Actress Renu Soundar (Rincy) as Karthika in Karuthamuthu Serial on Asianet

Actress Renu Soundar (Rincy) replaced Premi Vishwanath in Karuthamuthu Serial on Asianet -New Karthu of Karuthamuthu serial
New face Rincy will be playing the role of the heroine Karthika or Karthu in Malayalam Serial Karutha Muthu on Asianet. She will give life to Karthika starting from episode 349 on 9 December 2015. This role was earlier essayed by Premi Viswanath

Renu has completed her education from Sree Sankaracharya University in Kaladi and holds a degree in fine arts from Toons academy in Thiruvananthapuram. She has acted in many short films including Izabella, U Turn, Kerchief and Kazhinjakalam. Karuthamuthu will be her debut malayalam serial in a lead role.

 Karuthamuthu is a tele serial by Praveen Kadakkavoor under the banner Bros creations and is aired on Asianet.  The central Character of the serial Karthika, faces issues in her life due to her dark skin color.  Karuthamuthu is the story of dark-skinned Karthika, who has a beautiful heart, and her struggle to find her identity with support from her husband Dr Balachandran played by Kishore SathyaAkshara Kishor  plays the role of Balachandrika, daughter of Balachandrana and Karthika.
Actress Renu Soudar to play the role of Karthika in Karuthamuthu Serial
The character Karthika was away from viewers for the last month and viewers were wondering what has happened to her. She hide with the help of Iyer and Sreekath (Giridhar ) to escape from the clutches of Merina (Archana Susheelan), the villian in this serial. In the episode 349 she appeared in front of the audience and the character Jayachandran notice her and report it to Balachandran. Watch the serial to see what happens next.
Actress Renu as Karthika (Karthu) in Karuthamuthu Serial
Actress Premi Viswanath  was away from the serial, she joined  Kuttikalavara, a reality show for Kids on Flowers TV as an anchor and also joined Moonumani serial on Flowers TV. This kind of replacement is very common in TV serials  . Earlier Sharanya Sasi was replaced by Lekshmi Priya for the role of Kanya in the same serial. However, she responded on media giving a hint that she was removed from the serial. Because of the confusion confusion created,  actress Premi finally come with an official explanation on her facebook page expressing her displeasure on the Asianet Karuthamuthu team

Why Premi Vishwanath Quits Karuthamuthu Serial ? Official reply by the actress on the reasons

In her recent Facebook post, Premi Viswanath said she remained jobless for almost two months  as the makers of "Karuthamuthu" cancelled many of her scenes in the serial . It was then that she got a chance to be part of "Kuttikalavara" on  Flowers channel, in which she participated on a temporary basis.  She said that she was removed from the serial earlier itself and didnt inform her about it.  Then  "Karuthamuthu" evicted her from the serial siting this reason and she claims that she never wanted to opt out of the serial intentionally. Because of this Flowers TV channel gave another chance in their popular serial moonumani . See below the official explanation by Premi.
Premi Vishwanath

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