharati as Vasanthamallika
Rishi as Rudran
Cherthala Lalitha as Rudran's mother
Sajan Palluruthy as Watchman (Cameo)

Ranjani Raghavan as Pournami
Ranjani Raghavan as Pournami
Pournamithingal serial actress
Chitra Shenoy as Rajalakshmi


Arayannangalude Veedu Serial Cast -Flower TV serial actors and actresses

Arayannangalude veedu - is  a new television serial on malayalam channel Flowers TV . This new serial was launched on 31st December 2018 and is aired every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM. Aryananngalude Veedu serial witness the return of popular actress Priya Raman back to malayalam television screen after a hiatus.  Arayannangalude Veedu is the debut of cinematographer Paul Mykkavu as serial director.  He is also a program producer ans set designer. He was part of many Flowers TV shows like kuttikalavara, Just a minute, smart show, mylanchi monchu etc.

Hero, Heroine and Story line of Arayannangalude Veedu

 Arayannangalude Veedu narrates the story of a family of Priyalekshmi, Niranjan and their kids.  Actress Priya Raman plays the lead role as Priya lekshmi while Eswaran Sakshiyayi serial fame actor V K Baiju plays the role of Niranajan . The role of their kids are portrayed by Katturumbu fame child artistes, twin brothers, Evin and Kev.

Arayannangalude Veedu Serial Cast
Priya Raman in Arayannangadude Veedu

Banner : Bluehill and Nael communications
Direction :  Paul Mykkavu
Production: Prabha Unnithan, Suresh Unnithan
Studio: Brit
Story: Paul Mykkavu
Screenplay & Dialogue : Vallikkodu Vikraman
Cinematography :Sreekumar Perumbhadavam
Make Up: Saji Venpakal
Music : Prakash Alex
Art Direction : Prabha Kottarakkara
Sound Mixing : Jibin Chethana
Associate Directors : R. Sugathan
Editing :Binu Therthalli
Effects: Shivaganga

Starring : Priya Raman, V.K., Baiju, Swapna Treasa, Amrutha Varnan, Stephy Leon, Anna Maria etc.

Arayannangalude Veedu Serial Cast
Arayannangalude Veedu Serial 

Arayannangalude Veedu Flowers TV Serial cast and crew

Priya Raman as  Priyalekshmi
V K Baiju as Niranjan
Swapna Treasa as Devika

Ponnamma Babu as Ammachi
Priyanka Nair-Chettathi

Arayannangalude Veedu Serial Cast
Arayannangalude Veedu Serial Cast 
Arayannangalude Veedu Details
Channel-Flowers TV
Language -Malayalam
Genre-Family drama
Launch Date-31 December 2018
Telecast time-Mon-Fri-7:30 PM


Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial Cast | Mazhavil Manorma Serial Actors, Actresses and Story line

Manjil Virinja Poovu - is  a new television serial on malayalam channel Mazhavil Manorama launched on 4th March 2018. Manjil Virinja poovu will be aired every Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM. This family story is written by Jaya Parnasala with a story by Prabh aUnnithan, the producer of the serial.  Manjil Virinja Poovu is directed by Rajeev Nedumkandam.

Story line of Manjil Virinja Poovu
The story is focused on Anjana, an exceptionally bright young girl, was the daughter of Bhaskaran, a
worker of P K Plantations. He dream was to study well and become collector of the city. But is shattered by  her Father’s sudden sickness, due to which he became bedridden.  As her father was the bread winner of the family, she had no other way except to take up her father’s old job as a plantation helper. Mallika Pratap is the M D of P K Corporates and  iron-hearted tyranny left all the other workers, including Anjana in tears and made their lives hell.  Even through these hard times, Anjana was consoled by the fact that she atleast had her lover and child hood friend Arun, who was also a plantation worker. At this time, Mallika’s son,Manu, a womanizer and an alcoholic, joins the
company as vice-chairman. He takes a liking towards Anjana, and publicly declares that he wishes to marry her.  What happens next ?

Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial cast and crew
Malavika Wales as Anjana in Manjurukum Kalam

Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial on Mazhavil Manorama -hero and heroine
Malavika Wales  is known to TV audience through the hit serial Ammauvinte Amma  and Ponnambili  plays the heroine of Manjil Virinja Pookkal Serial, Anjana. Rekha Ratheesh is known for Asianet Serial Parasparam plays the role of Mallika Prathap She also acted in My marumakan Mamamkam. She plays a character with negative shades. Justine George Mathew plays the role of Arun, Anjana's love interest. Yash Krishna is Manu, the son of Mallika.

