Asianet Television Awards 2016 Coming Soon

Asianet Television Awards 2016 will be distributed in a colorful and gliterng ceremony soon and the winners will be honoured. Malayalam Channel Asianet has anounced its 9th season of Television awards to honor the best telecasted in their own channel.Double horse is one of the sponsors the  2016 edition of Asianet Television Awards.

Asianet Television Awards are distributed in nearly 30 categories. The details on the venue, date , telecast and winners details are not available now.Stay tuned at vinodadarshan.com for more updates. This is for the shows and serials telecasted in 2015.
Asianet Television Awards 2016 winners, venue date
Asianet Television Awards 2016 Coming Soon
 In 2015,  Asianet has aired serials Sthreedhanam , Parasparam, Pranayam, Chandanamazha and Karuthamuthu.The tele-dramas Parasparam, Chandanamazha and Karuthhumuth won most of the awards at  Asianet Television Awards 2014 and Asianet Television Awards 2015  Who will be winner this time ?Stay tuned for more updates

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Asianet Television Awards 2016 Coming Soon
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