Winners of Patturumal Season10 Grand Finale On Kairali TV

Winners of Patturumal Season 10  were announced in a Grand Finale on  Kairali TV. Patturumal Season 10 is the tenth season of Mappilappattu reality show and talent search show to find the best singer.  Fathima Fida from Kannur is the title winner of Patturumal Season 10 while Keerthana from Wayanadu won the second prize. They were selected from top 6 finalists of the show.

The grand finale of Season 10 of Pattrumaal was held on December 14, 2016 at Manjeri Government Boys Higher secondary school ground, in Malappuram District.

Patturumal is a Mappilapattu  or Muslim songs reality music competition on Kairali TV in which contestants sing Mappila pattukkal or Muslim songs. Mappila paattu  is a genre of Muslim folklore rendered in colloquial dialect, which is very popular in the Northern part of Kerala .The grand finale was a very colorful and crowded event with the competition judges by Music director Ratheesh Vega, singer Sajila Salim and Najim Arshad.  Rameeja Mansoor was the anchor of the show during the grand finale.  There were singing performance by many singer and dancing by Actress Mukta during the grand finale

Patturumal Season 10 Details

Anchor : Sriya

Judging Panel : Najim Arshad , Firoz Babu,Sajla Salim

Patturumal Season 10 Grand Finale Telecast details
Channel : Kairali TV
Show : Mappila pattu Reality Show
Telecast Date and Time : On January 7 & 8th, 2017 from 7:30 PM

Anchor : Rameeja Mansoor
Winners Patturumal Season10
Fathima Fida is the Winner of Patturumal Season 10 on Kairali TV

Winners of Patturumaal Season 10 Grand Finale 2016 on Karali TV
Fathima Fida Winner -First prize-won cash prize 2 lakh rupees
Keerthana -Second Runner Up-First Runner up-Second Prize
- Third Prize
-Fourth Place
-Fifth Place
- Sixth Place
Patturumal Season 10 Grand Finale Kairali TV -Finalists

Previous seasons of Patturumal was Kuttu Patturumal where Adish Krishna and Azhar Sufikar won the titles.  Ismail P.K from Nadapuram, Kozhikkodu was the title winner of Kairali TV Patturumal Season 9. The next season Kutti Patturumal is already launched on Kairali TV.


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