Direction :  Rajeev Nedumkandam
Production: Prabha Unnithan, Suresh Unnithan
Studio: Sree Movies
Story: Prabha Unnithan
Screenplay & Dialogue : Jaya Parnasala
Cinematography :Baiju Gopal, Joy Robinson
Make Up: Murukan Kundara
Music and Background music: Sanand George
Costumes: Biju Nilamamoodu
Art Direction : Manoj Thottaplly
Sound recording  : Albin Benny
Sound Mixing : Joshy P John
Graphics : Sujith Hentry
Associate Directors : Krishna Prasad
Editing :Ajith Prasannan, Ajeesh Unnithan

Starring : Malavika Wales, Rekha Ratheesh, Yash Krishna, Justine George Mathew, Shobi Thikan, Shalu Kurian etc
Manjil Virinja Pookkal Serial actress
Malavika in Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial as Anjana -Mazhavil Manorama

Actors/ actresses and characters of Manjul Virinja Poovu

Malavika Wales as  Anjana
Yuva Krishna as Manu
Justin George Mathew as Arun
Shalu Menon as Prathibha
Rekha Ratheesh as Mallika Prathapan
Shobhi Thilakan as Bhaskaran

Vikraman as Shankaran
Vinod Nair as Manager
Manjil Virinja Pookkal Serial -Mazhavil Manorama
Rekha Ratheesh in Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial  as Mallika Prathap-Mazhavil Manorama

Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial Cast | Mazhavil Manorma Serial  Actors,
Justin George Mathew as  Arun in Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial 

Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial  actor
Yash Krishna as Manu in Manjurukum Kalam


Badai Bungalow Season 2 cast and crew |New Tenants of Badai Bungalow on Asianet

Badai Bungalow Season 2 cast | Badai Bungalow 2 on Asianet | Malayalam TV Show
Malayalam Channel Asianet is all set to launch their comedy chat show Badai Bungalow. The first episode of Badai Bungalow season 2   will be aired on March 3rd, Sunday at 9:00 PM.

The secret is now out. Here are the list of new tenants.   The new season will have many new members and its kept as surprise  for the time being.  The promo features Ammayi’s wedding preparations. The video features Ammayi played by Praseetha Menon who is seen as bride to be enjoying her day before wedding which is on March 3 . Is it a dream or reality ? We will come to know on March 3, 2018.The show will be aired from 9:00 PM to 10.30 PM every Sunday.

The season 1 of Badai Bunglalow was premiered on  October 13, 2013 and the final episode was aired on June 3, 2018. It was very popular malayalam sketch comedy show with celebrities and the show was presented by Ramesh Pisharody and Mukesh. Many artists including Dharmajan, Praseeda Menon, and Arya Rohit (Arya Satheesh Babu) became household names through this show.

Diana Silvester is the producer and director of Badai bungalow.  The new season of sketch comedy and celebrity talk show will feature Mithun Ramesh and Mukesh as hosts of the show. The role of wife of tenant will be played by Lekshmi Menon, wife of Mithun Ramesh. Anju Aravind, Praseetha Menon, Manoj Guinness etc are part of the show. Mithun Ramesh is known for comedy ulsavam in flowers TV

First episode of Badai Bungalow 2

The first episode feature Soubin Sahir and Shane Nigam as celebrities. They are here to talk about their movie Kumbalangi nights

Badai Bungalow 2 cast and crew
Producer and director -Diana Silvester

Mukesh as Badai Bungalow's Owner
Mithun Ramesh as Tenant at Badai Bungalow
Manoj Guinness as Neighbor/Regular visitor
Lekshmi Menon as Tenant's wife
Praseetha Menon as Ammayi

Other cast : Anila Suresh
Mithun Ramesh to replace Ramesh Pisharady in Badai Bungalow Season 2
Lekhmi Menon and Mithun Ramesh in Badai Bungalow 2
Lekhmi Menon and Mithun Ramesh in Badai Bungalow 2
(facebook/Mithun Ramesh)

Mukesh in Badai Bungalow 2 on Asianet

Episode 1 of Badai Bungalow Season 2
Praseetha Menon as Ammayi in Episode 1 of Badai Bungalow Season 2
Anju Aravind in Badai Bungalow 2

Badai Bungalow Season 2 Telecast Details
Channel -Asianet
Language- Malayalam
Launch Date- 3rd MArch , 2019
Genre- Comedy and Celebrity Chat show
Telecast date and time : Sunday at 9:00 PM.

