Rahul Easwar is the Winner of Malayalee House on Surya TV

Rahul Easwar is the title winner of the show Malayalee house on Malayalam Channel Surya TV Thinkal Bhal, Rahul Easwar,Sindhu Joy, Neena Kurup, Asha Gopinath, Rosin Jolly are the finalists of Malayali House hosted by actress Revathy . Only three entered the grand finale of the show. Rahul Easwar was declared the winner of the first season. Sindhu Joy was declared first runner up and Thinkal Bhal second runner up . The show rated high in TRP ratings and became very popular among audience. The also created many controversies .

Malayalee House on Surya TV was launched on 5 May 2013 and ended on 30 August 2013 with its grand finale declarations. In this show 16 contestant famous personalities in their respective fields are chosen to live together in a house fro 100 days isolated from the world and was monitored using hidden cameras. Each week, residents nominate one among them for eviction, and the resident who receives the most nominations has to leave the house. Malayalee House is a reality show based on the original Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol. It is also loosely based on super hit reality show Bigg Boss with original format of the show first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands and it is followed in Hindi, Bengali and Kannada versions.

 Malayalee House shown was built exclusively for the show at a film studio in Hyderabad owned by actor Nagarjuna.The house is traditional, well-furnished and equipped, but all the rooms remain closed in the beginning of the show. The open area at the center of the house (Nadumuttam) is the center place for all Malayalee house activities. There is a kitchen, prayer room, and several bedrooms in the house. The house has no TV connection, no phones, and no Internet connection or clocks. Residents are overseen close circuit cameras full time. The house is installed with LCD displays/speakers through which instructions are given to the contestants. The cameras are hidden behind mirrors. The vents in every week created lot of fun, emotional breakdown etc. The details of the show are given below. Only three reached the grand finale of the show.

Winner of Malayalee House grand finale on Surya TV
Rahul Easwar- Winner of Malayalee House grand finale on Surya TV 

Anchor/host of  Malayalee House on Surya TV

Actress Revathy

Malayalee House Contestants/Participants/housemates

The participants of the show are celebrities. There are 16 contestants .They are  malayalees are Rahul Eswar, Pradeep (Aswamedham fame), Actor Narayanan Kutty, Santhosh Pandit, Neena Kurup , Thingal Bal, Neena Kurup, Sojan Josesh, Asha Gopinath (Sasha), Sneha Nambiar, Sidhu Joy, Chitra Iyer, Sasha Gopinath, Sandeep Menon, Rosin Jolly

Final 3 Contestants/Participants/housemates

Thingal Bal , Sidhu Joy and Rahul Easwar

Winners of  Surya TV Malayalee House

Winner- First Prize - Rahul Easwar
First Runner Up-Second Prize-Sindhu Joy
Second Runner Up-Third Prize -Thinkal Bhal

Winner of Malayalee House grand finale on Surya TV - Rahul Easwar (Winner), Sindhu Joy (first runner up)
Winner of Malayalee House grand finale on Surya TV - Rahul Easwar (Winner), Sindhu Joy (first runner up)

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