Azhar Sulfikar is the winner of Kutty Patturumal 2 Grand Finale on Kairali TV

Azhar Sufikar,from Kallambalam in Thiruvananthapuram, is the title winner of Kutty Patturumal Season 2 on Kairali TV. He won the First prize among the 6 finalist of the competition.

The grand finale of Kutty Patturumal 2 on Kairali TV was held on 21st  December  2014 at Malappuram Kottakkal MSP ground , Kerala. In addition to the young contestants and judges celebrities from movie and music world attended the finale, including Najim Arshad, Sarayu and music director Gopi Sundar. KV Abootty, Gopi Sundar, Najim Arshad & Shabnam Riyaz were in the judging panel of the grand finale. They announced the winners. Varada was the anchor of grand finale of Kutty Patturumal 2.

Kutty Patturumal 2 the season 2 of the music talent search and reality competition show on Kairali TV for Mappila pattukkal or Muslim songs-Muslim folklore rendered in colloquial dialect, which is very popular in the Northern malabar region of Kerala. The show was for kids in the age group 8-15 years.

Winners of  Kutty Patturumal 2 grand finale  on  Kairali TV and Prizes

Azhar Sulfikar- Winner -First prize-won cash prize 4 lakh rupees
Irfan -First Runner up-Second Prize- Won Nano Car
Mohammed Shanwar-Second Runner Up- Third Prize - won Cash prize 1 lakh rupees
Narmada-Third Runner Up-Fourth Place
Jyotsna-Fifth Place
Arshid Kamal-Sixth Place

Mohd Shanwar - Outstanding Performance Award.

Anchor of  Kutty Patturumal 2

 Lakshmi, Veena Nair

Permanent Judges of Kutti Patturumal 2

Sajila Salim, Shabnam Riyaz and Firoz Babu

Finalists of Kutti Patturumal 2 

Azhar Sulfikar(Kallambalam, TVM), Irfan (from Kallara, TVM), Mohammed Shanwar (from Malappuram), Jyotsna (from Bangalore), Naramada (from Kannur) and Arshid Kamal (from Pattambi) are the finalist of the show

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