Badai Bungalow Season 2 cast and crew promo


Kannante Radha Serial cast | Asianet Serial Kannante Radha Actors and Actresses

Kannante Radha is a new television serial on Malayalam Channel Asianet launched on 26th  Novmeber 2018 . This new series is telecasted every Monday to Friday. It is the dubbed version of hindi serial ‘RadhaKrishn’ being aired on Star Bharat since 1st October 2018. It is also aired as Radha Krishna on Tamil Channel star Vijay.

This serial produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary  Under the banner Swastik Productions.  They have created many successfully mythological tv shows such as Mahadev, Siya Ke Naam, Mahabharat etc. The show is shot on five different sets — Golok, Vrindavan, Gokul, Barsana and Kans Mahal. Music director Surya Raj Kamal’s gives original and soulful compositions to the romatic story of Krishan Radha.

Kannante Radha serial Story Line
Kannante Radha is is the epic love story of Lord Krishna and Radha. The enchanting love story of Radha and Krishna, where the ecstasy of love and the pain of separation are weaved together to teach humankind the true essence of love. This story has attracted audience in all seasons. The TV serial also narrates the obstacles in their life. The story of birth of Krishna, his life with Yasoda and Nand , rage of Kansa against Lord Krishna or misconception of Shridama about Radha etc are narrated after studying the details of the epic story.
Kannante Radha Serial  actress
Kannante Radha Serial 

Kannante Radha serial  serial hero, heroine, actual names and  the main characters
Sumedh Mudgalkar (as Krishna/Kannan), Mallika Singh (as Radha) are lead roles in the show. Sumedh Mudhgalkar started his career from the dancing reality show Dance Maharashtra Dance, he was also part of the Dance India Dance. Later he played a significant role in Chakravarty Samrat Ashoka. This 22 year actor was also part of Marathi Movie. Malika Singh  is a newbie in the industry

 The older version of Krishna is played by Himanshu Rana and Himanshu Rana plays the role of Radha. Gavie Chahal plays the role of Nand, Reena Kapoor will be seen as Yashoda, and Arpit Ranka portrays the powerful and evil King Kans.

Sumedh Mudgalkar as Krishna in Radha Krishna serial
Sumedh Mudgalkar as Krishna/Kannan in Krishnante Radha serial

Mallika Singh (as Radha) in Radha Krishna serial
Mallika Singhas Radha in Kannate Radha 

Kannte Radha cast and crew 

Producers: – Siddharth Kumar Tewari, Rahul Kumar Tewari, Gayatri Gill Tewary
Production: – Swastik Pictures
Story - Rahul Sharma
Music director -Surya Raj Kamal
Choreographer- Chinni Prakash and his wife Rekha Chinni Prakash
Cinematography -Uttam Dhakal
Kannante Radha-Asianet Serial cast actor actress
Actor/actress and characters
Sumedh Mudgalkar /Himanshu Rana – Krishna
Mallika Singh/ Himanshu Rana – Radha
Reena Kapoor – Yashoda
Gavie Chahal – Nanda Baba
Basant Bhatt – Balarama
Arpit Ranka – Kansa/Kamsa
Naveen Jinger -Vasudev
Falaq Naaz- Devaki
Pooja Sharma - Adi Sahkti/Yoga Maya
Akangsha Rawat – Kritida
Rakesh Kukreti – Vrishbhanu
Rushiraj Pawar – Ayan
Nimay Bali-Ayan's father
Falaq Naaz – Devaki
Malini Sengupta – Jatila Devi
Kumar Hedge-Narad
Harsh Vasisht-Sridama
Divya Gupta/Surabhraj Jain-Narrators
Kannante Radha serial on Asianet
Radha Krishn serial on Star Bharat 


Thenum Vayambum Serial Cast | Surya TV Serial Thenum Vayambum Actors, Actresses & Story line

Thenum Vayambum is a new television serial on Surya TV which started its telecasting on 29th October 2018 on Malayalam Entertainment Channel Surya TV. The episodes will be aired every Monday to Saturday at 9:30 PM.

