Manasariyathe Serial on Surya TV from 19 October 2015

Manasariyathe is a new serial on Malayalam channel Surya TV. The new serial will be launched on October 19, 2015, Monday at  7.00 PM.  The viewers can watch the new family drama every Monday to Friday at 7.00 PM

The main chanracters of this tele series is portrayed by actors Anand Kumar Thrissure, Yamuna,  Kailas Nath, Deepa, Archana Anand, Akash etc.Anand Kumar is again back on screen in a lead role following the completion of the popular serial Ishtam on Surya TV.

Manasariyathe Serial on Surya TV
Manasariyathe serial on Surya TV

Surya TV is also currently showing  family serials Punarjani, Bhagyalekshmi and  Sneha Sangamam serials. A new serial My Marumakan was launched in September 2015 . The title 'Manasariyathe' has been used in movies  (Manasariayathe (1984) starring Mohanlal) and short films.  Surya TV also telecasted a serial with the same name in 2008 with Aneesh Ravi and Anju Joseph in the lead roles and directed by Rajesh Kannankara.
Manasariyathe serial coming soon on Surya TV
Manassariyathe serial coming soon on Surya TV


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