Mylanchi Little Champions launching on 17 July 2015 on Asianet Middle East

Mylanchi little Champions telecast details are provided below.  Mylanchi season 5 named as Mylanchi little champions will be launched on Asianet Middle East  on 17 July 2015. Mylanchi Little Champions is the  the new season of mappilappattu reality show on Malayalam Channel Asianet.  The new season is restricted for applicants with age between 12 and 16 years.

Mylanchi Little Champions Telecast Details :  The first episode of  Mylanchi Little Champions will be telecasted on 17 July 2015. The show will be aired every Friday to Saturday on Asianet Middle East. The same episodes will be telecasted on Asinet Plus on  Saturday and Sunday at 9:00  followed by re-telecast by Asianet on Saturdays& Sundays at 11:00 PM
Mylanchi 5 Audition
Mylanchi Little Champions on Asianet Middle East - Friday -Saturday at 8:00 PM
Mylanchi Little Champions on Asianet Plus - Saturday-Sunday  at 9:00 AM
Mylanchi Little Champions on Asianet - Saturday-Sunday  at 11:00 PM
Mylanchi Little Champions on Asianet Channels
Mylanchi Little Champions on Asianet Channels

Winners of Mylanchi  on Asianet -Mappilappattu Reality show-Previous seasons
Hamda Noushad -winner of Mylanchi Season 3
Keerthana  -winner of Mylanchi Season 3
Navas -winner of Mylanchi Season 2
Asif Kappad -winner of season 1

Who will be the winner of Season 5 Mylanchi Little Champions. Watch the show till end on Asianet.


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