Aswamedham 2014 Season By GS Pradeep on Kairali TV to begin on 6 October 2014

Aswamedham, the reverse quiz show on Kairali will be launched on October 6, 2014. The new season is produced by Santhosh Pali. Grand Master G.S. Pradeep is presenting this show. Kairali started the game show Ashwamedham in 2002, it completed 500 episodes in the 1st season and entered Limca Book of Records.

Aswamedham Show on Kairali TV 
The  auditions of Ashwamedham 2014  was held at various centers in Kerala.

The new season of the  show will have three stages - Yaagam, Yajnam and Rajasooyam.

Unlike earlier seasons the contestants can pick places, personalities, or events for the competition. The number of questions asked by the grand master will also be fewer than earlier seasons. In the earlier seasons nearly 20 questions were asked to find the answer.
Aswamedham Show 2014 was inaugurated by Singer M.G.Sreekumar

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