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Aryakku parinayam on Flowers TV ( malayalam version of Enga Veetu Maapilai (EVM) on colors Tamil Channel) is approaching its grand climax. Who will be the bride of Arya ?

Enga Veetu Mapillai show airing on Colors Tamil from 19 February 2018 on Monday to Friday at 20:30 (IST). Groom of the season is Arya - the noted south Indian Film Actor. He would pick finalists from 16 participants of the Show.  The episodes are aired  on 9th April and 10th April at 8.30pm. After many rounds, Five contestants are remaining in the show.

Update : Aryakku Parinayam -Winner

In the last few episodes Arya visited parents of the five contestants in person. The five finalists are Swetha, Abarnathi, Seethalalshmi, Susana and Agatha. Arya will select the final 3 in these episodes.

Update : After the episodes Arya selected Final 3 as his bride to be.
Aryakku Parinayam -Final 3
Seethalalshmi, Susana and Agatha

Aryakku Parinayam -Final 5

Swetha, Abarnathi, Seethalalshmi, Susana and Agatha

Update : Aryakku Parinayam -Contestants

Aryakku Parinayam -Finalists - Abarnathi, Agatha, Susanna, Swetha, Seethalekshmi
The search of actor Arya for his bride becomes a  reality through Enga Veetu Mapillai show  on colors Tamil and Aryakku Parinayam on Flowers TV

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