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Flowers Top Singer Voting started - for finding your favorite top singer contestant

Who will be the winner of the popular reality show Flowers Top Singer on malayalam Channel Flowers TV? You will get an answer soon . The showing going to end soon. Now the semi-finals of top singer is going on.  The grand finale of flowers top singer will start soon. The title winner of flowers top singer will be decided by the judging panel based on their performance . But the popular singer will be decided based on online votes.

To find the audience choice of top singer, Flowers TV has come up with an online voting platform. 
To vote for your favorite top singer, visit flowers tv website. 

Vote for your favorite singer in the official link given at flowers web portal   -click here to vote

Flowers Top Singer -Cast and Crew

Anchor of Flowers Top Singer: Esther Anil , replaced by Meenakshi (Oppam fame)

Judges  of Flowers Top Singer: Singer Sithara, Singer M.G Sreekumar, Music Director Jayachandran , Aruradha Sreeram, Stephen Devassy, Madhu Balakrishnan etc..

Contestants of Flowers Top Singer -

Krishna Diya, Seetha Lekhmi, Aditi Nair, Ananya Nair, Avani, Sreehari, Rithu Raj, Jaidan Philip, Vaishnavi K V,  Alenia Sebastian, Adithyan P, Sreebhuvan R, Sneha Johnson, Soorya Mahadevan, Koushik SVinod, Thejus K, Nehal V Renjith, P K Surya Naryanan, Theertha Sathyan, Shivani B Sanjeev, Jennifer, Vaishnavi Panikkar

Flowers Top Singer contestants
Flowers Top Singer contestants

All episodes of the show are available in their official youtube channel.


Nandanam Serial on Flowers TV| Cast and Crew| actors and actresses

Flowers Entertainment channel has launched  a new serial Nandanam from August 3 , 2020 onwars . This new television serial is aired Monday to Saturday at 7:00 PM. Another comedey serial 'Chakkapazham also will be launched soon. 

Nandanam is produced by Rakhunath and directed by Dileep  Thavanoor. This serial is an extension of the malayalam movie Nandanam by Renjith starring Prithviraj and Navya Nair in lead roles.  The plot of the serial revolves round the childhood days of Balamani, the central character of Nandanam movie. This serial is based on the true devotion of Lord Krishna and temple of Guruvayoor.  Balamani is a devotee of Guruvayoorappan. Her strong believe in Lord Krishna and saves from struggles.

Nanadanam serial on Flowers TV

Cast And Crew
Banner -Forever enetertainments
Story -Lohithakshan N.K
Script and Dialogues-Shivan
Director-Dileep Thavanoor

Baby Gawri as Balamani , Nandana as Balamani
Kavitha Nair as  Janaki , mother of Balamani
Shaju Sreedhar – as Chandran , Father of Balamani
Manka Ramesh-mother of Janaki
Ashwin Subalal -as Krishna

Chakkapazham serial on Flowers TV | Cast and Crew| Actors and actresses

Malayalam entertainment channel Flowers TV is coming up with new comedy serial 'chakkappazham from August 10 , 2020 onwards. The new serial will be aired every Monday to Friday at 10 PM. This comedy serial revolving around a family has many popular actors and actresses as leading characters.  This include S. P. Sreekumar , Aswathy Sreekanth ,Arjun Somashekar, Sruthi Rejnikath in lead roles. The detailed list of cast and crew and characters will be added soon

Sreekumar and Aswathy in Chakkapazham Serial

Cast and Crew
Writter- Shameer Khan
Director- R. Unnikrishnan
Starring S. P. Sreekumar, Aswathy Sreekanth in lead roles
Producer(s)- Flowers TV Production
Editors- Giri Shankar, Dileep

Actors , Actress actual name and characters

S. P. Sreekumar -as Uthaman
Aswathy Sreekanth  -as Asha Uthaman
Shruthi Rajnikanth- as Pinky/ Painkili , Uthaman's sister
Arjun Somasekhar -as Shivan, Pinky's husband
Amal Rajeev- as Kunjunni, Uthaman's father
Sabitha George- as Uthaman's mother
Raffi -as Sumesh/Thurumb Sumesh, Uthaman's brother
Lakshmi- as Pallavi, Uthaman's first child
Aryan -as Shambu, Uthaman's second child
Sadhika Suresh Menon- as Aami, Uthaman's third child
Raihu -as Kannan, Pinky's son
Dinkiri Muthashi- as Uthaman's paternal grandmother