Thenum Vayambum mega serial is  directed by  AMNazeer and Produced by Dr.Lakshmi Anu Ananthan. The  Script & Dialogue is  Biju Raveendran based on a unique story written by AM Nazeer. Ambadi production is the banner that produces the film. The crew of the serial claim that this is the first serial that uses Dolby system for sound in the history of Malayalam Television. Previous serials of AM Nazeer includes Mamattikutti on Flowers TV,  Chechi Amma on Surya TV, Dathuputhri on Mazhavil Manorama and  Pattu Sari on Surya TV.

Dont confuse with the Thenum Vayambum movie-a  1981 Malayalam film directed by Ashok Kumar, starring Nedumudi Venu, Prem Nazir and Sumalatha in leading roles along with Mohanlal and Rani Padmini

Thenum Vayambum Serial  Story Line : The story about family relationships and its complexities with heroine as the center of events.

Thenum Vayambum Serial hero/Heroine/ actor /actress :
Vivek Gopan and TV actress Sreelaya are playing role of hero and heroine in this serial. This is  Vivek Gopan' next  project after the super hit Asianet serial Parasparam.  The role of heroine in this serial is  played by Sreelaya , known for Bhagyadevatha and  Moonumani . She is returning to min-screen after her marriage with Nevin Chacko in 2017. Her sister Shruthi Leksmi is also part of this serial. Other popular serial actors and actress in this serial include Riza bava, Thara Kalyan, Anila Sreekumar ,Sharran Puthumana.Jishin Mohan, KM Abdul Majeed etc. in addition to many new comers like Jaseela Parveen . The full details of story, cast and crew will be added soon. 

Thenum Vayambum  3 Serial Telecast Details 
Launch Date : 29th October 2018
Telecast Time : Mon-Sat : 9:20
Genre: Family Drama
Online App : SUN NXT
Thenum Vayambum cast actor actress
Thenum Vayambum Surya TV Serial 

Cast and Crew of Thenum Vayambum Serial
Story and Direction :-AM Nazeer
Produced by :- Dr Lakshmi Anu Ravindran
Script and dialogue :-Biju Raveendran
Banner : Ambadi Production

Thenum Vayambum Serial Star cast -Sreelaya, Sruthi lakshmi, Riza bava, Thara Kalyan, Anila Sreekumar , .Sharran Puthumana, Jishin Mohan, KM Abdul Majeed

Thenum Vayambum -Surya TV Serial actress and heroine - Sreelaya
Thenum Vayambum -Surya TV Serial actress and heroine - Sreelaya

Actor/actress name and characters in the serial
Shruthi Lekshmi-
Vivek Gopan -as Sujith
Jishin Mohan -as Sreekuttan
Anila Sreekumar -as Lekshmi
Riza Bava-
Thara Kalyan-
Sharran Puthumana-
KM Abdul Majeed-
Thenum Vayambum -Surya TV Serial Cast
Thenum Vayambum -Surya TV Serial Cast with crew memebers


Dr Ram Serial cast -Mazhavil Manorama TV serial actors and actresses

Dr Ram is a new Malayalam serial premiered on 16th July  2018 on MalayalamChannel Machavil manorama. This serial is aired every Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM.

Story Line : Dr Ram an over dramatized version of Dr House, House MD, an American medical television drama. Dr Ram shows how a group of medical professional deals with the health issues of patients while they are themselves struggling with their personal issues.  The serial is directed by Nishanth based on a script by Lineesh.

With Dr. Ram's advent to Medical Lifeline Research Institute, run by his Ex-wife, Dr. Sara Elizabeth Koshi, his dark past returns to haunt him. Dr. Manu, Dr. Vivek, and Dr. Lakshmi, who gets assigned to work under a unique and eccentric Dr. Ram, find his life anarchic and chaotic. Ram is enterprised by cases which excite him, and his personal life is out of bounds for everyone, with the exception of Dr. Fayas.

Hero : Dr Ram have Krishnakumar Menon ( K K Menon ) as Ram, the hero of the serial . He is a film actor in Malayalam and Tamil movies. Koode movie by Anjali Menon is last released movie.

