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Pranayam Serial Cast and Crew, Actors and Actresses details, photos are provided here. Pranayam is a new serial launched on Malayalam Channel Asianet on 6th July 2015. This prime time soap opera is aired every Monday to Saturday at 7:00-7:30 PM only on Asianet.  Pranayam Serial is produced under the banner of Sree Saran Creations, the same producers of  Amma, the longest running serial on Asianet. The final episode 1008 of Amma was telecasted on 4th July, 2015.

Pranayam is the remake of popular hindi serial Ye Hai Mohabbatein on Star Tv on December 2013. This serial has completed 482 Episodes since its launching on 3  December 2014. The story is written by Sonali Jaffar, screenplay by Ritu Goel, and dialogues by Ritu Bhatia. In the original hindi version the lead characters were Raman (actor Karan Patel), Ishitha (Divyanka Tripati) and Ruhi (Baby Ruhanika Dhavan). Because of its rating official remake of Ye Hai Mohabbatein is made into various Indian Languages.

Story of Pranayam Serial : Pranayam tells the love story of two strangers , Sharan and Lekshmi. Sharan, the hero, is the CEO of a multinational company. He is divorced from his wife and is living with her daughter Malu.  Heroin Lakshmi, is dentist, Tamil brahmin girl, settled in Kerala with her parents. Lekshmi is sterile and was not able to find a suitable alliance for her. Lekshmi gets attached emotionally closer to Malu . Malu brings Sharan closer to  Lekshmi , who then transforms him into a caring father and a loving husband. Watch the serial to enjoy a beautiful love story.

Hero and Heroine of Pranayam Serial: The role of the hero Sharan is played by Srinish Aravind, a model and trained actor. This is his debut serial. Actress Ramya Shanker is familiar to Tamil and Telugu audiences . She is currently acting as Revathy in Andal Azhagal, a Tamil Serial on Star Vijay. Other characters are portrayed by popular malayalam serial artists.

 Cast and  Crew of Pranayam Serial on Asianet

Direction : GR Krishnan
Production Banner: Sree Sharan Creations
Dialogues  : Sugathan Kannur
Original Story : Manju Kapur's novel Custody
Project Designer & Executive Producer : S Murugan
Associate Director: Jithesh Manjikadu
Art Direction  : Prashanth Amaravila
Background Music :  SP Vekidesh
Assistant Directors  : Sharath Kumar, Vijay K Bhavan
Audiography:  Arun AM
DOP   : Manisundhar
Make Up  :  Aji
Costumes  : Surya Sreekuar
Sound Effects  : Real
Production Executive : Thomas Lona
Editing  : Sajin C Soman Koodal
Sound Mixing : Aneesh J
Studio   : Maryland
Unit   : Vaishaga Outdoor Unit

Starrring : Srinish Aravind, Remya Shankar (replaced by Varada), Beena Antony, Kottayam Rsheed, Kailas Nath, Aadithyan  Jayan, Anuradha Krishnamurthy,  Maneesh, Naveen Arakkal, Al Thara, Pratheeksha, Sredha, Amrita, Adarsh, Adithyan, Divya, Sini Varghese, Akshaya, Megha, Arya

Actors/Actresses : Characters of Pranayam Serial 
Srinish Aravind  : as Sharan G Menon
Divya Nair : as Lekshmi Vishwanatha Iyer
Megha Mahesh (child artist) : as Malavaika / Malukutty
Master Siddharth :as Manu
Beena Antony     : as Madhavi
Kottaym Rasheed : Govinad Menon Husband of Madhavi
Amrutha  :as Simi, Sharan's sister
Giri as Indu Gopan, Simi's Husband
Kailas Nath: Vishwanatha Iyer, Lekshmi's father
Anuradha Krishnamurthy : as Lekshmi's mother Saraswathy
Pratheeksha G Pradeep : as Ashwathy Iyer
Fawaz Anzil as Mani/Abhimanyu Raghav
Naveen Arakkal  :as Prakash Varma
Althara : as Prakash's wife (first wife of Sharan)
Maneesh Krishnan  : as Anand
Adithay Jayan- as Balachandran/Baluchettan
Aadarsh -as Karthik
Vandana as Shaarika
Arya Sreeram -as Devika
Jishin Mohan -as Sachin
Sini Varghese  : as Tanuja
Aiswarya Rajeev as Anand's Wife
Karthika Kannan as Radhika
Sabari Nath as ACP Sankar

Old cast
Sredha (child artist) : as Malavaika / Malukutty
Ramya Shankar   : as Lekshmi (quit the show due to some health issues & treatment according to the channel)
Varada : as Lekshmi Vishwanatha Iyer  (Varada quits Pranayam Serial)

Dubbing artists : Sidharth for Sharan G Menon. Divya for Lekshmi
Pranayam Serial on Asianet
Varada as Lekshmi and Srinish Aravind as Sharan in Pranayam Serial on Asianet
Profiles of Actors/Actress in this serial

Srinish Aravind
Srinish Aravind(Sharan)
Naveen Arakkal
Naveen Arakkal(Prakash).
Varada Jishin
Varada Jishin

Child Actress Shradha as Malu in Pranayam Serial
Child Actress Shradha as Malu in Pranayam Serial
Actors and Actresses in Pranayam Serial
Characters in Pranayam Serial
Naveen Arakkal as Prakash Varma in Pranayam Serial
Naveen Arakkal as Prakash Varma in Pranayam Serial
Old cast
Lekshmi of Pranayam Serial
Actress Ramya Shankar as heroin Dr Lekshmi in Parasparam Serial.
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