Flowers Top Singer Season 2 -Mark and Rank list

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Flowers Top singer is one of the most successful music reality show in Malayalam Television. This show is for  kids with age between 6 to 14 compete for the title. M.G Sreekumar, Music Director Jayachandran , Aruradha Sreeram and other singers are the members of the judging panel. The show is directed by Sindhu Sreedhar

Meenakshi is the anchor of Season 2 of flowers top singer.  24 Contestants participate in this music competition.  The mark and rank list of each round are provided here. 

Flowers Top Singer -Details

Flowers Top Singer Season 2 Contestants 
Flowers Top Singer Season 2- Contestant photos
Flowers Top Singer Season 2- Contestants

Round -1 -Mark/Rank list

Rank-contestant -Marks
1. Sreenand Vinod-92.55%
2. Hrithik Jaykish- 92.08%
3. Devananda- 87.14%
4. Beven Biju -86.76%
5. Hanoona Aziz-85.25%
6. Ann Benson-85%
7. Mia Essa Mehek -84.64%
8. Meghna Sumesh -84.1%
9 Devana Sreya-83.83%
10 Akshith K Ajith-83.63%
11.Sreehari NM-82.73%
12.Krishna Sree- 80.35%
13.Amrutha Varshini - 79.22%
14.Nima Thajudeen -78.86%
15. Devana C. K-77.38%
16 Vanditha Vaidyamadham-76.66%
17. Krishnajith -76.6%
18. Sreenanda J-75.41%
19. Theertha Subhash-75.29%
20. Sreedev 74.88%
21. Asna N-74.82%
22. Vaiga Lekshmi-74.44%
23. Vaiga S Nikesh-71.48%
24 . Dia Rehman-69.67%

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