Winners of 63rd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015 (Kerala Vallamkali)

The 63rd Nehru Trophy boat race 2015(Vallamkali) was conducted on Saturday, 8 August 2015 (8-8-2015) at Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha.  Jawahar Thayankari of  Kumarakom Vembanad Boat Club helmed by Jameskutty Jacob are the winners of Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015. Mahadevikkattil boat came in second place, Sree Ganesh finished third, followed by St Pius 10th

Nehru Trophy is the most prestigious snake boat race competition in Kerala. Snake boats are called as Chundan Vallam in Kerala. The Nehru Trophy boat race marks the launching of Onam festivities in Kerala.

The first Nehru Trophy Boat Race was held in 1952 to honour then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. In that boat race Nadubhagam Chundan stood first. Panditji was so fascinated and thrilled by the boat race. After returning to Delhi in December 1952, Nehru donated a Silver Trophy, which is a replica of a snake boat placed on a wooden abacus.The trophy bears the following inscription above his signature "To the winners of the boat race which is a unique feature of community life in Travancore Cochin. ". This trophy later came to be known as Nehru Trophy, and in fond memory of great Panditji, the people of Alappuzha, Venice of East,in Kerala celebrate the Nehru Trophy Boat Race every year.
In 2014,  Kainakary United Boat Club's Champakkulam Chundan won the 62nd Nehru Trophy Boat Race. In its history of boat race spanning from 1952 to 2015,  Karichal Chundan stand first with the highest number of victories (13 times), followed by Champakulam (10 times.

Jawahar Thayankari debuted in 1977 and won their first victory in the same year. They also won it 1978,1985 and 2010. They came second in the Nehru trophy boat race in 2013.

In addition to snake boat race, there are various categories for Nehru trophy boat race including Churulan Vallam, Iruttukuthy Vallam, Odi Vallam, Veppu Vallam (Vaipu Vallam), Vadakkanody Vallam , Kochu Vallam etc .

Jawahar Thayamkary is the winner of 63rd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015

63rd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015
63rd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015

Winners of 63rd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015| Nehru Trophy Vallamkali Results

Details of the winners of Nehru Trophy boat race including name of the Snake boat (chundan Vallam) club, captain,  and time taken are given below

  1. Winner – Jawahar Thayamkari (boat) of Kumarakam Vembanattu Boat Club ( 4 minute 36.02 Sec, with Jameskutty Jacob as the Captain)
  2. Second Prize  – Mahadevikadkattil Thekkethil (boat) of  Mahadevikadkadu Boat club (4 minute 45.88 Sec) with Brijesh Surendran as the Caption
  3. Third Prize  – Sri Ganeshan(boat) of  Avalookkunnu Town Boat Club lead by K Anandakrishnan (Captain) (4 minute 51.97 Sec)
  4. Fourth Prize  – St Pius tenth (boat)of St Pius 10th Boat Club lead by Primal Thomas (Captain) (4 minute 57.18 Sec)
Jawahar Thayamkari winners of Nehrutrophy boat race
Jawahar Thayamkari team -Winners of 63rd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015

Losers Final winner- Chambakulam
Second Losers Final Winner – Illikalam
Third Losers Final Winner – Nadubagam

Contestants of Nehru Trophy Boat race 2015

Aanariputhenchundan Nattakom Boat Club, St Pius Tenth Mankombu Pius Tenth Boat Club, Payippadan Thiruvarpu Boat Club, St George Edathua Village Boat club, Devas Thandonithuruth Kochi Town Boat Club, Mahadevan Veeyapuram Boat Club, Mahadevikad Kattil Thekkethu Mahadevikad Boat Club, Vellamkulangara Kallada Town Boat Club, Sree Ganesan Town Boat Club, Alappuzha, Karichal Kumarakom Village Boat Club, Karuvatta Puthen Kuttamangalam St Joseph Boat Club, Jawahar Thayankeri Kumarakom Vembanad Boat Club, Chambakulam UBC Kaianakari, Illikalam Kumarakom Town Boat Club, Nadubhagom Puthen Punnamada Boat Club, Punnamada,Cheruthana Kavalam Panchayat Boat Club


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