Winners of 2nd Vijay Television Awards 2015 | Show on 19 September 2015

The winners of Vijay Television Awards 2015 will be announced soon in a colorful event. Vijay TV will award mask-shaped trophies to the winners of over 30 categories.The awards include best actor/actress, best entertainer, best judge male/female, favourite anchor male/female, favourite show,favourite junior male/female, favourite fiction/nonfiction comedian, best male/female dancer, supporting actor/actress, favourite dancer male/female  etc.. Last year,   Sreeja Chandran and Mirchi Senthil  received award for favourite actors for their performance in favourite show winner Saravanan Meenakshi Serial.This awards were given to encourage the talents that are part of Star Vijay Telecision Shows and Serials.

 Following the announcement of 2nd  Vijay Television Awards 2015, a promo song was premiered on 31 August 2015.  Vijay Television Awards 2015 is sponsored by Aachi.Stay tuned to Vijay TV to watch Vijay Television Awards Munnottam on 5th September 2015 at 8 PM.

2nd Vijay Television Awards 2015 Venue : Nehru Indor Stadioum
Date and Time : September 19, 2015 from 6:00 PM onwards

2nd Vijay Television Awards 2015
2nd Vijay Television Awards 2015

Anchors of Vijya Television Awards 2015

 Jegan, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Priya and Kavin 

Winners of 2nd Vijay Television Awards 2015:Complete list

Favorite Reality Show- Super Singer JR
Best game show- Connexion
Favorite Talk Show -Koffee with DD 
Favorite Panel Judges- Kitchen Super Star
Favorite Anchor ( male) – Gopinath (Neeya Naana / Back to school)
Favorite Anchor (Female) –Divyadarshini(DD)(Coffee with DD)
Favorite Anchor ( Pair): Bhavana & Makapa (Super Singer)
Best Serial - Saravanan Meenacthi Team
Best Director- Brama / Praveen bennet 
Favorite supporting Actor (male) –Stalin (Andal Azhagar)
Favorite supporting Actor (female) –Kuyili (KMKV)
Favorite Actor/Heroine (female) –Rachitha Mahalakshmi as Thanga Meenatchi  (Saravanan Meenacthi)
Favorite Actor/Hero ( male) –Kavin as Vettaiyan  in Saravanan Meenacthi(Saravanan Meenacthi)
Best comedian award(female)- Nadhini as Myna for SM
Best Comedians(male) – Amudhavanan and Vadivel Balaji
Fav Villan  -Kanya(Deivan Thandha Veedu)
Fav Marumagal -Meghna Vincent(Deivan Thandha Veedu)
Fav Mamiyar- Sudha Chandran (Deivam Thandha Veedu)
Fav Family- Collector Family (Andal Azhagar)
Favorite Choreographer -Sheriff 
Favorite Super Singer award: Sathya Prakash (Ammadi Un Azhagu (Vellakaradurai)
Favorite judge (female) – Radha
Favorite judge (male) – Singer Srinivas
Best Find Of The Year (Fiction)(Best pair) – Priya and Amith (Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai)
The voice of Vijay TV Award – Gopi and GG
Best BGM award (Fiction) – Ilayavan for Office
Favorite Find- Madhumila
Best comedian award (female) – Nandhini
The International find of the year award- SSJ Jessica Judes
Pride of Vijay tv –Ma Ka Pa
Best Promo ( Non Fiction) -Super singer jr – Wild Card 
Best Promo (Fiction)- Andal Azhagar
Voice Of The Channel Gopi & Jee Jee Special category Award –Kalyani
Special category Award –Ramya

Winner of favourite Hero at the Vijay Television awards 2015 : Vettaiyan
Winner of favourite Hero at the Vijay Television awards 2015 : Vettaiyan


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