Music India Grand Finale on Asianet on 28 December 2014

Music India - the new music reality show on Asiaet Television to find the best music band has reached is finals. The grand finale of music India will be held on 28 December 2014 at 6.30 PM on Asianet. Four music bands will compete for the title in the grand finale. They were selected from 12 bands.

Finalists of Music India on Asianet

  1. Azazeel (Anila, Arun Prasad, Midhun Nishol,Nihara, Sidiq,Sooraj, syam Balakrishnan)
  2. Bakery Junction (Arun Raj, Manoj, Ranju, Shibin, Shinu, Sruthi Lekshmi, Vishnu)
  3. Chemeen ( Joby, Latheesh, Samad,Sanu Obama, Shalvin, Vidy Mohan, Vijo Job,Vineeth Mohan, Vishnu Sajeevan)
  4. Uppumanga(Akhil, Anumod Kumar, Bobby, Kichu, Nikhil, Nikhitha,Shinto Banjamin, Somu, William)
The details of the Contestants, bands, Judges and Anchor of Music India on Asianet are also provided in our site.
Grand Finale of Music India on Asinet on 28 December 2014

 The  auditions for Music India were held in July 2014 and twelve bands are selected for the show.  Asianet Music India show is sponsored by Bhima Jewellers and powered by merriboy ice cream.


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