Sell Me The Answer Season 2 Coming Soon on Asianet

Sell Me The Answer 2 (Season 2) on Asianet 
Asianet has announced the season 2 of the malayalam quiz show Sell me the answer.  Actor Mukesh is the anchor of Sell me the answer  on Asianet.  The first season of Sell me the answer was a huge success.  The First episode of Sell me the answer Season 1 was premiered on June 22, 2015. The last episode of first season of this show was aired on 12 November 2015.

This unique show 'sell me the answer' is more about knowledge and skills of bargaining than brain power. The successful candidates can win up to 1 Crore Indian Rupees.You can now register your name to participate in this much awaited game show.

 The format of this unique game show sell me the answer game show is totally different from the previous quiz shows. Both the contestants and the bidders can win money, with their knowledge as well as confidence in bargaining.  Sell me the answer will have two types of contestants; players and traders.

Sell me the answer Season 2 : SMS Registration Details

There will be 10 questions, 10 answers, one can answer these questions with or without the help of bidders. Once you answer all ten questions, you will win 10 lakhs.  After the completion of this game round, the participant can face the jackpot question to win 1 Crore. The malayalam quiz show “sell me the answer” is quite entertaining and demands the contestant to utilize both their IQ and  EQ.
Sell Me The Answer Season2 on Asianet
Sell Me The Answer Season 2 coming soon on Asianet

Following the success of Sell me the answer season 1 Asianet launched a new game show Fastest Family First-Adi More buzzer with Govind Padmasoorya as the anchor. But the show couldn't capture the attention of malayali viewers like the Sell me the answer show.
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