Ottachilambu Serial Cast and Crew | Actors & Actress of Mazhavil Manorama Serial

Ottachilambu Serial Cast Actors Actress Names : Ottachilambu is the Malayalam horror serial launched on Mazhavil Manorama Channel. The first episode was telecasted on 24th October 2016. This horror thriller TV series is aired every Monaday to Friday at 8:30 PM. Binu Vellathooval is the director of the serial with a script by Rajesh Puthanpurayil. The highlight of the serial is the return of Malayalam film actress Nithya Menon back to mini-screen after a break. She plays the central character of the serial Symandakam. Child actress Manjadi plays the role of Devootty.

Ottachilambu Story and plot

Ottachilambu is the story of revenge by Syamthakam with the help of Adi Keshavan. Swayamthakam was burned alive. To take revenge of her murderers she enters the body of Devooty, daughter of Ambik and Andrews.  Both of her parents were killed in an accident. But Syamanthakam fells in love with Adi Keshavan. What happens next?

Ottachilambu - Mazhavil Manorama Serial Cast&Crew
Written by – Rajesh Puthanpurayil
Directed by – Binu Vellathooval
Produced By – Prakash Menon and Arun .M.C
Banner – P.M Productions

Baby Manjadi Joby – Devashilpa (Devootty)

Nithya Das - Syamanthakam /Lakshmi- Ghost/Ravindra Varma's illegitimate daughter
Anand Kumar - Andrews
Manju Satheesh - Ambika
Urmila Unni – Umayamma Thamburatty
Angel Mariya Joseph– Dr.Chinmaya Pisharody
Rajeev Parameshwaran – Ravindra Varma
Harishanth (Saran Puthumana ) – Adhikeshavan
Sarika Menon- Arundhathi
Sajitha Betti -Anna Rose, Andrew's sister
Shameem Poovath -Mahadeva Varma(Devan/Mani), Thampuratti's son in law
Ram mohan- Dharma deva Varma, Elayachan
Ardra Das – Sandhya, Thampurati’s younger daughter
Sethu Lakshmi – Sudharma Mahadevan
Ram Mohan- Dharma deva Varma
Saran Puthumana (Harishanth)- Adhikeshavan
Vyjayanthi- Sreelakshmi
Anand Narayan- Sidharth(Sidhu), Sandhya's lover
Varsha Abhay- Lalitha Mahadevan's second wife
Ann Mariya- Sarada
Parameshwaran Kurithy as Swami  who saves Devootty
Devan as Vasudevan Bhagavathar - music teacher
Nithya Das as Syamanthakam in Ottachilabu Serial
Nithya Das as Syamanthakam in Ottachilabu Serial
Vanchiyoor Praveen Kumar as Adv Sadashiva Pisharady
Daveed John as  Doctor of Devooty
Mini Sreekumar as Pricipal
Hashim Malayil as Durmanthravadi
Deepika Mohan as Chinnamma, House owner

Child Actors
Baby Manjadi Joby – Devashilpa (Devootty)
Baby Vedika as Kalyani Devooty's friend
Master Kiran as Kiran Devutty's friend

Actors  Ottachilambu Serial
Actors Manju Satheesh, Anand Kumar and Baby Manjdi in Ottachilambu Serial
Ottachilabu Serial official videos Details
Channel : Mazhavil Manorama
 Language : Malayalam
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Telecacast Time : Mon-Fri 8:30 PM
The episodes of this serial will be available from Mazhavil Manoaram TV's official youtube channel following the telecast of the serial

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