Mounam Sammadham Season 2 | Cast, Actors & Actresses of Asianet Plus Malayalam Serial

Mounam Sammadham Season 2 ( Mounam Sammadham 2) is a Malayalam Serial being aired on Asianet Plus. It is the dubbed version of Hindi Serial Iss pyar ko kya naam doona -...Ek Baar Phir  telecasted on hindi launguage channel Star Plus during 26 August 2013 to 13 June 2015. Mounam Sammadham 2 was launched on Asianet Plus on 19 January 2016 at 8:30 PM. Currently this family drama is telecasted every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM. The serial has 542 episodes. The full serial episodes are available through Hotstar

Iss pyar ko kya naam doona -...Ek Baar Phir  is created by star Plus and directed by Waseem Sabir and Yusuf Ansari. This season 2 is made in a similar story line as that of first season Iss pyar ko kya naam doona (Mounam Sammatham). Mounam Sammadham was the love story of Arnav and Khusi.The role of Arnav and Khusi was  initially played by actor Karan Singh Grover and actress Shraddha Arya . Later they were replaced by Actor Barun Sobti and Actress Sanaya Irani.
Mounam Sammadham 3 launched on Asianet Plus Channel

Avinash Sachdev plays the role of hero Ashok while Shrenu Parikh gives life to the heroine Asha in Mounam Sammadham 2

Theme of the serial : Mounanam Sammadham 2 story is about the love and hate relationship of Aastha and Shlok Agnihotri (Asha and Ashok Agnihotri in dubbed version). The story tells how Ashok a rude guy became a loving son and caring husband.  Ashok has an extremely strong personality and prefers the company of himself while Asha is a chearful girl who adds colors and love in her loved ones.
Mounam Sammadham Season 2 Cast actors actresses
Mounam Sammadham 2 Serial Cast actors actresses
Directed -Waseem Sabir,Yusuf Ansari
Creative director- Shikha Vij
Starring Avinash Sachdev,Shrenu Parikh
Theme music composer- Lalit Sen,Shaurabh Kalsi

Cast -Actors/actress and the characters.
Avinash Sachdev as Ashlok
Shrenu Parikh as Asha
Avinash Sachdev as Ashok while Shrenu Parikh as Asha in Mounam Sammadham 2
Avinash Sachdev as Ashok while Shrenu Parikh as Asha in Mounam Sammadham 2

Manish Wadhwa as Niranjan Agnihotri
Geetanjali Tikekar as Anjali Niranjan Agnihotri
Samir Sharma as Varad Niranjan Agnihotri
Shalmalee Desai as Sojal Varad Agnihotri
Tushar Dalvi as Avdhoot Kirloskar
Prachi Shah as Kalindi Avdhoot Kirloskar
Sheetal Dhabolkar as Jyoti Agnihotri Lokhande
Grace Girdhar as Kavya Varad Agnihotri
Manjushree Kulkarni as Jaya
Ankit Modgill as Siddharth Lokhande
Minal Karpe as Ajju
Nupur Alankar as Renuka Lokhande
Aarav Choudhary as Indrajeet Sarkar
Dolly Minhas as Ahilya Vinas
Roma Bali as Kavita Sarkar
Swati Rajput as Poornima Sarkar
Reet Sharma as Mishti Sarkar
Lakshya Wahi as Shantanu Sarkar
Satish Sharma as Pradeep Vinas
Jaanvi Sangwan as Rashmi Vinas
Kabeer Maira as Ankush Prabhakar Joshi
Neha Sargam as Aditi/Gayatri
Karan Gangwal as Sures
Shivani Tomar as Swati
Deep Jaitley as Abhay Deshmukh
Sachin Parikh as Vinayak Agnihotri
Pratibha Goregaonkar as Sulbha Deshmukh
Anchal Sabharwal as Mansi
Aakshi Khari as Apsara
Sharmin Kazi as Riya Lokhande
Anjuman Saxena as Nani
Yogi Raj as Raghu Bhai
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Mounam Sammadham Season 2 | Cast, Actors & Actresses of Asianet Plus Malayalam Serial
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