Raja Venkatesh (Rajaram)-Dancer, actor and TV anchor-Passed away

Raja Venkatesh (53)  known as Rajaram -dancer, television actor, and anchor- died in a private hospital following illness on Sunday (1PM on 30th July 2017). He is survived by wife dancer-actor Thara Kalyan and daughter Soubhagya.

Rajaram was admitted to Amrita hospital following a viral fevel. He himself said about his illness  in his own facebook page. But his lung condition had worsened. Unfortunately he developed another serious condition called septicemia. It was followed  multi-organ failure like kidney and heart failure. Despite maximum effort from the doctors of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), he passed away.

Raje Venkatesh is well known as dancer, choreographer, Tv anchor and Actor. He has acted as hero in more than 23 TV serials. He debuted as actor in Nizhal yudham as hero including Deshaadanapakshi first serial of manorama vision. He  has conducted dance classes in Trivandrun, Kochin and Mumbai and unconditionally supported his wife Thara Kalyan and daughter Soubhgya in their artistic ventures.

May his soul rest in peace

Raja Venkatesh

Rajaram with wife dancer-actor Thara Kalyan and daughter Soubhagya
Following his death, news spread on the media that it was dengue fever that affected him. His daughter clarified the confusion in her facebook page.


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