Kishore Satya quits Karuthamuthu Serial on Asianet

Actor Kishore Satya quits  Karutha Muthu serial on Asianet.  He played the role of Dr Balachandran in this top -rated serial. Ever since he announced his plan to leave the serial many rumours were spreading in the media.

 Kishore Satya cleared the rumors through his facebook page that it is due to change in story line he leaves the serial. Story of Karutha muthu is going take a 18 year leap and most of the actors will be replaced. He dont have much to play in the new story line.

 Karuthamuthu  was launched on 20th October 2014. Actor Kishore Satya was part of 765 episodes of Karutha Muthu serial by directed by Praveen Kadakkavur  under the banner Bros creations.  The central male character Dr Balachandran stealed the attention of viewers as it was unlike other male characters in min-screen due to the manly, bold, and loving nature of Balachandran and his support to his wife Karthika, the heroine of the serial played by  Actresses Premi Viswanath  and  Renu Souder. In the new story line actress Niya will play the aged version of Karthika will be played by actress Niya. Who will be the new Balachandran we will update soon

Kishore got many awards for his role as Balachandran in this tele-series including best actor awards at the Asianet Television Awards 2016. He was also the anchor Asianet Film and Television awards during this time period.

Kishore Satya is leaving the serial also better options . He is part of many movies now which include Lakshaym by Anzar Khan. He also acted in James & Alice,Oozham and Swarna Kaduva in 2016.

One of major rumour was that he was removed from the serial due to his increased demand for remuneration. Another one was the recent tug of war between actress Charmila and Kishore over past relationship that is not suitable for the image of Dr Balachandran, Rama incarnation character. Anyway by his facebook post he cleared all rumors. He requested everyone to not spread false news.
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