Dr Ram Serial cast -Mazhavil Manorama TV serial actors and actresses
Krishnakumar Menon ( K K Menon ) as Ram in Mazhavil Manorama serial Dr Ram.

Dr Ram Serial cast and crew

Director -Nishanth
Writter - C.V. Lineesh
Producer - Dr Varghese Moolan ; Banner World wide release
Music -Sandan George
Cinematography-Ambili Sivaraman
Editing -Giri Sankar

Dr Ram Serial actor/actress and the characters

Krishnakumar Menon ( K K Menon ) as Ram
Ranjitha Ramakrishnan (referred also as Ranjitha Menon) as Dr. Sara Elizabeth Koshi - wife of Dr Ram
Deva Surya as Dr Lekshmi
Dr Vivek-
Manu Maritn as Dr Manu
Disney James as Dr. Fayyaz Mohammed

Dr Ram serial actress
Ranjitha Menon as Dr. Sara Elizabeth Koshi, character in Dr Ram serial 

Disney James as Dr. Fayyaz Mohammed
Actor Disney James as Dr. Fayyaz Mohammed

Dr Ram Serial cast
Dr Vivek and Dr Lekshmi in Dr Ram serial 

Mazhavil Manorama is now updating all their TV serials on promptly and later only updating full videos on youtube. Full episodes are available there.
How to watch Mazhavil Manorama serial online 


Seetha Kalyanam Serial Cast | Actors & actresses of Asianet Malayalam Serial

Seetha Kalyanam is a new television serial on Malayalam Channel Asianet 10th  September 2018 . This new series is telecasted every Monday to Saturday. Directed by Sunil Karyattukara based on a malayalam script by Sangeetha Mohan.

Seetha Kalyanam -Remake of Lekshmi Kalyanam

 Seetha Kalayam is the official remake of Telugu serial Leksmi Kalyanam being aired  Maa TV since 7 November 2016. The Tamil remake is aired as  Lekshmi Kalyanam  on Star Vijay TV.  It is remade as hindi serial 'Jiji Maa' on  Star Bharat. Its Kannada launguage version is remade as  Sindhoora  on Suvarna TV

Seetha Kalyanam serial Story Line
Seethakalyanam is a story about two sisters who lost their mother early in their life. Elder sister Seetha looks after her sister and runs an embroidery store to support the family and fund younger sister Swathy's education but, after she makes a big sacrifice for her, there are consequences for them all. Seetha endures all difficulties laid down by Rajeshwari to protect her sister from sorrow. What is that ? Watch the serial on Asianet.

Seetha Kalyanam serial hero, heroine, actual names and  the main characters

Actor Anoop Krishnan plays the role of the hero Kalyan in Seetha Kalayani. Noted Malyalam Film and Television actress Dhanya Mary Varghese. Dhanya is making a comeback after a break. She is known for many malayalam films including Thalappavu, Kerala Cafe and Pranayam and is also a renowned dancer. Roopa Sree is giving life to character Rajeshwari -the lead actress in negative role She is very famous as  Urmila Desai in Chandana Mazha , one of the superhit Television serial on Asianet
Seetha Kalyanam -cast & crew of  Malayalam serial on Asianet  Channel.
Seetha Kalyanam -new Malayalam serial on Asianet  Channel.

Seetha Kalyanam serial -Cast and Crew
Produced by Nap Creations
Direction : Sunil Karyattukara
Writter (Screen play &dialogue): Sangeetha Mohan  based on Lakshmi Kalyanam Telugu serial
Music - Composer: Sejo John ;  Lyrics -B.K.Harinarayan
Background score -Gokul
Title/ theme song - 'Omal Kurunnukal' ; Singer -actress Ananya
Ending theme- Seethakalyana Vaibhogam
Cinematography- Anpu Mani
Editor(s) -Harimukham ,Libin George ,Akhil V Kumar
Starring : Dhanya Mary Varghese, Anoop Krishnan, Roopa Sree

Dubbing artist -Devi S for Seetha played by Dhanya Mary Varghese

Seetha Kalyanam Serial Cast

Actors/Actresess  and the characters
Dhanya Mary Varghese -as Seetha
Reneesha as Swathy-sister of Seetha
Anoop Krishnan- as Kalyan
Jithu Venugopal- as Ajay
Roopa Sree- as Rajeshwari
Anand Thrissur- as Venu
Pala Aravindan as Mashammavan
Sona Nair as Ambika

