Nayika Nayakan -WINNERS LIST | Grand Finale of Acting Reality show on Mazhavil Manorama

The winners of Nayika Nayakan -acting reality and talent hunt show on malayalam channel will be announced on the grand finale day. The grand finale will be aired on October 15, 16 and 17, 2018 at 9:00 PM on Mazhavil Manora. The winners of Nayika Nayakan will be announced in the final episode of Nayika Nayakan following the grand finale competition. The best actor and actress of this show get a great chance to the hero and heroine of Upcoming movies director Lal Jose.

Nayika Nayakan was launched on May 28th, 2018 to find hero and heroine for a malayalam movie directed by Lal Jose. The winners will get a chance to act in his upcoming movies. The show hosted by Ashwathy Sreekanth and Dain Davis is mentored by  Actor Kunjacko Boban(Mentor), Actress Samvrutha Sunil. Out of 16 contestants selected for the show only six reached the grand finale.  The finalists were selected after intense completion among contestants to show case their acting talents.

Nayika Nayakan Finalists
Darshana S Nair, Malavika Krishnadas , Vincy Aloshious, Shambhu Menon, Vishwa and Addis Antony.

Grand Finale : The grand finale of Nayika Nayakan was a colorful function and several prizes and awards were announced.  Darshana S Nair is selected as the Nayika the title winner and Shambu Menon as Nayakan -the title winners. The winners list of Nayika Nayakan on Mazhavil Manorama are given below.
Winners of  Nayika Nayakan show Shambhu Menon and Darshana S Nair with director Lal Jose

Winners of  Nayika Nayakan on Mazhavil Manorama 

Title Winner of Nayika Nayakan -First Place -Best actor ( Nayakan) -Shambhu Menon -Hero
First Runner-up  of Nayika Nayakan-Best actor - Addis Antony -Second Hero
Second Runner-up  of Nayika Nayakan -Best actor-Vishwa

Title Winner of Nayika Nayakan-First Place -Best actress (Nayika) -Darshana S Nair-Heroine
First Runner-up  of Nayika Nayakan -Best actress-Vincy Aloshious -Second Heroine
Second Runner-up of Nayika Nayakan -Best actress-Malavika Krishnadas
 Nayika Nayakan -WINNERS
 Nayika Nayakan -WINNERS  with judges, contestants and anchors

Nayika Nayakan special prizes and offers 

Best comedy actor-Venkitesh
Best comedy actress -Meenakshi

Best dancer - Malavika Krishnadas
Best Dancer male- Vishva R

Best romantic pair -Sahmbu and Mintu Maria
Daring Actor of the show -Nandu (Aham Round)
Daring Actress of the show -Ann Saleem (Drama Round)

Best Character actress-Darshana S Nair
Best Character actor-Shambu Menon
Special performer award: Roshan Ullas
Special performer award -female-Ann Paul
Special Mention Award Female-Amina
Special Menion awrd Male- Siddhi Vinayak
Most versatile actor -Addis Anotny
Most Versatile Actress-Vincy Aloshious

Film Offers -Venkitesh VP got offer to be the hero of 'Das Capital' and also as a supporting actor in 'Thattumpurathu Achuthan' . Thejus was offered a villain role in Thattumpurathu Achuthan. The winners Darshana and Shambu will be the hero and heroine of Laljose upcoming movie. The first runner up Vincy and Addis also got a chance in the same movie as second pair.
Grand Finale of Nayika Nayakan - winners with Judges and anchors | Mazhavil Manorama acting talent show
Grand Finale of Nayika Nayakan - winners with Judges and anchors | Mazhavil Manorama acting talent show

Nayika Nayakan Grand Finale 
Channel: Mazhavil Manorama
Genre: Talent show focused on acting
Date: October 15, 16, 17 , 2018
Telecast time : at 9:00 PM

Winners of  Grand Finale of Nayika Nayakan  | Mazhavil Manorama acting talent show
Finalists of  Grand Finale of Nayika Nayakan  | Mazhavil Manorama acting talent show
The full episodes of the show directed by Abraham Chunkathu will be available through the channels official youtube channel after the telecast of the show.
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