Cancer Wardile Chiri -Memoirs by Actor Innocent on his recovery from Cancer

Cancer Wardile Chiri is a book written by Film Star and MP Innocent.The book was released by Mathrubhumi Books in December 2013. Now its fifth edition is avaialble.

The introduction of the book was written by Dr. V P Gangadharan. Innocent in his book narrates his experiences during the time of cancer and how he faced it.

Details of the book

Publisher :Mathrubhumi
Language :Malayalam
Edition :5
Price : Rs 100
ISBN : 978-81-8265-872-1

This memoir is about actor Innocent's miraculous recovery from the clutches of the deadly disease with the help of medicine, mind power and laughter. He has written in this book about friends who visited him during the period, his association with Alpha Palliative Care, his interaction with people who approached him with various treatments during that time. He narrates his experience with the disease and how he overcomes the trauma in a humorous manner. Sreekanth Kottakkal helped him to write the book in this format.

His story is inspiring to all those hopeless people who have cancer.

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