Leena Nair- as Seetha-Swathi's mother
Eva as Young Seetha
Baby Athmika as Young Swathy
Della George as herself
Pratheeksha G Pradeep as herself
Haritha G Nair as herself
Vindhuja Vikraman as host

Actor Anoop Krishnan as Kalyan, hero of Seethakalyanam serial on Asianet
Actor Anoop Krishnan as Kalyan, hero of Seethakalyanam serial on Asianet

Actress Dhanya Marya Varghese as Seetha in  Seethakalyanam serial on Asianet
Actress Dhanya Marya Varghese as Seetha in  Seethakalyanam serial on Asianet

Actress Roopasree as Rajeswari in Seethayanam serial on Asianet
Actress Roopa Sree as Rajeswari in Seethayanam serial on Asianet

Seetha Kalyanam  Serial on Asianet heroine
Seetha Kalyanam  Serial on Asianet -Swathy and Seetha


Nagakanyaka 3 Serial Cast | Actors & actresses of Surya TV Malayalam Serial

Naagakanyaka 3  ( or Nagakanayaka season 3) is the new Malayalam Serial launched on Surya TV channel on 27th August 2018. This supernatural fantasy aired every Monday to Saturday at 9:00 PM

Nagakanyaka3 is the malayalam dubbed version of super hit hindi serial Naagin  being aired on colors TV. It was produced by Ekta Kapoor under the banner Balaji Telefilms. The third season of Naagin premiered on 2 June 2018. This serial topped BARC ratings among Hindi Shows and its expected to the same for Surya TV shows

Nagakanyak 3  stars Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassanandani, Pearl V Puri in lead roles, Amrapali Gupta as main antagonist. Other supporting cast of this television series include Rakshanda Khan, Chetan Hansraj,Pavitra Punia,Mithil Jain, Charvi Saraf, Rupesh Kataria, Heli Daruwala, Simran Sachdeva, Rohit Choudhary, Aman Gandhi, Puneett Chouksey, Naveen Sharma, Ankit Mohan,Kushabh Manghani, Mahira Sharma, Adhvik Mahajan etc. The detailed cast and crew are given below.

Story of the serial : Naagakanaya2 is a story of Shivangi,the daughter of an Shivanya. Almost 25 years later, a widowed Shivanya doesn't want Shivangi to become an Ichchhadhari Naagin to protect the Naagmani.A saint tells Shivanya that this can be avoided by getting Shivangi married before she turns 25. Rocky, the fiancè of Shesha and the adopted nephew of Yamini, falls in love with Shivangi. Unaware of Rocky's relation to Yamini, Shivanya arranges for him to marry Shivangi. What will happen next?

Hero and Heroine of Nagakanyaka 3
Mouni Roy was the heroine of Nagakanyaka 1& 2.  Anita Hassanandani, Surbhi Jyoti, Karishma Tanna are the female leads in Nagakanyaka . Pearl V Puri is the hero of Nagakanyaka 3. Arjun Bijlani and Karanvir Bohras were the  heroes of Season 1 and 2 of Nagakanya

Storyline of Nagakanyaka 3 - Nagakanyaka 1 and 2 revolved around Shivanya/Shivangi  and Shesha  and their quest to attain the naagmani. This season explores the mythological origins and the belief that if someone kills a naag, its beloved (naagin) will surely return for vengeance. Ruhi (Karishma Tanna) is an Icchadhari Naagin, who has been waiting for more than 100 years, to be with her lover Vikrant (Rajat Tokas) forever. However, the couple gets attacked by a group of young men and Vikrant, who tries to protect Ruhi, gets murdered. Ruhi will return to avenge the loss of her love. The new season has more drama, romance and action

Nagakanyaka3 Details
Channel: Surya TV
Production House: Balaji Telefilms (Ekta Kapoor)
Full Star Cast: Surbhi Jyoti as Bela, Anita Hassanandani as Vish, a nagin, Rajat Tokas as Vikrant aka Nag Raj, Pearl V Puri as Mahir (male lead), Karishma Tanna as Ruhi, a nagin, Saptrishi Ghosh, Chetan Hansraj as Andy Sehgal, Rohit Chodhary, Naveen Sharma, Ankit Mohan as Yuvi, Rupesh Kataria, Rakshanda Khan
Start date: 27th August 2018
Telecast time: 9.00 pm
Telecast days: Monday to Saturday

