Hatim Veeragadha - Malayalam Serial on Asianet | Cast and Crew

Hatim Veeragadha is a Malayalam Television Serial on Asianet launched on 31 March 2014. The serial will be telecasted every Monday to Friday at 1030 PM on Asianet TV.

 Hatim Veeragatha is the dubbed version of Life Ok Channel thriller drama show in hindi 'The Adventures of Hatim' premiered on December 2013.

Story line: The serial narrates the journey of a normal man who goes on to become the savior of the world. The story of Hatim Veeragatha is based on the life of Hatim Tai, who was a prince and great Arab poet and was the father of Adi bin Hatim and Safana bint Hatim who was the companions of the Prophet Muhammad. Hatim Tai lived in the sixth century CE. He also figures in The Arabian Nights.

The story is set in the Middle East around the Middle Ages . Hatim has to solve seven questions to defeat the evil sorcerer lord Dajjal aided by Najumi. The story has elements of fantasy. Watch the serial to know more exciting events in the life of Hatim.

 Cast and Crew

Produced by Nikhil Sinha
Written by Sarang Majan

Actors/ Actresses and their roles
Rajbeer Singh as Hatim Tai
Pooja Banerjee as Perizaad
Chandan Anand as General Zargam of Arzaan
Manoj Kolhatkar as Lakha the hunchback
Dolly Sohi as Queen Shaazia of Yaman
Pracheen Chauhan as Prince Hassan of Yaman
Nausheen Ali Sardar as Lady Ruda
Sachin Tyagi as Lord Hubal
Anjali Abrol as Queen Khwahish of Ashkaar
Khalid Siddique as King Naushwerwaan of Ashkaar
Kishwar Merchant as vampiress Zelna
Anang Desai as King Nomaad of Ishtiyaar
Anil Rastogi as prisoner in Forest of Death
Jay Thakkar as Rakhban
Devesh Ahuja as Prince Rustom
Kamya Panjabi as Rihana
Krishna Singh Bisht as Quasim/ Kasim Khan


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