Sthreedhanam Serial Climax Episode on 14th May 2016 on Asianet

Popular Malayalam TV Serial  Sthreedhanam on Asainet Channel has  reached its climax. The Final episode of Sthreedhanam Serial will be telecasted on 14 May 2016 at 10:00 PM.  That will be 1143 th Episode of Sthreedhanam Serial.  It was one of the most popular serial and longest running serial on Asianet. This tele serial has won many awards at the  Asianet Television Awards 2014.

 The first episode of the serial was telecasted on 2-June 2012 at 8:00PM. The serial is produced by R.Ramesh Babu and  directed by Krishnamorrthy.  Sthreedhanam narrates the journey of Divya of of Meledathu family and  the daughter-in-law of the aristocratic Palat family, who is tortured by her greedy mother-in-law, Sethulekdmi for dowry. She is married to Prasanthan, Sethulekshmi's elder son. Sethulekshmi has three sons -Prasanthan, Prakashan, Prasad and and a daughter, Prema.

Actor Vishnu Prakash acted as  Lekshaman Pillai is Sethu lekshmi's husband. Rajeev Roshan give life to Prasanthan and Divya Viswanath played the role of the heroine Divya. Chithra Shenoy portrayed the role of mother in law. Other actors include Rajeev Ganesh, sonu Satheesh Kumar, Sini Varghese, Deepan, Arya Rohit, Kottayam Rasheesh etc..

Sthreedhanam Serial reaches its climax on 14 May 2016
Sthreedhanam Serial reaches its climax on 14 May 2016
Climax/Last Episode details :The climax Episode shows the victory of  virtue. Sethulekshmi accidentally stabs Veni on the stomach while trying to save Divya from her. Prasad and Pooja feel guilty for doubting Sethu's fidelity and seek forgiveness from her. The Palat family is moved into tears as Sethu is taken to the prison. The serial ends when Sethulekshmi is taken to custody by Police and the others watch her going.

The time slot of Sthreedhanam serial will be taken by a new serial. Asainet TV has announced the launching of a new malayalam serial  Bharya on 16 May 2016.

The climax and the full episode of  Sthreedhanam can be watched on Hotstar (click here), following the telecast.

Sthreedhanam Serial Climax Episode
Sthreedhanam Serial Climax Episode


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