Producer -Shobha Kapoor,Ekta Kapoor
Directed -Santram Varma,Chandni,Niraj,Lalit Marathe,Rakesh Chowdhury
Creative director- Tanushree Dasgupta
Starring  Surbhi Jyoti , Anita Hassanandani,   Rajat Tokas as Vikrant , Pearl V Puri as Mahir , Karishma Tanna as Ruhi,  Saptrishi Ghosh, Chetan Hansraj , Rohit Chodhary, Naveen Sharma, Ankit Mohan as Yuvi, Rupesh Kataria, Rakshanda Khan

Cinematography-Santosh Suryavanshi, Sarfaraz, Ajay

Cast -Actors/actress and the characters.
Anita Hassanandani as Vishaka Khanna
Surbhi Jyoti as Bela
Karishma Tanna  is replacing Mouni Roy plays Ruhi, Ichchadhari Naagin
Rakshanda Khan as Sumitra Sehgal, who is married to Adi (Chetan Hansraj)
Pearl V Puri as Mahir Sehgal
Rajat Tokkas as Naagraj /Vikrant
Rajat Tokas and Karishama Tanna  | Nagkanyaka 3 actor and actress
Rajat Tokas and Karishama Tanna as Naagins in TV serial Nagkanyaka 3
Chetan Hansraj as Andy Sehgal
Rakshanda Khan as Sumitra Sehgal
Pavitra Punia as Poulomi Roy
Ankit Mohan as Yuvraj Sehgal
Kushal Kulveer Moharaz  as Sharad
Saptrishi Ghosh as Arvind
Manoj Kolhatkar  as Naagpandit / Jagmohan Sharma
Melanie Nazareth as Naagrani Maa
Rakshanda Khan as Sumitra Sehgal
Pavitra Punia as Poulomi Roy
Naagakyanaka seraila ctress
Nagakanyaka3 serial  actresse Anita Hassanandani as Vishaka 
Ankit Mohan - as Yuvraaj Sehgal
Kushabh Manghani - as Karan
Mithil Jain - as Pratham Sehgal
Charvi Saraf- as Suhaani Pratham Sehgal
Rupesh Kataria - as Bultu, Yuvraaj's friend,
Heli Daruwala- as Anu Mittal
Simran Sachdeva-as Kuhu Jaiswal
Rohit Choudhary-as Rohit Jaiswal
Aman Gandhi - as Daksh Munshi
Puneett Chouksey- as Aditya Sehgal a.k.a Aadi
Naveen Sharma - as Rehaan Mittal
Sakshi Pradhan- as Raavi Saluja
Shahab Khan - as Sunil Munshi
Deepali Kamath - as Mukti Mittal
Mahira Sharma - as Jamini
Adhvik Mahajan - as Ajitabh Singh
Prince Narula -as Shaan
Surbhi Jyoti and Pearl V Puri  in Nagakanyaka 3 serial on Surya TV
How to watch Nagakanyaka Serial Epsiodes?
The official videos of malayalam dubbed version are not available. However you can see the promos of Nagakanaya episodes from  Surya TV's official youtube channel . The original hindi version is following the telecast of the serial Naagin is available from colors TV official channel.All episodes of Surya TV Serials can be watched through new Sun Net work  free Application  SUN NXT .
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Bhagyajathakam Serial Cast | Actors and Actresses of Mazhavil Manomorama TV serial

Bhagyajathakam (or Bhaagyajathakam) is a malayalam serial being aired on Malayalam channel Mazhavil Manorama. This new teleseries was launched on 23rd July 2018 at 6.30 p.m. Since then this new malayalam television channel is aired every Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM

Bhagya jathakam television serial is directed by Sreejith Paleri based on a story, script and dialogue Anil Bass and produced by Bini Jayakrishnan. Bhagyajathakom tells the story of Indulekha and her struggles in life. State award winning actress Shafna Nizam is giving life to the female protagonist Indu in this series . Usha, Manoj Pillai, Vishnu Prakash, Girish Nambiar, Soniya Baiju Kottarakkara, Mahesh are in the main star cast of mazhavil serial Bhagya jathakam

