Chandralekha-A unique Journey From Youtube Sensation to Playback Singer

Chandralekha, a young housewife from Pathanamthitta who attained celebrity status after her amateur music video went viral on YouTube and Facebook, receives playback singing offers from leading music directors of Malayalam film industry. Young music directors Bijibal, Ratheesh Vegha and Rony Raphel who took notice of Chandralekha's talent when People TV reported the story of her viral video, expressed their desire to experiment with her matchless voice in their upcoming albums.

Born in a poor family from Pathanamthitta Chandralekha sings from her dilapidated kitchen. The song was recorded from a mobile phone by her husband's nephew a year back and posted on youtube. Although the response to the song was not much, after a year it created a sensation.

What attracts Chandralekha's song is that it is sung from her kitchen during the household chores. Her melliflous voice fills the air as she is unmindful of the disturbances surrounding her.   Watch the song Rajahamsame (Chamayam) by Chadralekha that goes viral among music lovers.