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Asianet TV's Thakadhimi sponsored by Vodafone was one of the first and popular dance reality show in Malayalam television. The first Season of this dance-based talent hunt and reality show on Asianet was held in 2007-2008 for participants in the age group 15- 30 years.

 Out of 10000 applications received from many Indian cities and foreign countries,only 70 candidates were selected. In the audition round, each participant has been given three performances and they are selected or put on the waiting list, on the spot according to their performance. After the first round of auditions only 36 candidates were selected for the next rounds by the jury comprised of Vineeth (famous actor and dancer), Gopika Varma (dancer and Mohiniyattam expert) and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy (dancer and actress). Playback singer Anoop Shanker and Aishwrya Ajit hosted the show.

 Vodafone Thakadhimi on Asianet was launched on 13 October 2007 at 830 PM. Inauguration of the show was done by the judges. The dance show was aired every Saturdays and Sunday at 830 PM. To test the dancing prowess of the contestants in areas such as choreography, expressions, technical and artistic aspects, various rounds such as classical, semi-classical, cinematic, rap, ‘Dance with a star’ were made.

Grand Finale of  Vodafone Thakadhimi on Asianet

The grand finale of the show was held on 22 June, 2008. Along with the permanent judges, Brinda master was one of the judges in its final.  Famous actress Jayapura was the chief guest of the show. The winners of the show were announced by Jayaprada. Gayathri Govind from Trivandrum won the prestigious Asianet Vodafone Thakadhimi in its Mega final . The dancer won a fabulous prize worth rupees 45 lakhs.  Akhila Sasidharan, Jobin George and Sarath Nair won the second, third and fourth places, respectively. Gaythri faced maximum challenge from Akhila, who was the favourite of many people. The mark difference between them was just one mark. The marks were 59.25/70, 58.25/70, 54/70 and 44.25/70 for Gayathri, Akhila Sasidharan, Jobin George and Sarath Nair, respectively. The details are given below.

Judges of Vodafone Thakadhimi on Asianet

Laksmi Gopalaswamy, Vineeth and Gopika Varma.

Anchors of Vodafone Thakadhimi on Asianet

Aishwarya Ajit and Anoop Shankar

Contestants of Vodafone Thakadhimi on Asianet

Ambili Babu, Akhila, Rajeswari, Dilsha, Varsha, Jinu Joy, Sharath R Nair, Nithin .S, Gireesh T.A., Jobin George, Rima Kallingal, soumay, Vishnu ppriya,aneha Soman, Priya Bhaskar, Xaviour, M.P.,Sreejith, T.A., Abhilash Pillai., Bipin, Sanu, Veena Babu Hima, Praveena Nandu, Shalini, Gayathri Govind, Neethu Manoj, Arun T.G.., Cahnjith., Vishu Raj, Sajin Sait, Ramees Muhammad, Anvar Sadique, Sunil Dev, Remya Ravi, Natasha, Sibin Benjamin

Winners of Vodafone Thakadhimi Grand Finale in 2008 on Asianet

Gayathri Govind-Winner -First Prize -won Cash prize of 45 Lakh (or Limousin car worth 75 Lakhs) 
Akhila Sasidharan- First Runner Up-Second Prize
Jobin George-Second Runner Up-Third Prize
Sharath Nair- Third Runner Up- Fourth Prize

All the winners received memento and certificates

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