Baby Ameya -Child actress | Parukutty in Uppum Mulakum serial on Flowers TV

Ameya is the child actress playing the character of parukutty in Popular Malayalam Serial Uppum Mulakum on Flowers TV. Uppum Mulakum is one of the most successful and popular sitcome in Malayalam Television.  Amerya is acting as the fifth child of Balu and Neelima, characters of the serial. Her name is given as Parvathy Balachandran Thampi aka Parukutty only later. The fifth child was introduced in Episode 604. Ameya was lauched as Parukutty  or Kunju vava in episode 610.

Baby Ameya as Malayalam Television Actress: 
Ameya was selected to Uppum Mulakum through auditions when she was only four months old. Ever since she was introduced all viewers of Uppum Mulakum became her fan.  Baby Ameya won the heart of malayali audience through innocent  cute look and beauty  The new character of Balachandrika helped the serial to gain back the audience which was lost earlier due to uninteresting story line.  In March 2019 she is above 1 years old. Audience got chance to view the different stage of such an adorable baby in front of them. The family details of Akshara are given below.

Baby Ameya -Child actress
Uppum Mulakum 
Uppum Mulakum, Flowers TV's popular slapstick comedy show celebrated 500 episodes on December 19th, 2017 and is now approaching 100 episode. Uppum Mulakum, malayalam family comedy serial was launched on Flowers TV on 14 December 2015. The show was directed by R Unnikrishnan, the same man behind the popular TV shows Thatteem Mutteem and Marimayam in the begining. Later he was replaced by director S.J. Sinu

The sitcom, narrates the life of Balachandran, his wife Neelima, their four children Vishnu, Lakshmi, Keshav, Shivani. Biju Sopanam as Balu (Balachandran),Nisha Sarang as Neelima (Neelu),Rishi S Kumar as Vishnu , Mudiyan),Juhi Rustagi as Lekshmi (Lechu),Shivani Menon as Shivani(Shiva),Al Sabith as Kesavan (Keshu) are the main actors of the serial.

The natural performance by lead actors and the real life events are making it very popular among audience. The show  has won many awards in recent television award shows. The  Kerala State Television Awards 2016 for best Comedy program was won by Uppum Mulakum.  In the recent Mangalam miniscreen awards 2017  Biju sopanam won Best Actor award while  Nisha Sarang won popular Actress awards.Alsabith & Sivani Menon got best child artist awards.

Uppum Mulakum -Cast and Crew-Full list here

Uppum Mulakum child actress parukutty
Ameya in Uppum Mulakum serial in her first episode

Baby Ameya -Child actress | Parukutty Uppum  Mulakum serial on Flowers TV
Ameya in Uppum Mulakum
Baby Ameya -Child actress | Parukutty Uppum  Mulakum serial on Flowers TV
Baby Ameya -Parukutty Uppum  Mulakum serial on Flowers TV

Baby Ameya -Child actress | Parukutty Uppum  Mulakum serial on Flowers TV
Baby Ameya -Child actress | Parukutty Uppum  Mulakum serial on Flowers TV

Ameya Family Details:

Akshara (1 years) is the youngest daughter of  Anil Kumar and Ganga lekshmi from Karunagappally in Kollam District, Kerala. She has an elder sister Anikha, a UKG student. Parents have given her a petname, as chakki, but its now replaced by Parukutty

All the best Ameya!


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