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Story of Manjurukum Kalam (Novel) Serial -Full Details: Malayalam TV channel Mazhavil Manorama has launched a new mega serial 'Manjurukum Kalam'. on 16 February 2015. This is the serial version of popular novel "Manjurukum Kaalam" by Joycee published on Malayala Manorama weekly.

Manjurukum kaalam is an unique family drama directed Binu Vellathooval with script and dialogues written by from renowned scriptwriter and novelist Joycee, who also wrote for the successful serial ''Amala''. Manjurukum kaalam takes the viewers through the life of an adopted girl child, Janikutty. The story revolves around her struggles of being an innocent adopted kid. Janikkutty gets adopted by Ratnamma and Vijayaraghavan after the death of her mother and gets pampered by her step parents. Janikkutty’s new found love and happiness in their step parents vanishes when her step mother Ratnamma gets blessed with her own baby, then she gets drenched in suffering and hardships. Despite of her hardship she fights back to become a strong personality in society.

Manjurukum Kalam Serial Climax Episode on Mazhavil Manorama TV

The specialty of the serial is the direction, and the true adaptation of the novel with the cast that matches the characters described in the same novel. The events in the life of Jankai, attracted malayali audience and they were much curious to know what is going to happen next? This resulted in a search for the novel that is actually published in malayalm weekly by Manorama. So we are providing here the summary which is collected from facebook discussions without taking the thunder from the serial . This serial is unlike other tear generating stories, but tells the success of Janaki despite all the suffering , thus giving a positive vibe to the viewers. The story of the novel is already known to the readers of the novel already published. Is there any change in the story? we dont know. Keep watching the serial to know more.

Because of the popularity of the serial, it became one of the top 5 serials according to BARC ratings. Watch the serial from Mazhavil Manorama Channel. The full videos of the Manjurukum Kalam Serial is available from official youtube channel following the telecast.

Manjurukum Kalam Malayalam Serial on Mazhavil Manora TV-Cast and Crew more details

Manjurukum Kalam Novel Story: Janikkutty gets adopted by Ratnamma and Vijayaraghavan after the death of her mother and gets pampered by her step parents. Janikkutty’s new found love and happiness in their step parents vanishes when her step mother Ratnamma gets blessed with her own kids ( Surya and Appunni), she gets drenched in suffering and hardships. Even when she lived like a servant in her step parents home, she studied well and succeed with top grades. In the meantime she falls in love with her school mate Sarita's brother Abhijith. His father comes and asks for a marriage alliance. But Ratnamma insults him and he leaves ans she stopped Janikutty from continuing her studies.

Manjurukum Kalam Novel Story
 After 19 yrs, Govindan kutty, her biological father returns to take away his daughter. Jani now reaches a new place, where her father introduces her to his family. Govindankutty is living with his second wife Vijayamma, kids (Ajayana, Arunima and Ambili). His wife's sister(Chadramathi) and family are also living with them. Jani informs him of her affair with Abijith and wants him to meet Abhijith. Govindan kutty on returning from Abhijiths house informs her that Abijith is now in Dubai and his marriage is fixed. Jani breaks down hearing the news. Jani continue to support her father his family. Govindan kutty lost his money and chitty business as he was trapped in some fraud by Vijyamma's sister and her family. Govindan kutty dies due to heart attack. Vijayammas sisters husband (Surendran) then attacks Jani with the help of his fraud friends as she supports Vijayammas family. Jani gets admitted in a hospital. She stays there alone as Govindan kutty's wife is unable to come and meet her and Surendran, the policeman stops her and kids. From the hospital Jani meets her mother Aswathy's s old friend who introduces her to her grand father, Balakrishnapanikker. Her grand father then takes her to Jani's maternal home. She is not welcomed by Aswathy's siters and brothers. However, Jani continues her studies with the help of her grandfather and he builds a new house for her. This make Murali furious. Unfortunately,  her grand father falls sick and is bed ridden and Jani is asked to leave the house by her uncle. Her mothers cousin, Madhusoodana Panikker, a politician,  takes her to his home and she continues to live with Madhu' and his mother . She successfully completed her post-graduation. She aspires to  appear to civil service examination and to become an IAS officer. In the mean time, Madhu was planing to contest in an election, however he couldn't due to some fraud of her mothers brother Murali. Jani then contest for election when her uncle is unable to contest. She wins the election, becomes a MLA and a minister. This new power help Janaki to fix all the problems in his father second family.

On the other hand Ratnamma gets affected by cancer and Soorya mol will commit suicide and Appunni goes to Jail. In the mean time Jankai comes to know that Abhijith is in Chennai and goes to meet him. They lost here business and are now in a poor condition. Jani helps them financially. She meet her step parents and take them with her.  She resigns from her minister ship  and decides to concentrate on civil service exam. Madhu now become minister. She clears Civil service Exam and in the end leaves for training along with Abhijith.

Thus it an inspiring story that tells us that an individual can succeed despite all the unfavorable circumstances in one's life. Watch the serial to get excited.

Actors of the serial
The title role of Janaki is done by many actors . They are Kezia  ,Niranjana ,Greeshma ,Vedhika ,Nikitha and Monisha

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