Chakkapazham actor and actress
Shruthy and Arjun in Chakkapazham Serial

Sadhika Suresh Menon- child actress
Sadhika Suresh Menon- as Aami

Actresses in Chakkapazham serial
Actresses in Chakkapazham serial 

actors and actresses of Chakkapazham serial
Sreekumar, Shruthy and Raffi in Chakkapazham serial on Flowers TV

Chakkapazham actor Amal
Amal Rajeev in Chakkapazham serial

Child actors of Chakkapazham serial 

Actors and actresses of Flowers TV serial Chakkapazham
Actors and actresses of Chakkapazham serial


Flowers Top Singer -mark list | Top 5

Flowers Top Singer Winners| Top Singer on Flowers TV winner | Music Reality show for kids | Flower Top Singer contestant Names, Anchor, Judging panel |Flowers Top Singer Mark List| Flowers Top Singer Ranking

Flowers Top singer is one of the most successful music reality show in Malayalam Television. This show is for  kids with age between 6 to 14 compete for the title. M.G Sreekumar, Music Director Jayachandran , Aruradha Sreeram and other singers are the members of the judging panel. The show is directed by Sindhu Sreedhar

This music reality and talent search show is launched on October 1, 2018 with actress Esther Anil as the anchor. Later baby Meenakshi joined the show as the host. A total of 22 kids are participating in this show.

Flowers Top Singer -Details

Contestants of Flowers Top Singer -

Krishna Diya, Seetha Lekhmi, Aditi Nair, Ananya Nair, Sreehari, Avani, Rithu Raj, Jaidan Philip, Vaishnavi K V,  Alenia Sebastian, Adithyan P, Sreebhuvan R, Sneha Johnson, Soorya Mahadevan, Koushik SVinod, Thejus K, Nehal V Renjith, P K Surya Naryanan, Theertha Sathyan, Shivani B Sanjeev, Jennifer, Vaishnavi Panikkar
flowers top singer winner
Flowers Top Singer

Flowers Top Singer -Mark list : First round |Second Round | Third Round

The mark list comes after multiple  rounds of competition.

Marl list 4-Quarter Finals
1.Vaishnavy Panicker -92.92%

Ananya Nair -85.75%
Viashavi KV 82%
Aditi Nair- 82%

Mark list 3-Stage 5

1. Thejus - 429/500
2  Seethalekshmi-412/500
3. Nehal 407/500
4 Surya Mahadevan -402/500
5 Rithuraj - 400/500
06 Adithyan-395/400
07 Vaishnavi Panikkar -392/500
08 Ananya-391/500
09 Kaushik-390/500
10 Sreebhuvan-385/500
11 Vaishnavi-381/500
12 Aditi-380/500
13 Theertha-379/500
14 Krishnadiya-370/500
15 Jaidan-366/500
16 Sneha Johnson-363/500
17 Sreehari-362/500
18 Devika-361/500
19 Avani-356/500
20 Surya Narayanan-350/500
22 Shivani-328/500

Mark List 2
1 Seethalekshmi 288/300
2 Vishnavi Panikkar279/300
3 Aditi Nair 275/300
4 Thejas 274/300
5 Kaushik S Vinod 257/300
6 Rithu Raj 257/300
7 Ananya Nair 256/300
8 Surya Mahadevan 254/300
9 Adityan 252/300
10 Sreebhuvan 250/300
11 Devika 247/500
12 Surya Mahadeven 246/300
13 Vaishnavi 245/300
14 Nehal 239/300
15 Sneha 236.5/300
16 Sreehari 236/300
17 Jaidan Philip 235.5/300
18 Krishna Diya 235/300
19 Theertha Sathyan 231/300
20 Jennifer 225.75/300
21 Avani 223/300
22 Shivani 205/300

Mark list 1
1 Sreebhuvan 243/300
2 Adityan 239/300
3 Seetha Lekshmi 237/300
4 Aditi Nair 236/300
5 Surya Mahadevan 232/300
6 Rithu Raj -231/300
7 Vaishanvi 229/300
8 Surya Mahadevan- 229/300
9 Vishani Panikkar 226/300
9 Ananya Nair -226/300
10 Sneha Johnson-225/300
11 Devika 224.5/300
12 Thejus- 224/300
13 Kaushik S Vinod 222/300
14 Theertha Sathyan 221/300
15 Alenia Sebastian 220/300
16 Jaidan Philip 219/300
17  Krishna Diya 218/300
18 Sreehari 213/300
19 Jennifer 205/300
20 Shivani 203/300
21 Avani 202/300
22 Nehal 184/300


