Actor Dileep files for divorce from his wife actress Manju Warrier

It is official now.

Dileep files for divorce from wife Manju Warrier

Putting an end to all speculations, malayalam Actor Dileep finally approached family Court  in Ernakulam seeking divorce from his Actress wife Manju Warrier on June 5, 2014-to end his marriage of 16 years. He has also filed another petition, seeking an in camera trial and non disclosure of the matters raised in his petition to the media. He submited that

“The matrimonial issues between Manju Warrier and myself are very personal in nature. There is no need for the public to know the details of our marital issues. If the details of our matrimonial issues are published, it will be highly embarrassing for us, our minor daughter, our family and all persons closely associated with us,”

Ernakulam Family Court gave an order preventing the publication of the content of allegations raised by Dileep against Manju Warrier,after considering the petition. The court is  expected to hear the case on July 23 and the two have been asked to be present in person on that day.

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan married -Photos Dileep alleges cruelty and mental torture from his wife as the main reason for seeking divorce. They were living separately for more than one and a half years. They got married in 1998.

Associated with the divorce news so much rumors and speculations are spreading in the media. Infidelity was reported to be the reason, but sources close reveals incompatibility as the main reason for divorce.

It is also reported that they didnt agree to a mutual divorce to safeguard their interests.  Their daughter preferred to stay in Kochi with Dileep. This created some speculation against Manju Warrier on being a mother who neglect her child. But family sources reveal that  Manju has been a dutiful, loyal wife and an exemplary mother who had been regularly visiting Meenakshi’s school and looking after her needs as a loving mother. Sources also reveal that Manju Warrier don't want to create problems for her daughter and may not be keen on a long custody battle.

But Manju Warrier didnt respond anything on this issue to the media, so the speculations will continue. They only know the truth.

It is true that earlier reports on divorce were false. Some of the associated old reports are given below.

divorce of Dileep and Manjuwarrier

Dileep Reveals the reason for divorce in a recent Magazine interview

In a recent interview to a womens magazine and during a press meet,  Actor Dileep confirmed that the news about his separation with Manju Warrier and their mutal divorce is indeed true.

The real reason appears to be his disagreement on Manju acting again in movies. Dileep wanted her to remain as house wife. He said to the media that he did not want his wife to act in movies again, which Manju didnt listen and  all attempts to compromise went in vain.  He also added that he is trying to get out of the shock as he still not able to belive that Manju walked out of his life. They led a very happy married life for last 14 years.

Their daughter preferred to stay in Kochi with Dileep while Manju is living with her parents in Thrissur. The divorce case is still going on at Thrissur Family Court and the counselling part is not yet over.

Manju is now active in different fields. She made her come back to dance through a performance in Guruvayoor and in many stages active in advertisements, released a new book Sallapam and is going to come back to movies through Roshan Andrews movie How old are you. She also opened an official facebook page to interact with her audiences.

Manju Warrier Changed her name

Manju Warrier recently changed her name from Manju Gopalakrishnan to Manju Warrier in her passport . This declaration was reported by various newspapers adding fuel to the news that both Manju and Dileep( his original name is Gopalakrishnan)are indeed going to separate.

Recent report by the media indicate that the news is true and the divorce petition is given at Thrissure family court on mutual consent.

However, a source close to the family says. "They have not filed for a divorce. Manju is currently with her parents at Pullu, Thrissur. Dileep and daughter Meenakshy are in Kochi. They have been staying apart for a while, that's all," .

Dileep and Manju Warrier posing for a photo infront of their home in Aluva

Dileep - Manju Warrier to Divorce, Living Separate ? 

 Though there has been intense speculation about the couple’s supposed appearance at the Thrissur Family court to file a joint divorce petition in the last month, it has been a no-show so far. A source close to the family says, “A divorce cannot be ruled out! Manju has been staying at her home in Thrissur and her daughter is with Dileep. She is very serious about her dance and will take that forward.” Manju had recently been to Coimbatore for a rejuvenation therapy.Her new ad with Amitabh Bachan for Kalyan Silks also appeared in the media.

There have been lot of speculation about the divorce  of Dileep and Manju warrier. Almost all of the main media reported many speculations. So far either Dileep or Manju Warrier didnt comment on this topic.
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