Story Line of Bhagya jathakam - Bhagya jathakam narrates the story of Indulekha (or Indu), a  22 year girl born into an affluent Shenoy family but abandoned by the family at birth. She was raised in a poor household and she lives with the money she gets by selling milk.  But fate had another plans of her.  The marriage of Arun the only son of Mr Shenoy, was cancelled due to horoscope issues. According to astologoer his first wife may die within six months into the marriage. So they decided to find a poor girl after temporarily holding the marriage with Abhirami, daughter of Shenoy, who was in love with Arun. 

This is how Indu was selected. She get married to Arun without knowing the truth that she is the heir to all property of Shenoy family and started living there with her own mother. Time passed by and nothing happened to Indulekha even after 6 months.  The astrologer also realized that Indulekha’s horoscope is a lucky one and the  prediction went wrong due to incorrect birth time. This came as a shock to Mr Shenoy and everyone . They all wanted to get rid of Indulekha at any cost and her life again takes another turn. What happens next ?

Bhagyajathakam Serial actress
Bhagyajathakam Serial actress Shafna Nizam as Indu
Bhagyajathakam serial Hero, Heroine and their actual names.- Shafna Nizam plays the role of Indu, the heroine. She is coming coming back to Television screen as heroine after Sundari and Nokketha doorathu serials. Model, VJ and actor Girish Nambiar , noted for Dathuputhri serial on Mazhavil Manorama plays the role of Arun Shenoy, the hero. Lekshmi Pramod , known for Parasparam serial plays the role of Abhirami, the love interest of Arun.

Bhagyajathakam Serial Details 
Channel: Mazhavil Manorama
Genre: Family drama
Date: June 23th , 2018
Telecast time : Mon-Wed at 6:30 PM
Actor Girish Nambiar- as Arun Shenoy in Bhagyajathakam serial on Mazhavil Manorama
Actor Girish Nambiar- as Arun Shenoy in Bhagyajathakam serial on Mazhavil Manorama

Bhagyajathakam Serial Cast and Crew 

Director -Sreejith Paleri
Story, script and dialogue Anil Bass
Theme music composer -O.K. Ravisankar (Lyrics)
Kavalam Sreekumar (Singer)
Opening theme- Thanathinthaka Thalam
Composer(s) Sanand George (Background score)
Producer-Bini Jayakrishnan
Cinematography- Anpu Mani , Vimal

Actress Lekshmi Pradeep as Parvathy in Bhagyajathakam serial on Mazhavil Manorama
Actress Lekshmi Pradeep as Parvathy in Bhagyajathakam serial on Mazhavil Manorama
Actor , Actress names and the characters in Bhagyajathakam serial 

Shafna Nizam- as Indulekha
Lekshmi Pramod- as Abhirami Shenoy
Girish Nambiar- as Arun Shenoy

Mahesh- as Vishwanath Shenoy
Soniya Baiju Kottarakkara- as Subhadra Vishwanth Shenoy
Sindhu Varma as Parvathy
Fawaz Zayani- as Raghu
Usha- as Sumathi
Kishor- as Suku
Vishnu Prakash- as Prabhakaran
Vishnu V Nair- as Ananthan
Yamuna Mahesh- as Radhika
Bindu Ramakrishnan -as Muthashi
KPAC Leelamani- as Rosamma
Arathi Ajith as Madhuri
Neena Kurup as Vasanthi [Episode :1]
Manoj Pillai as Suku [Episode :1-5]

All episodes of these TV shows and serials can be watched from their official website and youtube channel or website.

Actress Sindhu Varma as Parvathy in Bhagyajathakam serial on Mazhavil Manorama
Actress Sindhu Varma as Parvathy in Bhagyajathakam serial on Mazhavil Manorama

Bhagyajathakam Serial Cast | Actors and Actresses of Mazhavil Manomorama TV serial
Bhagyajathakam Serial Cast | Actors and Actresses of Mazhavil Manomorama TV serial 

Bhagyajathakam Serial Cast | Actors and Actresses of Mazhavil Manomorama TV serial
Bhagyajathakam Serial Cast and crew

Bhagyajathakam Serial
Bhagyajathakam Serial