Mohanlal in Flowers Top Singers| Onam 2019 Special episode details

YES, the much awaited episode of Flowers Top singer is here. Actor Mohanlal will participate and sing with Flowers top singers during the Onam Special program on Flowers TV. The telecast details of the episode will be added soon

The program is titled "Top Actor Lalettan with Top Singers" . In this Latettan's fantacy world episodes, there will be Special Onam programs, skits by contestants, Onam sadhya... everything to make it a big visual treat.
Actor Mohanl Lal with Flowers Top Singers-Special Episode
Actor Mohanl Lal with Flowers Top Singers-Special Episode

Flowers Top singer  is a top music reality show directed by Sindhu Sreedhar. A total of 22 singers are participating in this show and they are awarded 20 lakh each eduational scholarship. The talented singers and judges make the show very popular and its one of the to rated music show currently on malayalam television.

Top Actor Lalettan with Top Singers
Top Actor Lalettan with Top Singers

Full episodes of Onam special programs with Mohanlal will be aired soon and it will be available in Flowers official youtube channel following the telecast. 


Nalla Best Family -new comedy show on Flowers TV | CAST

Nalla Best Family is anew comedy show launched on malayalam channel Flowers TV on August 3, 2019 at 9.30 PM. Since then the show is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 Pm. Recent BARC rating indicated Nalla best family secured rating of 1.87 on August 22.

Nalla Best Family
Channel-Flowers TV
Genre-Comedy show
Launch date: August 3 2019
Telecast time : every Saturdays & Sundays at 9.30 PM 

Nalla Best Family -Cast and Crew

The show include performance by a group comedy actors, skits and dance. National film award winning actors Salim Kumar and Urvashi lead the show. The other participants are Noby Marcose, Saju Navoya , Ayyapa Baiju, Sasankan etc.
Nalla Best Family on Flowers TV
Nalla Best Family on Flowers TV

How to watch Nalla Best Family on Flowers TV
The full episodes of the show are available in flowerstv youtube channel and their website


Arayannangalude Veedu -New Serial Flowers TV launching on 31st December 2018

Malayalam Channel Flowers Tv is all set to launch its new television serial 'Arayannangalude veedu' from 31st December 2018. The new serial will be aired every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM.

Aryananngalude Veedu serial witness the return of popular actress Priya Raman back to malayalam television screen after a hiatus. She was also see recently in Mazhavil Manorama show ' Onnum Onnum Moonnu season 3 hosted by Rimi Tomy. She participated in the show along with actress Chithra. Priya Ramana was the lead actress of many popular serials like, Snehatheeram, Kavyanjali and Orma.

Arayannangalude Veedu is the debut of cinematographer Paul Mykkavu as serail director.  He is also a program producer ans set designer. He was part of many Flowers TV shows like kuttikalavara, Just a minute, smart show, mylanchi monchu etc.

Arayannangalude Veedu narrates the story of a family of Priyalekshmi, Niranjan and their kids.  Actress Priya Raman plays the lead role as Priya lekshmi while Eswaran Sakshiyayi serial fame actor V K Baiju plays the role of Niranajan . The role of their kids are portrayed by Katturumbu fame child artistes, twin brothers, Evin and Kev. Full cast and crews, actor , actress names will be added soon

Arayannangalude Veedu Details
Channel-Flowers TV
Language -Malayalam
Genre-Family drama
Launch Date-31 December 2018
Telecast time-Mon-Fri-7:30 PM
Lead actors &cast  :Priya Raman , V K Baiju,Swapna Thomas

Update :  Arayannangalude Veedu Cast and Crew

Arayannangalude Veedu Serial Flowers TV
Arayannangalude Veedu -New serial on Flowers TV
How to watch  Arayannangalude Veedu  Episodes Online?  Arayannangalude Veedu  videos will be available online through Flowers TV's Official Youtube Channelfollowing the telecast of the serial.  It will also be added to Homemazala, new Flowers TV mobile and web application and also on Seetha, Arundathi and Uppum Mulakum are the top serials currently on Flowers TV.