Eshwaran Sakshiyayi Serial Climax Episode on 31 December 2015 on Flowers TV.

Eshwaran Sakshiyayi, Malayalam Serial on Flowers has reached its climax. The final Episode will be aired on 31 December 2015 at 9:00 PM .  Eshwaran Sakshiyayi is a malayalam TV serial on flowers TV directed by K.K Rajeev. The story and script of this serial is penned down by famous script writers duo, Bobby and Sanjay.  This investigative thriller has completed 140 episodes on 16 December on Flowers TV.   The tele serial will end with its 148th episode on 31 December 2015

The tele-drama unfolds the mystery behind a murder. The theme of the serial revolves round a happy family consisting of father, mother and two lovely daughters. But the their happiness and peaceful life were suddenly affected by the murder their relative. This adversely affect the family as the mother is suspected as the main convict and their elder daughter as the witness. What will happen next ? Watch the serial on flowers TV. This tele-cinema brings the investigation of the case to the court and unfolds the murder mystery through court proceedings.

Prem Prakash , Reena, Divya Prabha , Nidhi Subhash,Parvathy Krishna, Rakendu, Sreelakshmi and
Kani  plays the leading roles of this tele drama.
Easwaran Sakshiyayi- Flowers TV Serial Climax Episode on 31 December 2015
Eshwaran Sakshiyayi- Flowers TV Serial Climax Episode on 31 December 2015 
Moonumani and  Eshwaran Sakshiyayi are the popular serials on Flowers TV. A new serial Earan Nilavu has been anounced by the channel and is going to take the time slot of Easwaran Sakshiyayi. Uppum Mulakum is a new comedy serial launched recently on this malayalam channel.

Who Killed Jude?
The final episode of this K K Rajeev serial will give the answer to the mystery of the murder of Jude. The last episode will be aired from 8 to 9 : 00 on Flowers on 31 December 2015.
Watch the Climax Episode of Eswaran Sakshiyayi serial | Final Episode

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