Winners of Miss Queen of India 2017 | Akanksha Mishra won the title

Miss Queen of India 2017 winners : Akanksha Mishra  from Uttarpradesh won the title of Manappuram Miss Queen of India 2017. Reshma RK Nambiar from Kerala won the first runners up title. Varna Sampath from Bengaluru is the Second runners up. They were selected from 16 contestants. The contest was conducted in three rounds: Designer saree, Black cocktail, and Red gown.Previous year winner Ms. Ankita Kharat crowned the overwhelmed Miss Queen of India 2017 winner.

In addition to the title winners, there were four regional title winners and 12 subtitle winners. They are the subtitles to win are Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss Beautiful Skin, Miss Beautiful Face, Miss Beautiful Eyes, Miss Congeniality, Miss Personality, Miss Cat Walk, Miss Perfect 10, Miss Talent, Miss Viewer’s choice, Miss Social Media and Miss Photogenic. There would also be regional titles, Miss Queen North, Miss Queen West, Miss Queen East & Miss South to win.The details will be added here.

Title winner, Akanksha Mishra(21)is pursuing my graduation in Economics Honors from Delhi University. Varna Sampath from Bengaluru is a lecturer by profession and pursuing my Ph.D in Life Science at Bangalore University.

The 7th edition of Miss Queen of India 2017 was conducted at Hotel Raviz Resorts & spa, Kollam on April 26th, 2017. The event tested the skills and talents of the 16 finalists to see if they are worthy for the ultimate title of Miss Queen of India. The event directed by Ajit Ravi Pegasus with Manappuram finance Ltd as the main Title Partner of the event.

Miss Queen of India 2017 winner can participate in the international pageant of Miss Asia that does not sport a bikini round. The pageants will also be crowned as the ambassador of their respective tourist destinations
Winners of Miss Queen of India 2017- Akanksha Mishra  (center)  title winner  of Manappuram Miss Queen of India 2017. Reshma RK Nambiar  first runners up (left) and  Varna Sampath -second rinner up(right)
Winners of Miss Queen of India 2017- Akanksha Mishra  (center)title winner . 
Reshma RK Nambiar  first runners up (left) and  Varna Sampath -second runner up(right)

Contestasts :  Anu Tressa from Kottayam , Reshma R K Nambiar from Kozhikode ,Nidhi Sharma from Arunachal, Akanksha  Mishra from Uttar Pradesh, Rachita Joshi from Himachal Pradesh, Riya Sadhwani from Uttar Pradesh, Sanya Manocha from New Delhi, Shabnam Ali from Karnataka, Shailja Sharma from Haryana, Sonal Mudgal from New Delhi, Sunaina Allamraju from Andrha Pradesh, Supreet Rupam from Himachal Pradesh, Sushmita from Karnataka, Varna Sampath from Karnataka, Zoya Mirza from Madhya Pradesh

Winners of Miss Queen of India 2017 - Akanksha Mishra
(images: Miss Queen of India .org)
Winners of Miss Queen of India 2017 and prize money

Akanksha Mishra -Miss Queen of India 2017 -Rs Rs.1 lakh and a work contract of  Rs.50,000
Reshma RK Nambiar - First Runners up -Rs.60, 000/
Varna Sampath Second Runners Up -40,000/

Regional titles-Miss Queen of India 2017
Miss Queen North – Akanksha Mishra (Uttar Pradesh)
Miss Queen West - Zoya Mirza (Madhya Pradesh)
Miss Queen East - Nidhi Sharma (Arunachal)
Miss Queen South - Reshma R K Nambiar (Kozhikode)

Subtitle winners-Miss Queen of India 2017-Winners list
Miss Beautiful Hair – Varna Sampath (Karnataka)
Miss Beautiful Smile – Nidhi Sharma (Arunachal)
Miss Beautiful Skin – Akanksha Mishra (Uttar Pradesh)
Miss Beautiful Face – Shailja Sharma (Haryana)
Miss Beautiful Eyes – Riya Sadhwani (Uttar Pradesh)
Miss Congeniality – Anu Tressa (Kottayam)
Miss Personality – Supreet Rupam (Himachal Pradesh)
Miss Catwalk – Reshma R K Nambiar (Kozhikode)
Miss Perfect Ten – Rachita Joshi (Himachal Pradesh)
Miss Talent – Varna Sampath (Karnataka)
Miss Photogenic – Nishitha Shrinath (Karnataka)
Miss Viewer’s Choice – Sunaina Allamraju (Andhra Pradesh)
Miss Social Media – Supreet Rupam (Himachal Pradesh)

The winners was crowned with a gold plated crown designed by Parakkat jewellers.

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