Adish Krishna is the Winner of Kutty Patturumal on Kairali TV | Grand Finale on 26 April 2014

Adish Krishna is the title winner of Kutty Patturumal on Kairali TV. He won the First prize among the 6 finalist of the competition. The details are given below.

The grand finale of Kutty Patturumal on Kairali TV was held on 26th April 2014 at Kannur Muncipal Stadium , Kerala.

Patturumal is music talent search and reality competition show on Kairali TV for Mappila pattukkal or Muslim songs. Mappila Paattu or Mappila Song is a genre of Muslim folklore rendered in colloquial dialect, which is very popular in the Northern malabar region of Kerala. The songs use words from different languages which include hindi, persian, urdu etc aprt from malayalam and arabic.

 Kutti Patturumal, Patturumal Junior is the utimate mappilappatu show for kids in the age group 8-15 years.

Winners of  Kutty Patturumal grand finale (26 April 2014) on  Kairali TV and Prizes

Adish Krishna- Winner -First prize worth 10 Lakh Rupees.
Meharin- First Runner up-Second Prize  -4 Lakh Rupees
Rifa Mol-Second Runner Up- Third Prize-Nano Car
Adish Krishna winner of Kutty Patturumal on Kairali TV

Anchor of  Kutty Patturumal


Judges of Kutti Patturumal

Sajila Salim ,Rehna,Firoz Babu

Finalists of Kutti Patturumal

Meharin from Malappuram, Adish Krisha from Malappuram, Rifamol from Malappuram, Akshay Kumar from Kasargod, Yumna from Kozhikodu, Punya from Kozhikodu are the finalist of the show.  They were selected from the 23 participants of the show.
Kutty Patturumal  on Kairali- Grand Finale 
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