Winners of Miss South India 2019 | Nikita Thomas Won the title

Manappuram Miss South India 2019 Winners List :Ms.  Nikita Thomas   from  Kerala won the title of Winners of Miss South India 2019. Ms. Tarini Kalingarayar from Tamil Nadu and Ms. Deepa Thomas
from Kerala were the first and second runner up respectively.In addition to the title winners, there were four regional title winners and 12 subtitle winners.

Previous year winner Ms. Lekshmi Menon crowned the overwhelmed Miss South India 2019
winnerThey were selected from 24 finalists  from 5 south Indian states. Miss South India 2019 is the seventeenth edition presented by Manappuram Finance Ltd, an event organised by Dr.Ajit Ravi, at Hotel Le-Meridien Coimbatore. Manappuram Finance Limited is the prime partner of the event hosted by Pegasus in association with Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity.

The title winner won One lakh rupees, the second runner up with 40,000 rupees while first runner up were awarded 60,000 indian rupees.  The cash prizes were gifted by Manappuram Finance Limited. The winners were crowned with the golden crown designed by Parakkat Jewellers.

Manappuram Miss South India 2019 Winners List & prizes

Nikita Thomas -Miss South India 2019 - Rs.1 lakh
Tarini Kalingarayar - First Runners up -Rs.60, 000/
Deepa Thomas Second Runners Up -40,000/
Winners of Miss South India 2019 |  Nikita Thomas Won the title
Winners of Miss South India 2019 :Nikita Thomas (Centre),first runner up- Tarini Kalingarayar (left) and  Deepa Thomas Second Runners Up (right)

Subtitle winners
Miss Queen Andhra : Nandita Kaviti
Miss Queen Karnataka : Rashmi Madhuri
Miss Queen Kerala : Konchitha John
Miss Queen Telangana : Deepika Vaddani
Miss Tamil Nadu : Tarini Kalingarayar
Winners of Miss South India 2019 |  Nikita Thomas Won the title
Winners of Miss South India 2019

The Sub-title winners are:
Miss Beautiful Hair : Akila Narayanan (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Beautiful Smile : Deepa Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Beautiful Skin : Tarini Kalingarayar (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Beautiful Face : Sharlett Riya (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Beautiful Eyes : Rashmi Madhuri (Karnataka)
Miss Congeniality : Laila Abuwani (Telangana),
Miss Personality : Deepika Vaddani (Telangana)
Miss Catwalk : Konchitha John (Kerala)
Miss Perfect Ten : Nikita Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Talent : Niranjana Suresh (Kerala)
Miss Photogenic : Deepa Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Viewers’ Choice : Ashwini Reddy (Andhra Pradesh)
Miss Social Media : Jismi Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Fitness : Shivani Jain (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Humaneness : Akila Narayanan (Tamil Nadu)

Contestants of Miss South India 2019

Akila Narayanan (Tamil Nadu), Amiksha Pawar (Telangana),  Ashwini Reddy (Andhra Pradesh), Bhavana Sirpa (Telangana), Deepa Thomas (Kerala), Deepika Vaddani (Telangana), Harshada Kasat (Telangana), Jismi Thomas (Kerala), Konchitha John (Kerala), Laila Abuwani (Telangana), Meera
George (Kerala), Nandita Kaviti (Andhra Pradesh), Niketha Shetty (Karnataka), Nikita Thomas (Kerala), Niranjana Suresh (Kerala), Pragathi Rajpurohit (Tamil Nadu), Priyanka Arora (Karnataka), Rashmi Madhuri (Karnataka), Sharlett Riya (Tamil Nadu), Shivani Jain (Tamil Nadu), Sini M (Karnataka), Tarini Kalingarayar (Tamil Nadu), Valentina Shekar (Karnataka), Vinaya Naresh (Tamil Nadu).

Judges of Miss South India 2019 beauty peagent
The Judges were, Mrs. Uma Riyas Khan, Mr. Siddhaanth Surryavanshi, Mrs. Toshma Biju,
Mr. Kuriyachan and Ms. Alesia Raut.

The winners of Miss South India can participate in  International beauty contests Miss Asia and Miss Glam World. Pegasus Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi said that Miss South India is the only platform in the world where the competitors can enter the international competitions without the Bikini round


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