Face packs for winter skin care | Winter skin care Tips and Natural home remedies

Winter is a hard time for skin due to cold and dry weather conditions inside outThis affects the skin and it became stretchy. One of the most important tip is to maintain the moisture level of the skin. Taking long baths using warm water for long can reduce the natural oils on the skin. Here are some tips

Winter time skin care tips
    *Use warm water, not hot water to bath and shortern shower time.
    *Use mild soaps like glycerine soaps to lather
    *Apply good moisturizer after bath
    *Apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more before leaving home or whenever needed
    *Try to use lip balm with sunscreen.

If moisturizing lotions are not working apply coconut /virgin coconut oil on skin after bath. It will be absorbed by the skin easily leaving it smooth.

 Face pack for winter skin care-Natural home remdies

For dry skin :-use cooked potato paste, mix it with milk and glycerin. Apply the mixture on skin for 20 minutes and wash the face using cold water.

For Sensitive Skin/ Oily Skin
:- mix dry oats, egg yolk and honey . Apply it for 20 minutes. Once it is dry scrub the face for 4 minutes and wash using cold water.

For normal/oily skin: mix egg white and yolk and apply it on the face

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