Vaishnavy Panicker tops Flowers Top singer Quarter Finale

Vaishanavi panikker is the winner of the quarter finale of Flowers top singer. She gort 92.92% marks in quarter finale. She was declared the topper of quarter finale by the judges of flowers top singer. She was among the top 7 contestants in last three Flowers Top Singer Marklists. Next round of competition, semi finals already started.

Vaishnavy Panicker -Flowers Top Singer
Vaishnavy Panicker -Flowers Top Singer

Flowers Top singer is one of the most successful music reality show in Malayalam Television. This show is for  kids with age between 6 to 14 compete for the title. M.G Sreekumar, Music Director Jayachandran , Aruradha Sreeram and other singers are the members of the judging panel. The show is directed by Sindhu Sreedhar

This music reality and talent search show is launched on October 1, 2018 with actress Esther Anil as the anchor. Later baby Meenakshi joined the show as the host. A total of 22 kids are participating in this show.

Flowers Top Singer -Details

Contestants of Flowers Top Singer -

Krishna Diya, Seetha Lekhmi, Aditi Nair, Avani, Ananya Nair, Sreehari, Rithu Raj, Jaidan Philip, Vaishnavi K V,  Alenia Sebastian, Adithyan P, Sreebhuvan R, Sneha Johnson, Soorya Mahadevan, Koushik SVinod, Thejus K, Nehal V Renjith, P K Surya Naryanan, Theertha Sathyan, Shivani B Sanjeev, Jennifer, Vaishnavi Panikkar


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